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[] , MacNamee, Gareth Vintners call for minimum unit pricing on off-licence sales 'to curb house party outbreaks'. (10 Oct 2020)

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[] , Finn, Christina Harris hits out at politicians trying to get him to meet vaping company reps. (02 Oct 2019)

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[] , Finn, Christina Bord na Móna could take up responsibility for growing Ireland's medicinal cannabis supply. (25 May 2019)

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[] , Ní Fhallúin, Maebh Opinion: 'Big businesses will cry wolf and fire accusations of nanny-statism at any public health intervention'. (18 Apr 2019)

[] , Downing, John Health warnings on alcohol cans and bottles may breach EU single market rules, says Hogan. (29 Jan 2019)

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[] , Finn, Christina Cancer warning labels on alcohol products will not be ditched from Public Health Alcohol Bill. (26 Sep 2018)

[] Irish Cancer Society urges minister not to drop proposed cancer warning labels on alcohol products. (22 Sep 2018)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol Action Ireland call on 13 TDs further delaying the Alcohol Bill to back better public health, and protect our children first, ahead of a thriving alcohol industry. (17 Sep 2018)

[The Times] , Sanz, Catherine Fine Gael TDs attempt to scupper alcohol warnings. (14 Sep 2018)

[Irish Times] Last orders for lobbyists to influence new drink laws. (13 Sep 2018)

[Irish Examiner] Group wants Social Responsibility levy imposed on off-licences to combat alcohol consumption. (05 Sep 2018)

[Irish Examiner] , Rogers, Stephen Whiskey-makers critical of 'ludicrous' ad limits. (01 Sep 2018)

[] , Finn, Christina Courts Service of Ireland reduces shares in Big Tobacco, but still holds €4.5m worth in stocks. (28 Jul 2018)

[Irish Times] , O'Halloran, Marie Irish plan to put cancer warnings on alcohol being closely watched. (16 Jul 2018)

[] , McMahon, Conor Here are Ireland's most active business lobbyists. (24 Jun 2018)

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[Irish Examiner] Health Minister hits out at drinks industry 'efforts to scupper' Alcohol Bill. (07 Feb 2018)

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[Irish Examiner] , McConnell, Daniel Health Minister defends alcohol bill changes. (06 Jan 2018)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] The alcohol industry and their IBEC surrogates should have no place ‘inside the room’ of alcohol policy. (19 Dec 2017)

[Irish Sun] , Cotter, Ruairi and Higgins, Adam Irish Government accused of having its ‘head in the sand’ when it comes to treating Ireland’s ‘massive’ alcohol addiction problem – as it’s revealed €1.2bn spent on booze here a year. (31 Oct 2017)

[] , Hayhurst, Claire How tobacco firms keep smokers hooked. (30 Oct 2017)

[EU2017.EE] , McKee, Martin We need to judge alcohol producers by what they do, not what they say. (26 Oct 2017)

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[] , O'Connor, Wayne Lobbyists hammer our policymakers on alcohol laws. (16 Jul 2017)

Editorial. [Irish Times] Alcohol lobby fights back. (11 Jul 2017)

[] , Black, Frances 'Lobbyists are lining up to kill the Alcohol Bill'. (06 Jul 2017)

[] , Callan, Patricia 'From Puck Fair to the Cork Jazz, our festivals are dependent on the drinks industry'. (04 Jul 2017)

[Irish Times] , Paul, Mark Thank you for drinking: Patricia Callan’s new role lobbying for alcohol industry. (01 Jul 2017)

[] , O'Regan, Eilish Kenny among TDs who helped alcohol industry lobby Health Department. (20 Jun 2017)

[Irish Examiner] , Shanahan, Catherine Carlsberg was top tackler of ad rules in Euros. (14 Jun 2017)

[] , Hosford, Paul Safety boss says publicans are reducing people killed on the roads to 'an insignificant statistic'. (17 May 2017)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] New report highlights how alcohol industry beat the rules on advertising during UEFA euro 2016. (29 Apr 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Lobbying on alcohol bill likened to ‘David vs Goliath’. (12 Jan 2017)

[] , Brennan, Cianan Ireland tried to ban smoking in public in 1986 - and Big Tobacco was not impressed. (31 Dec 2016)

[] , O'Donnell, Liz Forget ceol agus craic - we need to fix our problem with demon drink. (09 Dec 2016)

[Irish Examiner] , Baker, Noel Pub can offer loyalty card for drinking. (26 Nov 2016)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Connor, Alison Alcohol Bill should prioritise citizens’ health over drinks industry’s profits. (25 Nov 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Minister to raise ‘concerns’ over NTMA tobacco investment. (25 Nov 2016)

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[Irish Examiner] , Finn, Clodagh Cynical drinks industry advertising is shameful. (15 Oct 2016)

[Irish Medical Times] Was ‘responsible drinking’ campaign harmful to public health? (07 Oct 2016)

[Irish Examiner] , Buckley, Dan Study pours cold water on ‘responsible drinking’ ads. (28 Sep 2016)

[] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Smithwick's will be the first Irish beer to reveal its calories. (30 Jun 2016)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Formula One puts Heineken in the driving seat. (14 Jun 2016)

[] , Barry, Joseph Dealer’s choice. (07 Jun 2016)

[Irish Examiner] , Leogue, Joe Heineken rapped for drinking comments. (04 Feb 2016)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Alcohol industry ‘misleads’ the public, says study. (02 Feb 2016)

[] , Mulligan, John Drinks giants in threat to block law on minimum alcohol pricing. (06 Dec 2015)

[] , O'Regan, Eilish Drinks firms face draconian curbs on advertising of alcohol on TV. (05 Dec 2015)

[Irish Examiner] , Cahill, Ann EU officials in hot water over big tobacco link. (06 Oct 2015)

[] , Cullen, Conor Booze is part of our culture - and drinks industry has nurtured it. (24 Sep 2015)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol industry funded campaigns talk about culture, but disown any role in creating it. (24 Sep 2015)

[] , O'Connor, Niall Reilly gets backing on his refusal to meet tobacco lobbyists over packaging. (17 Sep 2015)

[] , O'Meara, Kathleen Trade deal could put Big Tobacco's interests before public health. (20 Aug 2015)

[] Tobacco firm successful in plain packaging case. (Unpublished) (07 Jul 2015)

[] Drinks companies could soon be hit with a ‘social responsibility levy’. (22 Jun 2015)

[] , Lynch, Declan [Opinion] In drink, things are never as they seem. (26 Apr 2015)

[Health Service Executive] Public health information must be evidence-based and not connected to the alcohol industry to be credible. (23 Apr 2015)

[] , Heffernan, Breda Expert slams drinks industry health campaigns. (22 Apr 2015)

[] , Griffin, Sam Anti-alcohol group fails to back new minimum price plan. (20 Apr 2015)

[] , Hade, Emma Jane DCU academics attack Diageo's €1m funding for drinking campaign. (18 Apr 2015)

[] , Anderson, Rolande ‘Public health’ initiatives by the drinks industry do not work and should not be allowed. (15 Apr 2015)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Loughlin, Ann Tobacco distributor fights plain packaging change. (14 Apr 2015)

[] , Ryan, Orla DrinkAware wants to educate young people about drinking but it’s facing criticism. (12 Apr 2015)

[] , Kelly, Ciara Doctor's orders: forget the controversy and concentrate on the problem. (07 Apr 2015)

[] , O'Connor, Niall First tobacco giant challenges plain package laws. (31 Mar 2015)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Doherty, Caroline Diageo boss ‘right’ to quit campaign. (30 Mar 2015)

Alcohol Action Ireland. [Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol Action Ireland calls on Government to put the health of children first and not to pass the alcohol industry’s self-regulatory codes into law. (26 Mar 2015)

[Irish Examiner] , Ó Fátharta, Conall Third group steps down from Diageo alcohol campaign. (25 Mar 2015)

[] Alcohol companies may have learned some lessons from the fight against Big Tobacco. (25 Mar 2015)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Alcohol promotion by sector cost €24m. (25 Mar 2015)

[] Diageo steps down from board of Stop Out of Control Drinking campaign. (25 Mar 2015)

[] , Kelly, Louise 'Put your money where your mouth is' - Dr Ciara Kelly calls on Diageo to withdraw from controversial anti-drinking campaign. (24 Mar 2015)

[] , O'Regan, Gerard And so we face down the demon drink - one more time. (21 Mar 2015)

[] , Crawford, Caroline Campaigner admits 'gap in credibility over funding from Diageo'. (20 Mar 2015)

[] , Devlin, Martina Alcohol giants are part of the problem - not the solution. (19 Mar 2015)

[] , Sheehan, Maeve Lobbyists forced to declare interests on public register. (15 Mar 2015)

[] , Anderson, Nicola Alarm as controversial DrinkAware campaign plans to target schools. (09 Mar 2015)

[] Editorial: Stand up to the drink and tobacco lobbyists. (09 Mar 2015)

[] Editorial: Anti-binge-drink group has credibility problems. (06 Mar 2015)

[] Anti-alcohol campaign group say criticism is “premature”. (06 Mar 2015)

[] , O'Regan, Mark Diageo-funded bid to tackle binge drinking branded 'a smokescreen'. (05 Mar 2015)

, Harmon, Laura [Opinion] Drinks industry has no place in anti-alcohol campaigns. (02 Mar 2015)

[] , Harmon, Laura [Opinion]Make no mistake – the drinks industry cares about sales, not you. (23 Feb 2015)

[Department of Health] Government publishes far-reaching measures to tackle alcohol misuse. (03 Feb 2015)

[World Health Organization] WHO tobacco treaty makes significant progress despite mounting pressure from tobacco industry. (18 Oct 2014)

[] , O'Regan, Eilish Minister is urged to reject drinks chief for RTE job. (10 Oct 2014)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Drinks industry says call for tax hike ‘blunt instrument’. (08 Sep 2014)

[Irish Cancer Society] Tobacco companies are the source of over 90% of smuggled tobacco in Ireland. (21 Aug 2014)

[] Study identifies EU policy shift on tobacco control after massive industry lobbying. (13 Aug 2014)

[Irish Examiner] , McCarthaigh, Sean Stores fail to abide by code on alcohol. (05 Aug 2014)

[] , Meaghar, John Tá siad ag teacht – how the advertisers convinced us to double our drinking. (28 Jun 2014)

[] Tobacco company questions how much plain packaging will cost the State. (28 Jun 2014)

[] , Devlin, Martina Why restricting alcohol sponsorship in sport makes sense. (26 Jun 2014)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Sports not for sale to the alcohol industry. (13 Jun 2014)

[] How the alcohol industry ‘runs the show’ at the World Cup. (12 Jun 2014)

[] , Mercille, Julien Opinion: The first step to fixing Ireland’s alcohol problem? Fight back against the drinks industry. (30 May 2014)

[Department of the Taoiseach] Working group consultation: sports sponsorship by alcohol companies. (20 May 2014)

[] , Sheehan, Fionnuala Alcohol awareness drive cannot exclude the drinks companies. (03 Apr 2014)

[Alex White TD [blog]] Opening address at the alcohol forum conference by Alex White TD. (02 Apr 2014)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Drinks industry puts profit before public health. (02 Apr 2014)

[] , Costello, Suzanne Public health isn't a priority for profit-driven alcohol industry. (21 Mar 2014)

[] Cigarette company unveils scary-looking anti plain-pack website. (20 Feb 2014)

[] Drinks group tipped off about Cabinet memo. (08 Jan 2014)

[Irish Independent] , Phelan, Shane Tobacco lobby can fight plain packaging plan at hearings. (18 Dec 2013)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] , Costello, Suzanne Letter: This is not a question of demonisation but rather prioritizing the health and wellbeing of society as a whole. (29 Nov 2013)

[] , D'Arcy, Katherine Kathryn D'Arcy: Demonising drink industry won't stop abuse. (28 Nov 2013)

[] , Sparkes, Matthew Twitter bans underage followers from alcohol brands. (27 Nov 2013)

[] , Reilly, Jerome Rape Crisis chief backs USI split from drinkaware. (26 Nov 2013)

[European Public Health Alliance] [Joint press statement] Eurocare and EPHA response to misleading industry media campaign ahead of the 13th plenary meeting of the European Alcohol and Health Forum. (20 Nov 2013)

[] Alcohol sponsorship report presented to Dáil. (08 Nov 2013)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac ‘Social responsibility drink levy’ plan shelved. (25 Oct 2013)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Riordan, Sean and Rogers, Stephen Diageo to pay for Arthur’s Day policing. (26 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , McCabe, Sarah Struggling industry fails to justify costly relationship with drink. (24 Sep 2013)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol takes centre stage on “Arthur’s Day”. (18 Sep 2013)

[] Call for 50c ‘environmental levy’ on packs of 20 cigarettes. (16 Sep 2013)

[Irish Independent] , McCabe, Sarah 'Big Tobacco' earns €104m in profits from sales here. (06 Sep 2013)

[Irish Examiner Breaking News] Charities call for cap on tobacco industry profits. (05 Sep 2013)

[] , O'Doherty, Ian Ah lads – pour the other one... (14 Aug 2013)

[] , McCabe, Sara War on smoking means uncertain future for tobacco companies. (07 Aug 2013)

[Irish Examiner] , McEnroe, Juno Reilly accuses tobacco firms of targeting young people. (01 Aug 2013)

[Irish Examiner] Reilly: Drink ads ban won’t cause sky to fall in. (17 Jun 2013)

[RTE News] Oireachtas committee opposes ending sponsorship of sports events by drinks companies. (16 Jun 2013)

[Irish Examiner] , McEnroe, Juno Timeline discussed for ending sport link to alcohol. (10 Jun 2013)

Alcohol Action Ireland. Failure to implement a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sports would be a failure to protect future generations from alcohol-related harm. (02 Jun 2013)

[Irish Medical Times] , Culliton, Gary Alcohol sports sponsors in doctors’ crosshairs. (01 May 2013)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Expert: Ireland operates as ‘conveyor belt’ for alcohol industry. (19 Apr 2013)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] WHO confirms that the alcohol industry has no role in the formulation of alcohol policies. (16 Apr 2013)

[] Food firms 'attacking' health plans. (12 Feb 2013)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Charity calls for alcohol and pharma industries to fund addiction services. (2013)

National Youth Council of Ireland. [National Youth Council of Ireland] Youth Council to press Noonan for social responsibility levy on drinks industry. (31 Oct 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] , Smyth, Bobby P “There is no product on the planet that is more unsuitable to act as a sponsor of these sports”. (04 Sep 2012)

[Irish Cancer Society] Female smoking in Ireland reaches crisis point as ‘Big Tobacco’ targets Irish women and girls. (04 Jul 2012)

National Youth Council of Ireland. [National Youth Council of Ireland] ‘Voluntary’ alcohol code not worth a tap. (03 Jul 2012)

[] Urban Outfitters criticised over ‘drunk Irish’ themed clothing. (06 Mar 2012)


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[Oireachtas] 368. Deputy Michael Creed asked the Minister for Justice and Equality the legislative or other initiatives he plans with regard to regulation of the sale of alcohol through off-licences; if he is satisfied with the Responsible Retailers of Alcohol in Ireland voluntary code and compliance with same... [29530/11]. (18 Oct 2011)

[Oireachtas] 98. Deputy Dara Murphy asked the Minister for Finance if he will consider a risk equalisation within the alcohol retail industry by way of a reduction in excise paid by public houses which would be offset by an increase in excise paid by off-licences to narrow the pricing gap that currently exists between the two sectors. [16409/11]. (21 Jun 2011)


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