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National Youth Council of Ireland. [National Youth Council of Ireland] ‘Voluntary’ alcohol code not worth a tap. (03 Jul 2012)

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Centra case just another example of voluntary code failing young people.

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) has expressed grave concerns about the extent to which the voluntary code on responsible retailing of alcohol can protect young people in light of the Centra ‘drinks offer’.

“NYCI is not surprised by the offer made by Centra for those collecting their Children’s Allowance - we are only surprised by the reaction,” said James Doorley, Assistant Director at NYCI.

“This offer shouldn’t take anyone by surprise: every day retail outlets throughout Ireland are marketing cheap drink in an inappropriate and irresponsible manner, which is increasing alcohol consumption by young people,” continued Mr Doorley.

“Having campaigned and conducted extensive research* on this issue for a number of years, NYCI is particularly concerned about the marketing and sale of cheap alcohol to young people under 18 and this incident does at least present us with an opportunity to re-examine how alcohol is marketed and sold in Ireland.

“Mixed trading premises such as supermarkets and convenience stores are marketing cut price alcohol which is increasing alcohol consumption by young people. It increases the age at which they start to drink, and the volume and frequency at which young people drink. At present many outlets are displaying and marketing alcohol in an irresponsible manner.”


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