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Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland. (2019) Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland 38th annual report 2018. Dublin: ASAI.

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P.17 Alcohol advertising
The framework for the regulation of alcohol advertising in Ireland is one of the most robust in Europe. The ASAI Code provisions ensure that marketing communications for alcohol products do not glamorise them, do not encourage over-consumption or immoderate consumption, and, very importantly, ensure that they do not appeal to children. The number of marketing communications found in breach of the Code by the independent Complaints Committee continues to be is very low, and has been so since the introduction in 2003 of CopyClear, a service which pre-vets all marketing communications in Ireland against the ASAI Code. In addition to the provisions of the ASAI Code, alcohol marketing communications must comply with the rules set down in the Alcohol Marketing, Communications, and Sponsorship Codes of Practice. The aim of these Codes is to limit the exposure of young people to advertising and include provisions on where and when alcohol marketing communications can appear. The ASAI provides secretarial and executive services to the Alcohol Marketing Communications Monitoring Body, which was set up by the Department of Health in 2006 to oversee compliance with the Codes.

The Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 introduced legislation concerning restrictions on marketing communications for alcohol products. The initial impact of the statue comes into effect in November 2019 and broadly is anticipated to be fully effective over a subsequent three year period. The ASAI Code will be amended appropriately to take full account of the changes imposed by the Act. The Code will continue to play a vital role in alcohol advertising in areas not covered by the Act, such as digital advertising.

See page 26, Complaints by sector, for figures.

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