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[Oireachtas] Seanad Eireann debate. Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2017: report and final stages. (15 Dec 2015)

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Minister for Health (Deputy Simon Harris): We are starting with technical amendments that are straightforward. As I indicated on Committee Stage, I am proposing to amend section 1, which necessitates consequential amendments to sections 5 and 30. The proposed amendments are strictly technical and do not change any of the commencement dates in section 1 or make any substantive changes otherwise.


Amendment No. 1 will replace section 1 of the Bill as adopted on Committee Stage. The amendment to section 1 is necessary to correct a numbering reference in the Bill, as amended, which in error provides for two commencement dates for section 19 and none for section 20. Therefore, I am proposing to change one of the two references to "section 19" to "section 20", as originally intended. I am also proposing to reformulate this section for easier reading and understanding, but with no changes being made to the effect of the provisions.


The effect of an identical numbering error in section 30 with regard to sections 19 and 20 is corrected by amendment No. 29. Section 5 deals with the power of the Minister for Health of the day to make regulations and orders. Amendment No. 5 inserts a reference to section 1(5) into section 5(3). The effect of this amendment is that commencement orders made under section 1(5) will be exempted, along with all other commencement orders made under section 1. I commend these three technical amendments to the House.


Amendment agreed to.


An Cathaoirleach: As amendments Nos. 2 to 4, inclusive, amendment No. 6 and amendment No. 15 are related, they may be discussed together.


Senator David Norris: I seek the guidance of the Chair regarding the six amendments to the Intoxicating Liquor (Amendment) Bill 2017.


An Cathaoirleach: We are dealing with the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2017. It is a different Bill. The amendments to the Bill before the House can be found in the ante-room. One of the ushers will get them for the Senator. Does Senator Higgins wish to move amendment No. 2?


Senator Alice-Mary Higgins: I will leave it to my colleague, Senator Black, to speak on it.


An Cathaoirleach: It would be better if Senator Black were to move the amendment, given that the mover of an amendment has the right to reply.



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