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[thejournal.ie] How the alcohol industry ‘runs the show’ at the World Cup. (12 Jun 2014)

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When the world Cup kicks off tonight, punters in the stadium will be able to buy a beer, despite Brazil banning alcohol at games because of a rising number of deaths in crowds.

As part of an ongoing examination of the influence of the alcohol industry on public health, the British Medical Journal has looked at the lengths to which the industry has gone to ensure that the World Cup “will be as much a festival of alcohol as it is of football.”

It describes how the UK government was forced to change its licensing laws for the tournament and how the Brazilian government was persuaded to abandon its long-standing ban on alcohol in sports stadiums – introduced in an attempt to end often fatal violence between rival fans at games.

Brazilian health professionals say the alcohol industry is now “running the show” and fear that the changes may become permanent.

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