Alcohol Research

This page contains links to key Irish (and international) alcohol-related research

For an overview of alcohol in Ireland see: O'Dwyer, Claire and Mongan, Deirdre and Anne, Doyle and Galvin, Brian (2021)  Alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy in Ireland. Dublin: Health Research Board. HRB Overview Series 11.

And (2022) Alcohol and other drug use among children and young people in Ireland: prevalence, risk and protective factors, consequences, responses, and policies.  HRB Overview Series 12

The alcohol factsheet is updated regularly to include a summary of Irish alcohol data including prevalence, treatment, deaths.
Interactive treatment data enables you to create your own alcohol treatment tables.

For local data, see our regional data webpage, including Anne Doyle (2023) Regional alcohol-related harm - County level factsheet

The following links give you access to specific alcohol-related topics for Ireland

Please also see our alcohol policy page for further links.


The following links give you access to specific alcohol-related topics for Ireland and internationally

You can also use our simple or  advanced search, where you can put the term alcohol into the subject field and one or two other relevant subjects.

For example: alcohol economic, will give you all the research we have on costs and economic policies related to alcohol. Adding Ireland will restrict your results to Irish-related publications.