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Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems. (2018) Research and policy briefing. The MUP issue. Edinburgh: SHAAP.

PDF (SHAAP research & policy briefing 14)

SHAAP provides a coordinated, coherent and authoritative medical and clinical voice on the need to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm on the health and wellbeing of people in Scotland.

Our aims are:
• To raise awareness and understanding of the alcohol-related health problems with health practitioners, policy makers and the public.
• To evaluate current research and identify strategies to reduce alcohol-related health damage based on the best available evidence.
• To work together with key organisations in the alcohol field in Scotland, the rest of the UK and worldwide, in tackling alcohol misuse.

1 Reactions to the ruling
2 How the MUP campaign started
3 Key partners at home and abroad – Eurocare, MUP and Brussels
4 The evidence for MUP
5 Legal challenges
6 What the Supreme Court ruling says, and what happens next

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