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Tricas-Sauras, Sandra and Kaczmarek, Aleksandra and San Martin, Leticia (2015) Consumer survey on communication of alcohol associated risks. Brussels: European Alcohol Policy Alliance.

PDF (Consumer survey on communication of alcohol associated risks) - Published Version

The survey mapped opinions on alcohol-related communication across Europe, in order to promote and encourage a wider subsequent European consumer survey to be funded by public authorities. It is hoped this work can contribute to the development of new avenues for dissemination of alcohol related information to consumers. Eurocare wishes to spark a wider debate on the need for a better communication of alcohol associated risks to the public.

An online survey was designed, translated into 17 languages and distributed in 21 countries by Eurocare (May-June 2015). The purpose of the survey was to map consumers’ opinions on how to communicate information regarding alcohol-related risks. The survey was preceded by an informative note indicating both the rationale and purpose of the study and the guarantee of anonymity.

Data analysis highlighted differences among countries, sexes and social backgrounds. Consumers’ responses stressed the need for further information regarding potential health risks and suitable sources of information. Despite earlier campaigns, the concept of standard drink still poses problems for consumers. Consumers appear willing to receive more information on the topic. Pictograms and short informative texts appear favoured by our sample as means for providing information.

The survey aimed at complementing the ongoing work across Europe which looks at alcohol labelling and is a call for further studies and actions.

Currently, alcoholic beverages are exempted from the rules applied to other foodstuff in terms of listing nutritional information or ingredients (see EU Regulation No 1169/2011).

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