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In terms of wine’s share of the alcohol market, 2020 saw a five-point increase in wine’s market share to 32.2%. In 2021, wine’s share went down by 2.9% to 29.3% with beer recovering its share from 38.9% to 40.2% in 2021. However, wine is still comfortably the nation’s second most popular alcohol beverage.


Sparkling wine’s market share declined marginally, primarily due to the ongoing restrictions on the hospitality sector last year. Rosé continues to hold a solid footing with 7% of wine’s market share following years of steady growth with white wine being the nation’s favourite over red.


According to this report’s estimated data, Chile retains the title of the most favoured country of origin for Irish wine consumers with a 24.3% market share, a decline from 25.8% in the previous year. Chilean wine’s popularity was followed by Spanish and Australian wines, respectively. While French wines remain the fourth most popular wine, it was one of the few countries that saw an increase in its market share. This was primarily due to French wine being easier to export to Ireland compared to the logistical challenges that face wine in other markets. Argentinian wine continues its market share growth while South African wines continue to struggle after years of decline.

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