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Alcohol Action Ireland. McKinney, Eunan (2020) Industry’s capture of political leadership: how can advocacy for alcohol control breakthrough? In: Sixth Global Alcohol Policy Conference, 9 - 11 March 2020, Dublin Castle.

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Nation-states grapple with developing and implementing effective alcohol control policies. A coherent global action to reduce alcohol related harms has been led by the WHO and signposted within its 2010 strategy. It proposed options over 10 action areas to reduce harms and promote better health and wellbeing. In Europe, where the highest levels of alcohol consumption persist, WHO Europe endorsed their 2012-2020 action plan. Throughout this period, Member States have experienced a policy reform and implementation process stymied by transnational alcohol industry tactics. Momentum for the establishment of a Framework Convention for Alcohol Control (FCAC), similar to that established for tobacco (2003), has partly dissipated. National governments and their political actors, ideologically committed to economics of international trading have sought industry led quasi-judicial, self-regulatory, voluntary procedures to abate a growing alcohol related public health crisis.

Exploring the development of alcohol policy in Ireland over this period, this research aims to highlight how corrosive an alliance of the alcohol industry and political interests was in hindering meaningful progress. It will examine many futile consensus initiatives and how statutory based control measures were ultimately achieved. From this appraisal, the paper will explore important understandings that could inform the leadership needed to establish a FCAC. Progress will continue to be slow so long as nation-states can be delayed and frustrated by transnational alcohol corporations. As tobacco control has demonstrated a multilateral, values based, framework is necessary if public health and human life is to be afforded legal right over private economic interests.

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Sixth Global Alcohol Policy Conference
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9 - 11 March 2020

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