Library Collection

Our primary aim is to collect all Irish research on substance use (including the use of illicit drugs and the problematic use of other substances such as alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs). In order to enable those working in the alcohol and drugs area to make evidence-informed decisions we also collect key international open-access research. Our advanced search page provides options so you can choose to view Irish-related publications only and/or international publications.

Note, that although we have identified items from what we perceive to be useful international sources, they vary in terms of type, depth of analysis and opinion. We do not assess or provide information about the quality of publications. You should therefore note the context and methods used as you read (for more information on critical appraisal of research see our Doing research resource). Neither inclusion nor omission should be taken as indicative of any view of that publication held by the library staff. 

A few examples of international evidence sources included in our collection
This page was last updated in February 2024