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Office of Tobacco Control, TNS mrbi. (2008) Tobacco control and the Irish retail environment. Kildare: Office of Tobacco Control.

PDF (Tobacco control and the Irish retail environment) - Published Version

Research on the implementation of sales to minors legislation and the extent of tobacco point-of-sale advertising.

Part One of this report presents the results from an independent audit of 1,526 Irish retail and licensed premises conducted by TNS mrbi during Summer 2007. The audit examines performance with respect to tobacco sales to minors legislation as set out in the Public Health (Tobacco) Act, 2002. Section 45 of this Act states that it is an offence to sell a tobacco product to a person that has not attained the age of 18 years.

This baseline survey provides a national overview of behaviour among tobacco retailers with respect to sales to minors legislation, and will contribute valuable insights in the implementation of a comprehensive youth protection programme. This appraisal of retailer performance will enable the establishment of benchmarks against which future progress can be measured and compared.

In addition, the audit provides a summary of the level of tobacco advertising engaged in by the tobacco industry in the retail environment in Ireland.

Part Two of this report presents the findings from a nationally representative telephone omnibus survey of 1,034 people conducted by TNS mrbi in August 2007. The survey provides quantitative data regarding smokers’ and non-smokers’ attitudes and beliefs associated with the tobacco retail environment.

The survey examines public perception of tobacco industry marketing activities in retail establishments. It outlines the extent of public support for changes in relation to tobacco retailing in Ireland. These changes are focussed on reducing the numbers of young people who take up smoking.

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