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Howell, Fenton (2012) The Irish tobacco industry position on price increases on tobacco products. Tobacco Control , 21 , (5) , pp. 514-516.

Objective To examine what the tobacco industry in Ireland says to government on tobacco price, and what it does. Methods The annual government budgetary and tobacco trade, tax/price increases on cigarettes (2000-2010) and pre-budget submissions from the tobacco industry were analysed. Results Price increased from €4.77 in 2000 to €8.55 at the end of 2010, 64.0% of the increase was government imposed and 36.0% was imposed by the tobacco trade. The tobacco industry consistently urged government not to increase taxes as this would increase smuggling and contraband tobacco products. However, the tobacco industry increased price every year. Conclusion There is significant disparity in what the tobacco industry says to government and how it behaves with respect to tobacco price. It is important that tobacco control advocates have access to such data and underscores the importance of strong guidelines for Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.


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