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Ireland. Commission on Liquor Licensing. (2002) Commission on Liquor Licensing: second interim Report. Dublin: Stationery Office.

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The Commission, dealt with a number of issues in respect of which it is making specific recommendations in this report. In general, the Commission operated through subcommittees which held meetings, conducted interviews, etc. (Appendix 3). Many hours work went into the preparation of these recommendations and it must be remembered that all of the issues were considered in the light of the recent Intoxicating Liquor Act, 2000. Since this Act only came into force in July 2000 and was largely based on the recommendations of the 1998 report of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, Equality and Women’s Rights on the licensing code it would be presumptuous of the Commission to second guess any decision of the Oireachtas on any issue contained in the Act and therefore the Commission passes no comment on the various hours of opening contained in the Act. Suffice to say that the consequences of the increased opening hours should be reviewed regularly.

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