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[thejournal.ie] , Moore, Jane Merchants Quay says it will take time for drug users to 'trust' new supervised injection centre. (29 Jan 2024)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Cearbhaill, Muiris Most school children who drink obtain alcohol from their parents and other adults, study finds. (24 Jan 2024)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Each fatal drug overdose is a preventable death. (20 Jan 2024)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Detoxing from G is '100 times worse than alcohol withdrawal', expert warns. (15 Jan 2024)

[thejournal.ie] Drugs at centre of recent Dublin overdose cluster purchased 'across one strip of the city'. (21 Dec 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Matthews, Jane People Before Profit Bill to legalise personal use of cannabis seen as ‘test for Government'. (17 Nov 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Órla A potent synthetic opioid was found in the heroin that caused overdoses, but what are nitazenes? (15 Nov 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , McGovern, Garrett and Ó Concubhair, Cian and Marder, Ian Opinion: The Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to effect change. (17 Oct 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Luke, Chris What exactly happens to your body when you take cocaine? (08 Oct 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Drugs & dissuasion: Portugal's pragmatic policy could show Ireland a path to control addiction. (10 Sep 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Decriminalisation on the ground: inside a drug consumption room in Lisbon. (09 Sep 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Nearly 30% of Irish 16-year-olds say they gambled within the previous year. (07 Sep 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , McCarron, Jamie 'The baggies don't have a little health warning': Doctor warns coke strokes are on the rise. (05 Aug 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 'Staff have been attacked, spat at': Dublin city businesses on impact of anti-social behaviour. (09 Jun 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Cearbhaill, Muiris and Raleigh, David The 'hidden victims' of the hidden addiction: Problem gambling and its impact on family members. (04 Jun 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , MacRedmond, David Harris recommends cabinet not oppose drink spiking bill but says further consideration needed. (30 May 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Former Dublin GAA manager Jim Gavin appointed to head up North East Inner City task force. (24 May 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Raymond, Shane FactFind: What is the relationship between social inequality, drug use and drug-related harms? (22 May 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Cearbhaill, Muiris Irish Lotto's new 'schedule play' feature described as 'concerning' by problem gambling experts. (13 May 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , Kinsella, Carla Minister for Justice Simon Harris says he 'hasn't heard' of drug use in Leinster House. (22 Feb 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , McAuliffe, Paul Opinion. We as legislators must be brave and make difficult decisions regarding drug laws. (06 Feb 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Hundreds of drug driving prosecutions' in limbo as gardaí await critical High Court case. (16 Jan 2023)

[thejournal.ie] , McNally, Tadgh 'No view' on cannabis legalisation, says Varadkar as Citizens' Assembly on drugs expected in 2023. (25 Dec 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , McNally, Tadgh Stigma around drug use preventing people from coming forward to access key supports. (09 Dec 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Kenny, Gino Gino Kenny: It's time to decriminalise the possession of cannabis for personal use. (24 Nov 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh 'The level of sickness we're seeing is massive': a day on addiction outreach in Limerick city. (16 Nov 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife Bill to be introduced that would legalise personal use of cannabis. (12 Nov 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Faolain, Aodhan Court dismisses challenge to ban on selling products containing THC. (09 Nov 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen Anti-cannabis group 'only discussed language' around medical programme with junior drugs minister. (25 Jul 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , McNally, Tadgh Nearly €9 million worth of drugs and cash seized at Irish airports so far in 2022. (23 Jul 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Criminalising drug use is 'disastrous' waste of time and money, expert to tell Justice Committee. (12 Jul 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , McCarron, Jamie Disposable vapes will 'get a whole new generation of people addicted to nicotine', expert warns. (30 Jun 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , McCarron, Jamie Health products regulator warns against unauthorised 'self-tanning' substance. (27 Jun 2022)

[thejournal.ie] EU says criminals have been trying to smuggle drugs and weapons into single market via the North. (15 Jun 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Gardaí vow to clean up Dublin city centre streets plagued by crack addiction. (02 Jun 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'It's made criminals out of decent people': People Before Profit to introduce Bill to legalise cannabis. (22 Apr 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Customs service to spend €20 million on new boats to help tackle drug trade. (20 Feb 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn Lynn Ruane: A mature society accepts that drug use is normal and does not punish addiction. (20 Feb 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Nurse to be appointed to National Oversight Committee on Drugs after row over membership. (19 Feb 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen Dozens of cannabis-derived products recalled since 2021, with newer CBD items seen as 'problematic'. (18 Feb 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony and McCann, Eugene Opinion: Supervised drug injecting in Ireland – 10 years of advocacy, legislation and delays. (20 Jan 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Dwyer, Orla 'War on drugs’ not an effective response to usage, minister to tell committee. (19 Jan 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Parkins, Brianna FactCheck: Will Minimum Unit Pricing on alcohol lead to an increase in drug use? (08 Jan 2022)

[thejournal.ie] , Martin, Devin Sean and McCarron, Jamie and Grabarczyk, Wiktoria and McCrudden, Kasey Leigh Large numbers of people with drug addictions were 'left to kill themselves slowly' during lockdowns. (05 Jan 2022)

Press Association. [thejournal.ie] 'They showed me I mattered': women explain how inner city project helped transform their lives. (30 Dec 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Faolain, Aodhan High Court challenge alleges Irish anti-drug legislation is against EU free movement of goods. (23 Dec 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Cheaper crack cocaine supplies in cities 'sees people travel from rural areas to buy the drug'. (02 Dec 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Forensic lab prioritising large drug seizures over personal use cases. (16 Nov 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Dalton, Eoghan 'Relatively few' incidents of injection spiking, say emergency medicine doctors. (13 Nov 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin New laws on alcohol advertising during sports and children's events come into force today. (12 Nov 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Delaney, Maria 'No plans' to reinstate HSE rehab unit closed during pandemic. (10 Sep 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan Construction to begin on €30m medical centre for Dublin’s homeless. (28 Jul 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Ex-garda fighting Europe's €14 billion drugs trade says Irish gangs are 'top of the pyramid'. (23 Jul 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , McGovern, Garrett GP: Legislation is now four years old but Ireland is still without its first drug injecting centre. (15 Jun 2021)

[thejournal.ie] A conviction for €4 worth of cannabis 'just defies logic', say campaigners. (23 May 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan Almost 40% favour legalising cannabis for recreational use, over 90% in favour of medicinal use. (17 May 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Farrell, Sinead 'I'd be going back to my normal life and the phone calls from people that I owed money to'. (28 Apr 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Delaney, Maria Over 3,500 on wait list for a detox bed, with over 140 residential beds still closed. (28 Apr 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Costigan, Emma and Delaney, Ruth and Fenlon, Georgia and Kilbane, Rachel and Kinsella, Niamh How Covid-19 changed drug crime in Ireland. (10 Mar 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'We've reached a point of no return - it's an epidemic': problem gambling fears raised as bookie revenues soar. (06 Mar 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Mandatory drug testing for gardaí to begin this year. (23 Jan 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Provision for delivery and funding of Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme announced. (21 Jan 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Garda drug units set up Snapchat accounts to snare online drug dealers. (20 Jan 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan Government to examine reducing times for alcohol sales - Tánaiste. (07 Jan 2021)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Drug testing at music festivals will be ready to be rolled out by summer 2021. (29 Dec 2020)

thejournal.ie. [thejournal.ie] What will the impact of 2020 be on drug use? The Global Drugs Survey wants to find out. (21 Dec 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Adult caution list: Those caught in possession of cannabis for personal use may not face criminal charges. (16 Dec 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , McNally, Tadgh Permanent medical cannabis delivery service to be established for Irish patients. (14 Dec 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean UK began a landmark review into its gambling laws this week - Ireland doesn't even have a regulator yet. (12 Dec 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , McCarthaigh, Sean Irish teens more likely to take illegal drugs but smoking and drinking levels falling, EU report shows. (12 Nov 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Ireland 'far behind the curve' on gambling laws as warning sounded on 'insidious' loot boxes in video games. (09 Nov 2020)

AFP. [thejournal.ie] Oregon becomes first US state to decriminalise hard drugs. (04 Nov 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Gareth Vintners call for minimum unit pricing on off-licence sales 'to curb house party outbreaks'. (10 Oct 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley A Dublin homelessness tour guide: 'It's given me a voice to shine a light on what life is like on the streets'. (30 Sep 2020)

[thejournal.ie] Opinion: We cannot let concerns about cross-border shopping stop us controlling a minimum price of alcohol here. (26 Sep 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Over half of people have been drinking more frequently during the pandemic, new survey finds. (10 Sep 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor HSE launches online resources and supports to mark International Overdose Awareness Day. (31 Aug 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'It's the 11th hour': retailers concerned as deadline looms to separate out alcohol products in shops. (10 Aug 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Nicky Gardaí unable to provide figures on 'laughing gas' arrests and seizures due to IT limitations. (02 Aug 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Decrypted: How European drug lords are scrambling for cover as encrypted phone networks are compromised. (03 Jul 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor Two-thirds of men turn to alcohol to combat loneliness and boredom during Covid-19 pandemic. (15 Jun 2020)

[thejournal.ie] 500 sting operations carried out in two years at licensed premises to see if they'd sell to under-18s. (12 Jun 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley and Burke, Ceimin 'Two or three glasses is not against the law': It's not illegal to drink in public places, Taoiseach tells Dáil. However, bye-laws prohibit the activity in many parts of the country. (11 Jun 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Dwyer, Orla Over half of Irish people say they drink alcohol more frequently since Covid-19 restrictions brought in. (03 Jun 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Use of nitrous oxide or 'hippie crack' on the rise during pandemic. (03 Jun 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Covid restrictions make the argument not to bring in minimum alcohol pricing 'even more tenuous'. (23 May 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Thomas, Conal Sale of menthol cigarettes banned in Ireland from today. (20 May 2020)

[thejournal.ie] Has Covid-19 changed your relationship with alcohol or drugs? Global Drugs Survey launches special edition. (04 May 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Interpol warns that Irish food delivery services are being used to transport drugs during Covid-19 crisis. (30 Apr 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'Addiction doesn't stop during a pandemic, it gets worse': Methadone waiting lists virtually eliminated amid overdose fears. (25 Apr 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Gardaí believe 'incredibly potent' cannabis on Irish streets due to shortages caused by Covid-19. (25 Apr 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth A drop in demand for cocaine, a switch to cannabis: How the crisis is affecting drug crime in Ireland. (04 Apr 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin Keeping opioid dependents in methadone treatment for longer saves lives, study finds. (21 Feb 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Raleigh, David Crack houses operating like supermarkets as cocaine use sweeps across Limerick, politicians claim. (20 Feb 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Carroll, Austin Opinion: It's time to get real about heroin addiction. It's time to decriminalise this drug. (19 Feb 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Q&A: Here's where Ireland's political parties stand on drugs ahead of GE2020. (07 Feb 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Thomas, Conal 'A forward step': Former Assistant Garda Commissioner on Ireland's first supervised injecting facility. (02 Feb 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Blanchardstown taskforce highlights increasing numbers of children dealing drugs. (25 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'If someone goes under, call 999': Addiction expert warns about GHB after more overdoses. (25 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Warning over sleeping aid pills sold in health stores that contain prescription hypnotic drugs. (11 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Most children who drink alcohol source it from their parents or home. (09 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor Council street crews called out hundreds of times to clean up discarded needles on Dublin streets. (04 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'GHB is a killer, I know of eight men who died after taking it'. (04 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Menthol cigarettes will be banned in Ireland from May. (04 Jan 2020)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Any change to pub opening hours would need to be considered 'very, very carefully', says minister. (03 Jan 2020)

Press Association. [thejournal.ie] Anxiety about going back to work might actually be 'alcohol withdrawal symptoms', claims expert. (31 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Mcgrath, Dominic Health minister asks media outlets not to use Drinkaware information. (27 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'If we sell CBD as a 'cure-all' for everything, it will drown out what it is actually effective for'. (26 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Tents, gated lanes and abandoned sites: How street-based injecting shapes everyday life in our cities. (23 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn Lynn Ruane: Drug courts are not the solution to Ireland's drug problem. (15 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'We're on to you': Harris says flavoured e-cigarettes target children and he wants them banned. (09 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Gardaí arrest and charge eight rickshaw drivers with drug offences in Dublin city crackdown. (08 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Just one person was handed the minimum 10-year sentence for possessing €13k of drugs last year. (05 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Two medicinal cannabis products approved for use in Ireland. (03 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth New garda crackdown to target 'blatant drug dealing' at Dublin city centre hot-spots. (02 Dec 2019)

[thejournal.ie] When was the last time you drank alcohol and then regretted it? Global Drugs Survey asks about our 'last big night out'. (20 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle HSE checking all Irish vaping products for ingredient linked to US illnesses. (19 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Harris, Simon Simon Harris: Supervised injecting centres do not legitimise drug use - if we're serious about tackling addiction we must establish one. (18 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'You don't know what's in them': Warning against buying medicines on the internet as over 350,000 pills seized. (15 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Consultation to take place on whether Ireland's nightclub opening hours should be updated. (14 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn Lynn Ruane: Harm reduction should always come first with criminal drug policy. (09 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen Dublin Bus is looking for a company to carry out drug and alcohol testing of employees. (02 Nov 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Thomas, Conal 'Communities are being devastated': Campaigners call for local drugs Task Forces to be 'at the heart' of national strategy. (30 Oct 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina New 24-hour mental health information line launched to help people access services. (13 Oct 2019)

AFP. [thejournal.ie] Death toll from vaping-related lung injury in US rises to 26 as health officials name mystery illness. (12 Oct 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina More than 9,785 people presented to hospital due to self-harm last year. (10 Oct 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Dwyer, Orla Two-thirds of drug drivers test positive for cannabis at roadside tests. (07 Oct 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Dwyer, Orla As vaping-linked injuries and deaths rise in the US, some Irish colleges are moving towards an all-out ban. (05 Oct 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Harris hits out at politicians trying to get him to meet vaping company reps. (02 Oct 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'We're going to lose a generation': The cocaine epidemic in the west of Ireland and the garda response. (30 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Cox, Des Opinion: Is there now an argument for banning e-cigarettes in Ireland? (29 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla '1ml is euphoric, 2ml and you go under': Number of G overdoses increases by 75%. (23 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife The Explainer: Why is chemsex in the news in Ireland and the UK? (20 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen Irish doctors urged to stop over-prescribing benzodiazepines and similar drugs. (19 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Irish doctors monitoring US warnings about e-cigs after lung disease outbreak. (14 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'Passing out is very, very common': 55% jump in referrals to G detox clinic amid growing sexual assault fears. (14 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin Health minister Harris seeks to crackdown on alcohol promotions. (13 Sep 2019)

AFP. [thejournal.ie] Five people now believed to have died from vaping-related illnesses in the US. (07 Sep 2019)

[thejournal.ie] Drug users and their families offered training on dangers of a overdose. (30 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Mcgrath, Dominic Electric Picnic: Festival-goers warned of 'vigorous' drug searches. (27 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Deegan, Gordon Planning permission refusal for Ireland's first injecting centre branded 'reprehensible' . (27 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn Lynn Ruane: 'You can't treat addiction like a business - and people with addiction like objects'. (26 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor HSE addiction expert: Festivals that don't provide drug information and support should be refused a licence. (18 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Raise price of cigarettes to €20 a pack by 2025, government told. (15 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor Talks underway between HSE and labs that could carry out drug-testing at festivals. (13 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor Drug-testing at Irish festivals: Government criticised for delays forming 'working group'. (08 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Keane, Marcus Opinion: The government's new drug policy will do nothing to end the stigmatisation of drug users. (07 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor`` Cork hospital warns festival-goers of 'bad batch' of ecstasy tablets causing 'severe illness'. (03 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean First-time offenders to be referred to HSE when found in possession of drugs for personal use. (02 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley It costs less than €8 to reach the recommended weekly limit of alcohol in Ireland. (01 Aug 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Dublin City Council refuses planning permission for Ireland's first injecting centre. (26 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Gardaí target Dublin online drug supplier who uses 'hundreds of SIM cards' a year to evade detection. (20 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Bodkin, Peter 'A licence to print money': The 'wild west' of Ireland's rampant slot machine industry. (18 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Benzodiazepine use in Irish over 65s is higher than international average. (08 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Dwyer, Orla Explainer: Minimum unit pricing for alcohol is on the way, but how exactly does it work? (08 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Gardaí refuse to provide policing plan needed for injecting centre until planning permission is granted. (04 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Inclusion of chronic pain conditions on cannabis access scheme will be 'kept under review'. (03 Jul 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Harris had 'good' meeting with Bord na Móna about it growing Ireland's medicinal cannabis supply. (27 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina After long delays, access to cannabis for medical reasons is now allowed under new law. (26 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Dozens of teenagers across west Dublin storing drug packages on behalf of smuggler. (26 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Drug-dealing rickshaw drivers are stashing socks full of cocaine and pills around Dublin streets. (25 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McCrave, Conor 'These drugs are much more potent': HSE advises festival-goers who plan on taking drugs. (22 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'I'd be dead, simple as that': Homeless people with mental health difficulties treated 'every day' at Merchants Quay. (14 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'Beyond the Pale': Ross lobbied by publicans, politicians to pivot on zero tolerance drink driving laws. (08 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Archbishop says Dublin drug cartels will be stopped from 'exploiting' religious services. (04 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Ministers considering alternative approaches to dealing with drug possession for personal use. (04 Jun 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Cannabis was the most common illegal drug detected in drivers in 2018. (29 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Mcgrath, Dominic FactCheck: Does cannabis legalisation cause 'exponential' increases in the use of the drug? (27 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Bord na Móna could take up responsibility for growing Ireland's medicinal cannabis supply. (25 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Harris says there are no plans to legalise cannabis in Ireland. (22 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne 'The cocaine trade is booming': 54% of Irish people who use cocaine want to cut down. (16 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Dublin's first injecting centre delayed further as Merchants Quay needs more time to address planning concerns. (09 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Over 80% of Irish adults drink alcohol, and the rate is set to increase. (08 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Simon Harris says Ireland may own its own medicinal cannabis supply in the future. (07 May 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Gardaí say drink driving cases 'struck out' due to lack of clarity over use of handcuffs. (30 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Nicky [Podcast] The Explainer: why haven't any supervised drug injection centres opened in Ireland? (23 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 'It's just not good behaviour': Hospital anti-smoking policy flouted by patients and visitors. (22 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ní Fhallúin, Maebh Opinion: 'Big businesses will cry wolf and fire accusations of nanny-statism at any public health intervention'. (18 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'I'm no expert in the cultivation of cannabis': Taoiseach supports idea of Irish farmers growing cannabis in the future. (16 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn Lynn Ruane: The overdose drug Naloxone can save lives so let's remove the barriers to accessing it. (15 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin Messages highlighting dangers of drug use during sex need to target wider audience. (02 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'Momentous achievement': Campaigners welcome confirmation of government medicinal cannabis supplier. (02 Apr 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina After long delays, the Irish government has finally found a medicinal cannabis supplier. (31 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Finian McGrath criticised by Cabinet colleagues for 'bewildering and bizarre' comments over political policing. (31 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen 'It does not make sense': concerns over reports that Government will continue to criminalise drug use. (27 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Six drug deals and a fistfight at a Dublin shopping centre: one hour at a crack cocaine hotspot. (24 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Daly, Adam Irish Heart Foundation 'strongly' advises against use of hookah pipes due to carbon monoxide levels. (18 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Teen vapers are more likely to use sweet-flavoured e-cigarettes than adult vapers, study finds. (18 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'We've seen people die, people beaten up horrifically',. (16 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Government resisted lobbying on betting duty but won't use the funds for problem gambling services. (03 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Decision to include vaping advice on official HSE website 'does not represent policy change'. (02 Mar 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Thomas, Conal From medicine cabinet to the streets: Abuse of prescription drugs rises in Dublin. (22 Feb 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen 'Unenforceable and unworkable': Government given legal warning over alcohol ad restrictions. (21 Feb 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 90% of gambling addicts treated by HSE are young men. (15 Feb 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'Not drifting towards a gambling crisis, we're in the middle of one': 800 addiction cases treated by HSE. (04 Feb 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'We've been to too many funerals': Study shows one third of homeless deaths linked to drugs or alcohol. (01 Feb 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Daly, Adam First trial shows e-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches and gum for quitters. (30 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Dealers make violent threats against 12-year-olds over cannabis debt. (28 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn Opinion: Pat was refused mental health services because of his addiction - now he's dead. (28 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Irish farmers 'could be given licences to grow cannabis in the future'. (24 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Dunphy, Shane A mother on drug crime in Ireland: 'When the dealers called to my door and wanted me to settle his debts, I’d had enough'. (07 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Roberts, Andrew 'It's not unusual to make six or more attempts': Dr Patrick Doorley on how to quit smoking in 2019. (01 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Over 8,750 drivers were arrested last year on suspicion of driving under the influence of drink or drugs. (01 Jan 2019)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Opinion: No one should be prosecuted for personal possession of drugs. (29 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Neylon, Laoise Expert tips for parents who discover that their teenager drinks alcohol. (24 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'People are replacing it with crystal meth or 2 litres of vodka a day': G detoxification referrals jump by 4,600. (23 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Is alcohol value for money? When did you last use cannabis? Drugs survey to explore 'brave new world'. (21 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Motorists told to avoid alcohol and take extra care ahead of 'Christmas exodus'. (21 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Planned supervised injection centre may not open in 2019, new Merchants Quay CEO says. (18 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Daly, Adam Surge in cocaine supply in Europe as gangs 'uberise' the trade through social. (14 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth At least 15 chemsex drug overdoses in Irish hospitals as over 100 seek detox treatment. (12 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Further delay for Dublin's injection centre as concerns raised on 'over-concentration' of services in area. (05 Dec 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth and Ryan, Orla Chemsex: How dangerous party drugs are sourced and stored in Ireland. (04 Dec 2018)

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[thejournal.ie] , Winstock, Adam Would you pay more for ethically sourced cocaine? (24 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth North Dublin drug unit in row with management over crack cocaine operation - and a 2004 Renault Clio. (18 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'Unbelievably there are still people who think it's worth taking a risk and driving while over the limit'. (18 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Deegan, Gordon Temple Bar pubs and U2 hotel among 99 objections to State's first supervised injecting centre. (15 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Alcohol ads with pro-drinking comments on Facebook 'boost desire to drink'. (14 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Smoking and diabetes have a greater impact on heart attack risk in women than men - study. (08 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Officials travel abroad to help sort out Ireland's problem in sourcing medicinal cannabis. (07 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony What can Irish cities learn from the response to drug use in New Orleans? (06 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'The dealers are acting with impunity': West Dublin drug unit loses 85% of its members in five years. (03 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Delay in medicinal cannabis scheme as the government is having problems finding a quality assured supplier. (03 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Medical cannabis products can now be prescribed in Northern Ireland. (01 Nov 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne There are more people who drink, smoke and have illnesses in deprived areas. (23 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn 20 years on from the introduction of the methadone strategy, where are we now? (22 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Drug dealing criminals using bookmakers' online accounts to stash money. (19 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ruane, Lynn 'He chose to die at home. The hostel was his home': Lynn Ruane on hidden health problems in homelessness. (15 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Woods, Killian Dublin Port's move to introduce random drug testing for veteran staff slapped down. (14 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] Alcohol Bill, first published in 2015, finally passes through Oireachtas . (11 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Roberts, Andrew Opinion: Since the start of the century, Portugal has shown that decriminalisation of drug use is possible. (08 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle 'It can make a massive difference to cases': Legal experts question garda cannabis plant valuation. (01 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth South African drug supplier suspected of facilitating Ireland's biggest cocaine dealers. (01 Oct 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 'I started taking drugs when I was 12 ... it was just seen as a cool thing to do'. (29 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Cancer warning labels on alcohol products will not be ditched from Public Health Alcohol Bill. (26 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Drug-testing roll out at music festivals and nightclubs to be examined by expert group. (26 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Dyas, Grace 'Heroin in Ireland is an economic massacre - we have to find a new solution'. (26 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Daly, Adam Decision to not include cancer warnings on alcohol products an 'insult to those who have suffered from cancer'. (25 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Gardaí release number of drink driving arrests - 15,000 more than previously published. (24 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] Irish Cancer Society urges minister not to drop proposed cancer warning labels on alcohol products. (22 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh 'Life is so much more chaotic': a day on addiction outreach in Limerick city. (22 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Where does Ireland rank when it comes to deaths caused by cancer, heart disease and lung disease? (21 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Call for better access to alcohol treatment services to help tackle rural homelessness. (19 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Garda resourcing under spotlight as pre teens allegedly used in Ballymun drug trade. (18 Sep 2018)

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[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Steep increase in Limerick steroid-users seeking needle exchange. (09 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'I have seen the increase in cocaine and alcohol addiction with the return of money. It's frightening'. (03 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Ireland's gambling epidemic: 'Find a corner and you'll be left alone 'til you're penniless'. (01 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen Research shows 21 people a day seek treatment for problematic alcohol use. (01 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 'They're asking about MDMA, LSD and cocaine': Keeping people drug-safe at Electric Picnic. (01 Sep 2018)

[thejournal.ie] HSE offers training in treatment that can reverse drug overdoses today. (31 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Complaint upheld over Ryanair ad that 'promoted excessive drinking'. (30 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Bed bugs, used needles and rat droppings - life inside homeless accommodation. (27 Aug 2018)

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[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth European gangs are using rural Longford to grow cannabis on an industrial scale. (09 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halligan, John 'A gambler can lose everything in an instant, destroying countless lives around them in the process'. (04 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Gardaí target nightlife figure they believe is directing rickshaw drug dealing scene. (02 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin 'No self-test is 100% reliable': Watchdog warns people not to rely on HIV home tests. (02 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , McDermott, Stephen HSE prescriptions for antidepressants and anxiety medications up by two thirds since 2009. (01 Aug 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Michael D Higgins wants gambling ads banned from sport. (29 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Courts Service of Ireland reduces shares in Big Tobacco, but still holds €4.5m worth in stocks. (28 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna New self-test HIV kit goes on sale in pharmacies around the country today. (27 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul HIV drug may be more affordable after European court ruling. (26 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 76 hospital discharges of newborns with drug withdrawal symptoms last year. (23 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle and Brophy, Daragh High uptake of sterile crack pipes in response to surge in use of drug in Dublin. (22 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan Confused about CBD? Here's what you need to know about Ireland and the cannabis-based remedy. (21 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle HSE launches cocaine harm reduction campaign as crack use surges in Dublin. (17 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Revealed: The human trafficking heroin gang behind an acid attack on a drugs garda. (16 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Fine Gael senator calls for 'drunk tanks' at city Garda stations. (15 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Drugs unit garda suffers acid attack at hands of heroin gang he's investigating. (06 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Malley, Stella 'Therapists were relieved when the WHO listed gaming addiction as a mental health condition'. (01 Jul 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , McMahon, Conor Here are Ireland's most active business lobbyists. (24 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Flanagan, TD Charlie 'If prison does not serve and rehabilitate offenders, they will return to life as before, or worse'. (24 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Lines of ketamine, pumping dance music, estranged brothers and a wild weekend in Dublin city. (23 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Riordain, Aodhan 'There are gardaí, politicians and doctors who have taken something illegal at some point'. (23 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Addiction to video games is now a recognised illness. (18 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Deegan, Gordon Ryanair calls for drink limit at airports after Dublin-Ibiza flight diverted due to 3 'disruptive' passengers. (18 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Ex-Assistant Commissioner on drug debate: 'Our young people are criminalised, deprived of life chances'. (13 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'I'd a wife and two kids. Everything looked perfect to the outside world. It wasn't. I was addicted to cocaine'. (11 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne People who abstain from alcohol are off sick more often than the average drinker - study. (10 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Should Ireland get rid of criminal penalties for drug possession? It has been successful elsewhere. (10 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Deacy, Tara Opinion: 'A 'new profile' of women are taking their own lives in the same numbers as men'. (08 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Young adults in Ireland are taking more MDMA and cannabis than they used to. (07 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Crack-cocaine use surging in Dublin city centre. (04 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley One in every five young adult deaths in the US is related to opioids. (02 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley HSE issues drug safety advice to Irish festivalgoers in wake of two deaths in UK. (01 Jun 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin Smoking causes 100 deaths and more than 1000 hospital admissions in Ireland every week. (31 May 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla So many people are dying from alcohol-related deaths it's like 'planes going down without survivors'. (25 May 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'Some families lost four of five children to drugs': Being a GP in Dublin's inner city. (25 May 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Government looking at how to best source 'quality' medical cannabis for new access programme. (22 May 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'It's not all pub-orientated': Shane Ross defends new rural bus service ahead of pilot project. (08 May 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'Nobody cares about us': Locals upset as building work starts on Scientology-backed drug rehab centre. (30 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Kinsella, Murray 'I think it confirms there isn't a serious doping issue at the top level of the game'. (29 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony 'She was frantic, her boyfriend had assaulted her and was going to make her do sex work'. (29 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul 'Disgraceful and self-serving' - Road safety chief hits out at TDs over drink-driving bill. (27 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Baker, Sinead 'We want our rights': Vera Twomey makes passionate call for legislation on medical cannabis. (16 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 75% of chronic pulmonary disease cases linked to childhood illnesses and parental smoking. (08 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Tobacco being marketed and sold through Facebook, despite policy against such promotions. (08 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , McDonagh, Darragh Prison guards are cracking down on moonshine in Irish prisons. (02 Apr 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Garda checkpoints for drink and drugs to be set up nationwide over Easter weekend. (29 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony 'We need to help people who use drugs make healthier choices, not treat them as criminals'. (29 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Deegan, Gordon 25-year-old man died after taking little known synthetic drug in Clare pub. (27 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 'It's all about sharing experiences': How this sailing group is helping addicts in recovery. (17 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Gardaí to be out in force as 54 people killed on roads over St Patrick's Day period since 2012. (14 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Concern changes to youth programme will lead to crime surge in 'at risk' areas. (12 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] This sheep farmer is leading the push to set up Ireland's first hemp co-op. (12 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh We have a location for the first supervised drug injecting room - what happens next? (10 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Big Tobacco made €7,900 for every dead smoker in 2015, according to a new report. (09 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Warning that dietary supplement 'not fit for human consumption' due to presence of illegal steroids. (08 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] Scientology-linked group WILL move ahead with controversial 'drug treatment centre'. (06 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'What it means is that we won't arrest people for carrying heroin': confusion remains over injection centre policing. (05 Mar 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan 'You junkie, you addict' - How stigma can prevent drug users getting the help they need. (27 Feb 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , McDonagh, Darragh Volume of drug seizures in Irish prisons soars by 42%, as over 1,000 recorded last year. (26 Feb 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'We've had up to five doses given before someone comes around': How an anti-overdose drug is saving lives. (19 Feb 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Cox, Dr Des Giving up smoking? Most effective method makes it three and half times more likely for you to quit. (04 Feb 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Dáil passes legislation allowing alcohol to be sold on Good Friday. (25 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla One in 12 drivers involved in collision or near miss because of drink driving. (22 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Over 300 retailers targeted in sting operations to see if they're selling cigarettes to under 18s. (21 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Announcement of site for Dublin injection centre delayed. (12 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Gambling industry in Ireland to be overseen by independent regulator. (11 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth You're twice as likely to develop mental health problems if you smoke, HSE says. (06 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Man develops liver injury after following advice of alternative medicine practitioner. (03 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan There are more quitters than smokers in Ireland. (03 Jan 2018)

Associated Press. [thejournal.ie] Recreational marijuana is legal in California from today. (01 Jan 2018)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Smoking bans make married people happier than anyone else. (31 Dec 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean FactCheck: Would the new alcohol bill ban the Guinness Christmas ad? (21 Dec 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'While the rest of us are looking forward at this time of year, they're feeling the dread and the anxiety'. (21 Dec 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Bought counterfeit vodka this Christmas? There's a big chance it was made in a filthy outhouse. (16 Dec 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Growing size of wine glasses contributing to rising levels of drinking. (14 Dec 2017)

AFP. [thejournal.ie] Ireland is a major buyer of hallucinogens from Europe's darknet. (02 Dec 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac A series of setbacks means Dublin probably won't be getting supervised injecting centres any time soon. (02 Dec 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Long-delayed laws could restrict gambling advertising. So why do bookies want it? (27 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin The government just outlawed four popular 'designer' drugs. (22 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Increase in people smoking and injecting crack cocaine in Dublin. (15 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Ireland must wait for the North before banning the sale of cheap alcohol. (14 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth €200 million spent a year: How Ireland's recreational drug users are keeping the cartels in business. (12 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Here's what the minimum price for booze will be under new alcohol rules. (10 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Medicinal cannabis bill makes progress in the Dáil despite expected opposition. (10 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh 'Previously they'd have driven off on their lunch break and used in the car. If they overdosed they would have died'. (10 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla People warned that small weed or cocaine habits are fuelling violent crime. (08 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Alcohol makes rats more likely to compulsively take cocaine. (05 Nov 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , McMahon, Conor This scientist wants to turn Ireland into 'a central hub' for medical cannabis. (30 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Pill testing kits, chill-out rooms and free water: How to reduce harm from taking drugs in nightclubs. (25 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Sweanor, David T 'Abstinence-only approach to nicotine has created undue fears about alternatives'. (21 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean No public health policy has 'been designed with the homeless population specifically in mind'. (19 Oct 2017)

Dailyedge.ie. [thejournal.ie] 'An opponent taunted me about his overdose'. (14 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'That gives you sleepless nights. It's a last resort': Giving children in State care a voice. (14 Oct 2017)

Road Safety Authority. [thejournal.ie] We took to the streets of Dublin with a Garda roadside drug testing kit. (13 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 'It reduces stress': This programme is helping teachers support children with behavioural difficulties. (10 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle 'It doesn't make sense to isolate people further': Is prison the best solution to crime in Ireland? (07 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Burke, Ceimin HIV diagnoses rose again last year with 508 new cases. (03 Oct 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Debate Room: are proposed restrictions on alcohol advertising going too far?. (27 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Increase in rate of HIV cases in Irish people aged over 50. (27 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth and Hosford, Paul Feud gangs using drug addicts to get false passports. (25 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac The medicinal cannabis bill passed through the Dáil last year, but now it's on the shelf. (24 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Overcoming addiction with sailing: 'It's a way of life I never knew existed and better than any drug'. (24 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Homeless organisation came across three overdoses on Dublin streets last night. (18 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Seven million deaths were caused by tobacco use last year. (14 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Ireland fares poorly on alcohol use, child sex abuse and suicide rate. (13 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth No 'magic drug circle' but gardaí will use 'discretion' outside city injection centres. (13 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Watchdog to target discount and hardware stores for banned hazardous chemicals. (11 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh journal.ie Poll: Would you support the idea of drug testing stations at nightclubs? (10 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan 'A lot of questions about ketamine' - keeping people drug-safe at Electric Picnic's welfare tent. (09 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh HSE drug expert: We need to consider testing and amnesty bins for clubs and festivals. (02 Sep 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Scientists are using painkiller-addicted fish to develop new treatments for addicts. (27 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony 'We are all coming to the same conclusion – prohibitive drug laws harm'. (25 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Woods, Killian Ryanair wants UK airports to restrict alcohol sales after a spike in boozy travellers. (15 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'Danny Healy Rae's drink-driving comments are callous, I won't accommodate his fantasies'. (13 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , McDonagh, Darragh 873 pints of' 'hooch' confiscated in Irish prisons last year. (07 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'They've more money in their pockets': Alarming rise in young people admitting to drink driving. (07 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Alcohol addiction: 'How could I explain to my friends that our house was different?'. (06 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Less than 5% of Irish people know what their weekly alcohol limit is. (05 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Drivers caught for minor road offences will now face a drink-driving breath test. (04 Aug 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , McKinney, CJ FactCheck: Has the rate of illegal drug use increased most among young Irish people? (26 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan Calls for a heroin 'overdose antidote' to be made more available to addicts' families. (25 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Shanley, Adam LGBTI: 'We are pleased to see chemsex included in the National Drugs Strategy'. (22 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Shane Ross to 'name and shame' drink-drivers by the end of this year. (18 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley 92 babies suffering from drug withdrawal recorded in Irish hospitals last year. (12 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Bill to legalise medicinal cannabis shouldn't be passed - health committee. (12 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Minimum age limit for all forms of gambling to be set at 18. (11 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Tobacco giant Philip Morris ordered to pay Australian government millions. (11 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'If you're hiding something, we'll find it': This is how Revenue catch drug smugglers here. (08 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Black, Frances 'Lobbyists are lining up to kill the Alcohol Bill'. (06 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Young midlands woman 'would not be dead' if local drug treatment was available. (06 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Callan, Patricia 'From Puck Fair to the Cork Jazz, our festivals are dependent on the drinks industry'. (04 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean The average person in alcohol treatment in Ireland is 41, male and started drinking at 16. (03 Jul 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Smyth, Bobby P 'Our children's television viewing is bombarded with the thrills and spills of alcohol'. (23 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Ireland's teen suicide rate is the fourth highest in the EU. (19 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley Calls for prevention medication to be made available following over 500 HIV diagnoses in 2016. (16 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'It's a huge loss to the community': Staff protest closure of drug treatment service in Dublin. (14 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'Why would you continue to perpetuate something that is wrong?': New mural challenges Ireland's drug laws. (11 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Even moderate drinking can damage your brain, new research says. (07 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Children in Dublin's north inner city want violence and drugs off their streets. (02 Jun 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Drug 100 times more potent than morphine being mixed with heroin and cocaine. (31 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Irish children from deprived families twice as likely to be exposed to second-hand-smoke. (31 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Suicide rates are falling - but how can we get them to zero? (22 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Low alcohol consumption during pregnancy doesn't cause harm, experts say. (18 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Safety boss says publicans are reducing people killed on the roads to 'an insignificant statistic'. (17 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'It took six officers to restrain him': Psychoactive legal highs are creeping into Irish prisons. (14 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] University exam stress: 'I've seen many of my friends turn to ADHD drugs'. (14 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh 'It takes me away from this world for the day': Life as a homeless drug-user on the streets of Dublin. (13 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Should drugs be decriminalised for personal use? Voters are split on the issue. (13 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Halpin, Hayley The number of people seeking treatment over cocaine use at highest since 2010. (11 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Collins, John Opinion: 'Ireland could lead the way in developing new human-centred approaches to drug use'. (08 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Fears 'risky new drug trend' could develop amid crackdown on prescription drugs. (05 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth A number of city centre overdoses linked to gang's toxic drug mixing in flats complex. (01 May 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Riordain, Aodhan Drugs: 'How is arresting someone for something that they are addicted to helping?'. (25 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Drug dealing happens in mental health facilities across the country, doctor says. (22 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Should drink drivers get an automatic ban? Doctors will be debating that today . (21 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh A drug with 'zombie-like' effects is causing huge problems in Manchester. So what is it? (15 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Drug warning over middle-aged motorists who 'borrow' tablets and drive. (13 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Cannabis is most common drug detected among Irish drivers, followed by benzos. (12 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Kenny, Gino and O'Grady, Peadar 'HPRA guidance is biased. It didn't use expert advisors with practical experience of cannabis'. (06 Apr 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Concern over street use of epilepsy drug in Dublin and Limerick. (30 Mar 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Your 6 big questions about medicinal cannabis in Ireland... answered. (20 Mar 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'They're not your friend': Warning over bookmakers as Cheltenham festival begins. (14 Mar 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Most Irish people think drinking to excess is part of our culture. (08 Mar 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you inhale a mugful of tar each year'. (01 Mar 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'If you're over the alcohol limit, you're over the limit': Ross wants more support for drink-driving law. (28 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Inmates in Irish prisons will soon have access to e-cigarettes. (26 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Over 1 in 10 people in south Dublin reported taking an illegal drug recently. (24 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Shane Ross to seek a free vote on new drink-driving law. (22 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Dealers using Irish courier firms to safely ferry drugs to customers. (21 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacGuill, Dan FactCheck: Do supervised injection centres reduce drug-related deaths? (20 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Caught: how online dealers are stopped from funneling drugs through our postal system. (19 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean Could your bottle of beer soon carry scary, cigarette-style warning labels? (19 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacGuill, Dan FactCheck: How many detox beds are there in Ireland? (19 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Three out of five people think those convicted of drink driving should get automatic ban. (14 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 12 cans of Heineken for €20? This is how minimum pricing could affect your pocket. (12 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , McLean, Sonya Café owner who grew cannabis to ease back pain given 240 hours community service. (08 Feb 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean 'Medicinal cannabis could be made free of charge'. (26 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , McGovern, Garrett U-47700 death: 'As we pretend that policing drugs deters users, we can expect more harm, more deaths'. (24 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Saunas and high vitamin doses: The discredited Scientology-backed drug rehab programme slated for Meath. (22 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Synthetic drugs: How new highs are infiltrating the Irish market. (21 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] Debate: We need to tell pregnant women not to drink alcohol. (20 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife 'They can be in bed next to their partner, gambling away the rent'. (16 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Fighting fire with fire: The drug that can block addiction. (14 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Most people want drink drivers to be publicly named and shamed. (10 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Power, Jack How students at Irish universities are buying unprescribed 'study drugs' to deal with exams. (09 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Murray, Sean The behind-the-scenes machinations shaping the government’s new alcohol laws. (06 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle 'Many have sinister side effects': How gardaí tackle the sale of drugs on the Dark Web. (02 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Giving up cigarettes? Vaping might not be the solution. (01 Jan 2017)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Drugs warning issued in Belfast after a number of sudden deaths. (31 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Ireland tried to ban smoking in public in 1986 - and Big Tobacco was not impressed. (31 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Over 350,000 people died from alcohol-related cancer in just one year. (31 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Prescription drugs used in three out of every four overdoses. (30 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Nearly 4,000 prescriptions written to help reduce problem drinking. (29 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Self exclusion and age checks - new legislation to curb gambling habits in Irish children. (29 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Crack cocaine and synthetic cannabinoids. Concern over new drug trends in Dublin. (27 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony It's planned the first supervised injecting facility will open in 2017. So how did we get here? (24 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Gardaí given new powers to test drivers for drugs at roadside. (21 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Drug-related deaths: 62% increase in fatalities over ten-year period. (13 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan When politicians support cannabis-based medicines they're supporting medicine, not cannabis. (10 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Almost half of Irish people are in favour of legalising cannabis for recreational use. (04 Dec 2016)

Associated Press. [thejournal.ie] 'It really changed everything for me': How magic mushrooms helped treat anxiety in cancer patients. (04 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth 'It's just madness': Publicans brace themselves for 12 pubs. (03 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Kenny, Gino and Kelly, Brendan Debate Room: Should we legalise medicinal cannabis? (01 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'People die in toilets, people die in urine-soaked stairwells'. (01 Dec 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul 'It's not about NIMBY-ism, we just want a debate on injection centres'. (30 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Ireland's investment body could be stopped investing in tobacco - but doesn't invest very much in tobacco. (29 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan 92% of Irish people believe that cannabis should be legalised when recommended by a doctor. (28 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Irish teens consume significantly less alcohol than their European counterparts. (24 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne 'When there is somewhere safe for people to go and inject they will use it - I will use it'. (22 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Power, Marcus Steroids: 'I thought that the only way I could beat my addiction was to end my life'. (20 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth Counterfeit alcohol has been linked to a number of suspicious deaths in Ireland. (19 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , MacNamee, Garreth The vast majority of people in Ireland want to see medicinal cannabis legalised. (14 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac New counselling rooms for homeless people open in Dublin today. (02 Nov 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife 'People simply aren't aware of the cancer risk from drinking alcohol'. (26 Oct 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife "We're losing the battle against drugs": GAA star calls for decriminalisation after brother's death. (25 Oct 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla 'I overdosed twice in two days to get methadone': A drug user on trying to get clean. (08 Oct 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna No changes to drug testing in Defence Forces despite record number of failed tests. (04 Oct 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Alcohol a factor in almost one third of fatal motorcycle crashes. (03 Oct 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Members of the public and gardaí gathered last night to discuss crime in the capital. (29 Sep 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Cork family fighting for cannabis-based medicine for daughter with rare form of epilepsy. (24 Sep 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul "Addiction is an illness, whether we like it or not" - Drugs Minister wants your views. (12 Sep 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Murphy, Peter 'The whole thing took five minutes': young woman talks about saving the life of a heroin addict. (01 Sep 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 9/10 women presenting at treatment centre do so for alcohol addiction. (29 Aug 2016)

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[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac "When I was 15 I found €3,500 worth of heroin on the ground... and that was it for me". (14 Aug 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh 6,000 drug needles found in tiny Dublin city centre park every year. (12 Aug 2016)

[thejournal.ie] People are risking their lives making super-strength cannabis in the UK. (05 Aug 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael Heroin the number one drug for hospital admissions as 'legal high' use grows. (04 Aug 2016)

Associated Press. [thejournal.ie] Elephant sedative emerges as new threat in US overdose battle. (31 Jul 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Public bins for getting rid of drugs are being rolled out up North, but could they be introduced here? (28 Jul 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'Ireland is behind the times': Should cannabis be legalised for medical use? (24 Jul 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Murphy, Darragh Peter The 'War On Drugs' is driving a global epidemic of HIV, TB and hepatitis. (15 Jul 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Weed makes you less likely to feel rewards. (10 Jul 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina 'I was shocked when I was told I had an alcohol problem. I thought I was normal'. (03 Jul 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Ni Aodha, Grainne Smithwick's will be the first Irish beer to reveal its calories. (30 Jun 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Is the government giving up on medically supervised drug injecting centres? (18 Jun 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Ireland has the highest alcohol prices in the EU (almost double the average). (16 Jun 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac New HIV cases in injecting drug users more than doubled in 2015. (15 Jun 2016)

[thejournal.ie] Frances Fitzgerald says gardaí will 'go after drug dealers who flaunt their assets'. (01 Jun 2016)

[thejournal.ie] Dealers with cash amounts of €1,000 to be targeted in gangland crackdown. (31 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] Drug dealers in local areas will be targeted by a new 'mini-CAB' - Minister. (26 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan Funding is needed 'before it's too late' - there's a surge in gambling addiction in Irish men (and women). (25 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Mcgrath, Dominic West of Ireland is seeing higher demand for addiction treatment, says Coolmine centre. (16 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] “Let’s be honest, the war on drugs has failed - it hasn’t actually done anything”. (15 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Dublin's drug laneways: one year on, the alleys are still littered with needles. (06 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Menthol cigarettes will be 'banned in Ireland by 2020'. (06 May 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Clonan, Tom Invisible police and invisible politicians are the roots of Dublin's narco terror violence. (27 Apr 2016)

[thejournal.ie] The UN has been told to end the war on drugs. (20 Apr 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Leonard, John Sport: I know exactly the effect drugs can have... but I wouldn't have doped to get Dubs No 1 spot. (08 Apr 2016)

[thejournal.ie] There was a big jump in the number of people diagnosed with HIV last year. (06 Apr 2016)

[thejournal.ie] Friday night on patrol with a Dublin ambulance crew . (05 Apr 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul A report on medicinal cannabis will be in the Oireachtas today. (07 Mar 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael Party drug ketamine could be used for difficult-to-sedate patients. (27 Feb 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Spotted these odd-looking bins in Dublin and wondered what they’re for? (13 Feb 2016)

[thejournal.ie] ‘People are doing extremely well without any income’: Call for mini-CAB to tackle smaller drug dealers. (10 Feb 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Irish drug dealers networking with criminal gangs in Columbia, Bolivia, Afghanistan. (31 Jan 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , De Barra, Graham Cork house party shows the ‘don’t take drugs’ message just won’t cut it. (22 Jan 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Brennan, Cianan New laws on the way to curb the spread of pubs and off licences. (08 Jan 2016)

[thejournal.ie] You can go ‘on the dry’ this January and help more than just your health. (01 Jan 2016)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Drugs should be a priority issue for general election candidates – here’s why. (26 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Minimum pricing for alcohol could be illegal – but Ireland’s pressing ahead. (24 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Court ruling means minimum pricing for alcohol in Ireland could be illegal. (23 Dec 2015)

AFP. [thejournal.ie] A tobacco giant’s legal challenge against plain packaging has been rejected. (18 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] GAA confirms it will start blood testing in 2016. (16 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] “No matter where you live, you probably have somebody injecting heroin pretty near you”. (15 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Heroin deaths on the rise in Ireland for the first time in four years. (14 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Beating, pinching, deliberate poisoning – 19,000 reports of child abuse made in Ireland every year. (07 Dec 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael ‘I found that nothing worked, except cannabis’: Who are Ireland’s marijuana users? (23 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife This device is what gardaí will use to test who’s been drug driving. (22 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Cocaine, hash and benzos seized as gardaí target Limerick drug gangs. (14 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Gangs, drugs and violence: Documentary looks into life in Mountjoy Prison. (08 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , McKenna, Aaron Aaron McKenna: To hell with the NIMBYs, injection centres are a great idea. (07 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils, Conor Progressive laws and the Dark Web are changing the lives of Irish drug users. (07 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Fitzgerald, Cormac “There are people dying injecting themselves. I had to get the injection that brings you back to life”. (07 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] The decriminalisation of drugs for personal use has moved another big step closer. (06 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Most men think decriminalising drugs is a good idea – but women aren’t so sure. (05 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Leo Varadkar has a plan to put calorie counts on beer bottles. (04 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Here’s what the drugs minister means by ‘Supervised Injection Centres’. (03 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Our drugs minister has backed decriminalisation in a major London speech. (03 Nov 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Drug-using students urged to be more careful when taking pills. (23 Oct 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Bodkin, Peter A bad hangover won’t just hurt your head – it’s damaging the country as well. (19 Oct 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , MacGuill, Dan Does raising tax on cigarettes actually work? (11 Oct 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Callaghan, Eoin ‘Players forced to retire are two & a half times more likely to report mental health problems’. (03 Oct 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Emergency legislation signed to close drink-driving loophole. (22 Sep 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Irish people’s binge drinking could increase our risk of cancer. (18 Sep 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Vaping business group welcomes new rules. (18 Sep 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Why have Gardaí and Revenue still not destroyed nearly €500 million worth of drugs? (11 Sep 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Behind every overdose there is a family that is suffering. (31 Aug 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Reilly, Quinton The co-founder of Bebo wants to decriminalise drugs in Ireland. (16 Aug 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina Drink driving orders drop by 25% but road traffic offences still holding up the courts. (14 Jul 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Nicky Poll: Should injection centres for drug addicts be opened in Ireland? (11 Jul 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Former head shop drug ‘Snow Blow’ linked to HIV surge in Dublin. (09 Jul 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Should we stop bringing criminal charges against those possessing drugs for personal use? (08 Jul 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Poll: Should alcohol-related offenders have their right to drink taken away? (07 Jul 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan Carrying drugs for personal use is illegal. But politicians are looking at changing that. (04 Jul 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Bottles of wine look likely to be set at a minimum of €8, cans of beer at €2. (23 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Drinks companies could soon be hit with a ‘social responsibility levy’. (22 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Revenue destroyed a whopping €90m-worth of drugs last year. (22 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Almost 10,000 people are in methadone programmes in Ireland – and the number is rising. (21 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Of 23,000 who say they took MDMA, 202 ended up in hospital. (18 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Ketamine use is on the rise in Ireland – who’s using it and where does it come from? (13 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael Heard of ‘Black Mount’ and ‘Jim’s’ cigarettes? They’re available on the Irish black market…. (11 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna These counties have the highest numbers of people treated for alcohol abuse. (10 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Healy, Catherine This is how Irish alcohol taxes compare to the rest of the EU. (10 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffy, Ronan How often do people use drugs while working? Most often around exam time anyway. (09 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Ireland has the highest percentage of people who need medical help after drinking too much. (08 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla Irish recreational drug users reveal cocaine and MDMA use – and talk ‘mystery white powders’. (08 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael 133 drivers in fatal crashes were not breathalysed last year. (07 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Just yards from the lattés and those craft beer bars … dozens upon dozens of needles. (07 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Two new legal highs are being discovered for sale per week. (05 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] What can Ireland learn from a country that decriminalised drugs? (03 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Calls for Eircom to remove phone boxes being used by drug users and damaging nearby businesses. (02 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul A new test can tell from your fingerprint if you’ve taken drugs. (01 Jun 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Healy, Catherine ‘Don Corleone’ is the most popular cigarette brand for Irish smugglers. (31 May 2015)

[thejournal.ie] The economic recovery means Irish people are drinking more. (13 May 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Performance-enhancing drugs don’t actually make you better at sport. (11 May 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Have you had alcohol delivered to your home? You may have broken the law. (09 May 2015)

[thejournal.ie] People are sniffing cheap butane gas to get high on the streets of Dublin. (06 May 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Concerned about drug users openly injecting in public? Get in touch. (05 May 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Faolain, Aodhan Three men tell High Court they should be let out of jail because of the ecstasy loophole. (25 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] The new drugs minister describes his trip to Amsterdam as a young student. (24 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Buckley, Dan Extra €1m to help curb binge drinking. (23 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Here’s the new minister for drugs. (23 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael “Ireland has a serious problem – we drink too much alcohol”. (22 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Anderson, Rolande ‘Public health’ initiatives by the drinks industry do not work and should not be allowed. (15 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Does Sydney have the solution to Dublin’s public drug-taking problem? (13 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla DrinkAware wants to educate young people about drinking but it’s facing criticism. (12 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife First drug in Europe to reduce alcohol consumption hits the shelves here. (02 Apr 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Should you have to pay at least €2 for a can of beer? Pubs and off-licenses think so. (26 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Alcohol companies may have learned some lessons from the fight against Big Tobacco. (25 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Diageo steps down from board of Stop Out of Control Drinking campaign. (25 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] It’s been a BAD week for drug smugglers…. (25 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Another blow for Diageo ‘careful drinking’ group – as second board member quits. (16 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh New mind-altering drugs being detected at a rate of two per week. (15 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Open Thread: How do we feel about a ‘sober’ St Patrick’s Day? (14 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] The judge who allowed ecstasy and ketamine to be legalised explains why he did it. (11 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] ‘I will never get my childhood back’: Four people talk about life with an alcoholic parent. (08 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Anti-alcohol campaign group say criticism is “premature”. (06 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Mammy’s Little Helper: How should we deal with anxiety disorders? (06 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Nicky Skunk is becoming more and more of a problem in Ireland – it is not ‘simply cannabis’. (05 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , MacGuill, Dan Government has paid €4 million to firms linked to Big Tobacco since 2013. (03 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Over 20 children were treated for alcohol poisoning in one Dublin hospital last year. (02 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Which Irish prisons confiscated the most weapons, drugs and mobiles last year? (01 Mar 2015)

[thejournal.ie] NUI Galway Students’ Union to hold referendum on cannabis legalisation. (25 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Harmon, Laura [Opinion]Make no mistake – the drinks industry cares about sales, not you. (23 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] These maps show the world’s hard drug trade in remarkable detail. (23 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] It was all lies – moderate drinking is not good for you *. (11 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Over 540 people have been stopped for drink-driving so far this year. (10 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Isolating ‘puppet master’ gang leaders should stem the supply of drugs in prisons. (07 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Brophy, Daragh Stopping people throwing drugs into prisons is “very difficult”. (06 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife “‘There’s no heroin here, it’s only a Dublin thing’ – it’s complete lies”. (04 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Slattery, Will Paul Kimmage spoke about drugs in rugby again last night but Cian Healy disagrees with him. (01 Feb 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Should sports arenas have ‘no alcohol’ areas so kids aren’t sharing stands with drunks? (31 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Dublin hospitals told: If someone is homeless, you can’t discharge them. (29 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Davoren, Martin P Opinion: Our harmful drinking culture impacts us all – we urgently need to tackle it. (29 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] ‘Worse now than the heroin epidemic of the 80s’ – Christy Burke on drugs in Dublin. (29 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife There was a queue of people waiting to use Dublin’s new homeless café when it opened last night. (22 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Find it difficult to quit smoking? This might be why. (12 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Is crystal meth on the rise? One Councillor says it’s like Breaking Bad out there. (11 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Mini-CAB needed to crack down on ‘middle-income’ drug dealers. (10 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Gaynor, Keith Opinion: Was 2014 the beginning of the end for mental health stigma? (09 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] , Russell, Cliodhna Poll: Do you think €2.50 pub pints should be outlawed? (04 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Giving up the booze for January? Good, because here’s what hangovers do to your body. (03 Jan 2015)

[thejournal.ie] Many of us will celebrate (or cope) this Christmas by using drink or drugs to excess. (24 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] “They don’t teach you this in med school”: Caring for the most vulnerable at Christmas. (24 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Bohan, Christine Drug that reduces the urge to drink alcohol to be available from HSE. (20 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Are you on medication? Here’s why you probably shouldn’t drink this Christmas. (19 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Lung cancer is killing 34% more Irish women than the EU average. (18 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , MacGuill, Dan “Horrific”: Gangs passing drug debts on to families bereaved by suicide. (11 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Finn, Christina ‘Drug that reverses heroin overdoses should be made more available’. (02 Dec 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Winstock, Adam and Maier, Larissa Opinion: Academic doping – can drugs make you smarter? (22 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Which county had the most workplace smoking convictions this year? (21 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] More and more men are receiving treatment for steroid abuse. (20 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , McKenna, Aaron Opinion: Marijuana is legal is nearly half of US States – Ireland should follow suit. (08 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Calorie labelling on alcohol could soon be mandatory. (05 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Returned Irish emigrants more likely to have problems with alcohol. (05 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Ferguson, Peter Opinion: Plain cigarette packaging can save lives – we need to introduce it in Ireland. (04 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Mother of drug addict explains how support group ‘made me feel like I wasn’t the only one heartbroken’. (03 Nov 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Irish watchdog likely to recommend that energy drinks are not consumed by children. (30 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Orla How many children were sent to detention schools this year? (25 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Public order offences down in Dublin as gardaí target drunks and ‘aggressive begging’. (16 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Spend too much time poking people? Dublin now has its own Facebook addiction service. (10 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Prisoner death report finds he had left drug treatment programme but Prison Service didn’t know. (07 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Dublin’s drug situation hasn’t gotten worse, it’s just ‘shifted to other areas’. (03 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle These are the words you used to describe homelessness. (01 Oct 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife On the frontline: meet the people who help the homeless. (30 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Opinion: Coming out of addiction and homelessness is a major life event. (29 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Reducing the price of a pint by 5c would cost the government €41 million. (28 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] PSNI hands out “Scratch and Sniff” cards to combat cannabis cultivation. (25 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Here’s what the economic crisis did for illegal cigarettes in Ireland. (22 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Another look at how alcohol can be more dangerous than heroin. (20 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] A week in the Family Court: 6,500 children are in care – here are some of their stories. (16 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Cusack, Patrick Column: It’s still okay to say ‘NO!’ to your Junior Cert teen on drinking. (11 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Getting on the bus: Recovered addicts returning to help those still suffering. (04 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hennessy, Michelle Dublin Bus needs someone to do drug and alcohol tests on its staff. (01 Sep 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , O'Carroll, Sinead Calls for supervised injecting centres as ‘far more people die from overdose than on Irish roads’. (31 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Opinion: Addiction is often boiled down to sound bites – but the truth is complex. (31 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Australia’s plain cigarette packaging has not given a boost to the illicit tobacco trade. (29 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Fr Jack tells the Irish public to… not drink (too much). (26 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Regular marijuana use is “bad for teens’ brains”. (20 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Sheils McNamee, Michael Deaths from ‘legal highs’ in UK could surpass those from heroin by 2016. (18 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Nicky Poll: Would you be willing to pay a ‘treatment tax’ on alcohol? (18 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul NI health minister “sees the merit” in charging drunk people for A&E visits. (12 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Poll: Should we introduce ‘sobriety tags’ for offenders of alcohol-related crimes? (01 Aug 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Trafficked Asian nationals forced into drug trade are getting tougher sentences than Irish – MRCI. (30 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Drink-driving offences have been cut by half in the last five years. (25 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Duffin, Tony Opinion: For drug service reform to work, we need to be brave and innovative. (25 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Gardaí seized €32 million worth of drugs in 12 months. (23 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Poll: Would raising alcohol prices in Ireland curtail dangerous drinking? (19 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Ryan, Susan Addiction services costing State €114m this year. (18 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Barry, Aoife Medicinal marijuana drug means end to buying drugs on the street. (13 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Hosford, Paul Sober Ireland: What can you do in Ireland without drinking? (12 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] , Johnson, Jason Opinion: The Irish have strange, almost unconditional, love affair with alcohol. (06 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Sober Ireland: Your experiences with not drinking. (06 Jul 2014)

[thejournal.ie] 21% of Irish students aren't having sex, 70% don’t smoke and 10% don’t drink. (02 Jul 2014)

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[thejournal.ie] Think e-cigarettes are harmful? 37% of Irish people believe they are. (17 Jun 2014)

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[thejournal.ie] Have you ever seen a friend drive under the influence of drugs? 1 in 6 have. (22 May 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Prison body wants a dedicated strategy for Travellers leaving prisons. (20 May 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Peter McVerry Trust helped almost 3,600 homeless people last year. (13 May 2014)

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[thejournal.ie] Cocaine and heroin involved in majority of serious drugs cases before courts. (05 May 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Students put drunk student stereotype behind them and campaign for responsible drinking. (03 May 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Gardaí to debate law on holding drunk prisoners until they sober up. (30 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Fears that “hugely irresponsible” powdered alcohol could be used to spike drinks. (26 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Former UK drugs advisor to speak at ”dream drug” heroin treatment centre. (23 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Ireland has 9,615 methadone users but care plans needed to get them drug-free. (22 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Irish people using cocaine less frequently, finds new research. (08 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Scientists want to figure out the best way to use codeine – without getting addicted to it. (05 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Irish people consumed 38 million litres of pure alcohol last year. (01 Apr 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Ireland sends more Asian people to jail for growing cannabis than Irish people. (31 Mar 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Ireland has the third highest illegal tobacco trade in Europe. (30 Mar 2014)

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[thejournal.ie] Intervention to change unhealthy behaviour could save Irish lives. (09 Jan 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Smokers spend an average of 25 minutes a day outside work smoking. (07 Jan 2014)

[thejournal.ie] Number of children involved in crime falls for the sixth year in a row. (30 Dec 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Lollipop used for road safety – but not as you might think. (22 Dec 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Prescription drugs worth €75k seized from house in Summerhill. (21 Dec 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Teenagers whose friends self-harm are more likely to self-harm. (11 Dec 2013)

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[thejournal.ie] Big increase in number of women being sent to jail. (21 Nov 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Children hospitalised after self-harming is on the increase. (21 Nov 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Column: Ongoing alcohol misuse in Ireland is ruining individuals and families. (10 Nov 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Nearly six per cent admit to drink driving, men more likely to do it than women. (04 Nov 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Guideline-setting GP supports cannabis decriminalisation. (27 Oct 2013)

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[thejournal.ie] Off Licence association to bring wine excise increase to EU Commission. (16 Oct 2013)

[thejournal.ie] 6 things we learned from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan’s Cannabis Regulation Bill. (13 Oct 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Dáil own-brand wine is a bizarre idea, says Adams. (13 Oct 2013)

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[thejournal.ie] Two-thirds of Cork’s homeless have mental conditions – report. (03 Oct 2013)

[thejournal.ie] FBI shuts down site that sold $80m worth of drugs, hitmen services and other illegal items. (02 Oct 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Ireland’s drinking problem goes beyond Arthur’s Day – An Taoiseach. (25 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Youth charity calls on Arthur’s Day acts to donate fees to alcohol abuse groups. (23 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Teens say plain cigarette packaging would deter them from smoking. (19 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Call for 50c ‘environmental levy’ on packs of 20 cigarettes. (16 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Illegal tobacco seizures and fines drop 84 per cent. (15 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Guess how many students have signed up for UCC’s alcohol-free accommodation? (14 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Half of 16-year-olds have drunk alcohol in the last month, down on 2007. (10 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Drug use outside Dublin continues to grow, says report. (06 Sep 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Electric Picnic festival goers warned to stay away from ‘dodgy pills’. (31 Aug 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Almost 7 per cent drop shows smoking ban is working, insists Cancer Society. (27 Aug 2013)

[thejournal.ie] UCC students to be offered ‘alcohol-free’ accommodation. (21 Aug 2013)

[thejournal.ie] , McKenna, Aaron Column: It’s time to tax and regulate marijuana sale in Ireland. (10 Aug 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Gardaí have seized €160 million worth of cannabis in four years. (05 Aug 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Just eight out of 20 beds in operation at successful HSE rehab unit. (05 Aug 2013)

[thejournal.ie] IRFU report shows 74% decrease in international squad drug testing. (23 Jul 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Illegal tobacco sellers could be given ASBOs. (18 Jul 2013)

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[thejournal.ie] Column: Meth is not glamorous – and nobody is immune to the tragedies it brings. (03 Jul 2013)

[thejournal.ie] ‘Designer drugs’ being sold as ‘bath salts’ and ‘spice’ causing concern. (27 Jun 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Luke Ming Flanagan: I’m still smoking cannabis… but not in Ireland. (15 Jun 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Crystal meth: The side effects of Breaking Bad in Ireland. (01 Jun 2013)

[thejournal.ie] HSE warns of contaminated cannabis as two women remain in critical condition. (31 May 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Irish people are drinking 700 times more than we should. (29 May 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Refund scheme for alcohol containers ‘could reduce illegal dumping’. (07 May 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Calls for Ireland to follow as Scotland pushes ahead with minimum alcohol price. (04 May 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Drugs bought on the internet ‘can contain rat poison’, warn pharmacists. (28 Apr 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Cannabis-based oral spray approved for use in Ireland. (12 Apr 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Smokers’ group welcomes study showing low level of smoking in cars. (10 Apr 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Ireland an ‘easy target’ for international smugglers. (01 Apr 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Oireachtas agenda: alcohol sponsorship, court reporting and animal welfare. (27 Mar 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Alcohol Forum chairman calls for levy on drinks industry . (20 Mar 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Impact of harmful drinking on Irish children ‘a national scandal’. (18 Mar 2013)

[thejournal.ie] , Flynn, Anne- Marie Column: mental health and alcohol – the elephant in the room. (06 Mar 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Rise in ‘designer drugs’ poses serious health risk: UN report. (06 Mar 2013)

[thejournal.ie] How can Ireland reduce lifestyle-related cancer rates? (07 Feb 2013)

[thejournal.ie] Grow Houses: Do you know what your tenants are doing? (31 Jan 2013)

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[thejournal.ie] EU regulation of e-cigarettes a step closer. (2013)

[thejournal.ie] Are ignition locks the answer to cutting drink-drive deaths? (16 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Column: How Ireland’s modern drug scene began in 1960s Dublin. (16 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Government failure to tackle alcohol abuse had “devastating” impact on society – health specialist. (02 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Legislation to address street trading of benzodiazepines ‘due in early 2013′. (19 Nov 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Varadkar remains uneasy about banning alcohol sponsorship of sport. (21 Oct 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Monaghan nightclub refuses tap water to patrons to discourage ‘drug use'. (09 Aug 2012)

[thejournal.ie] “We’re drinking too much as a country” – Shortall confirms alcohol restrictions. (23 Jul 2012)

[thejournal.ie] No clear timeline for approval of cannabis-based painkiller in Ireland. (20 May 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Pharmacists express concern over addiction to pain relief. (01 May 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Taking new illicit drugs is like playing ‘a dangerous game of roulette’. (26 Apr 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Urban Outfitters criticised over ‘drunk Irish’ themed clothing. (06 Mar 2012)

[thejournal.ie] To fight the drug problem, we must treat users with compassion. (10 Feb 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Addicts drinking hand sanitiser to get alcohol fix. (05 Dec 2011)

[thejournal.ie] Prescription drug usage on the rise among women. (23 Nov 2011)

[thejournal.ie] 50,000 illegal and counterfeit medicines seized in Ireland. (30 Sep 2011)

[thejournal.ie] Over 99% of Irish Defence Forces pass drug tests. (16 Sep 2011)

[thejournal.ie] Could two Mayo publicans have exposed a gaping hole in Ireland’s legal system? (24 Jul 2011)

thejournal.ie. [thejournal.ie] Publicans withdraw from membership of alcohol regulation lobby. (21 Jun 2011)

[thejournal.ie] New legislation could allow offenders withhold criminal record from employers. (01 May 2011)

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