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[] Illegal tobacco sellers could be given ASBOs. (18 Jul 2013)

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Dublin City Council has set up a group to target the sale of illegal cigarettes in the capital – and could implement measures such as giving ASBOs to illegal tobacco sellers.

The measures were suggested during a series of meetings, out of which the group was formed. Former Lord Mayor Councillor Gerry Breen indicated that the aim is to crack down on the impact of illegal cigarettes by giving ASBOs to people found selling them.

“It is critical to keep saying that it’s illegal behaviour,” he pointed out. “If you tolerate any of this behaviour it sends out the wrong message.”

The council plans to operate a group to target the sale of illegal cigarettes in the city centre of Dublin for a six-month period. Its members include representatives from Revenue & Customs, the gardaí, the Department of Social Protection, the Business Improvement District ( BIDs) and Dublin City Council’s public domain officer for north city.

The news was announced following yesterday’s meeting of the Dublin City Local Business Policing Forum. The Dublin City Council operational group is the first group established by a council to address this issue.

Cllr Breen said that Dublin city centre is one of the safest places in the world but this is not always reflected in its reputation.

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18 July 2013
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