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[thejournal.ie] Children hospitalised after self-harming is on the increase. (21 Nov 2013)

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The number of young people with self-harm injuries increased at Irish hospitals last year even though the figure for the population as a whole was down.

The National Registry of Deliberate Self Harm said that a total of 960 children aged 10 to 17 years presented to hospital with self-harm injuries, an increase from 904 in 2011.

The 960 children accounted for a total of 1,118 presentations across the country’s emergency departments.

The number of girls involved in incidents of self harm was more than double that of boys according to the registry, 664 compared to 298.

The figures were contained in a written answer which were released by the HSE to Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan in response to a parliamentary question.

They contrasted with an overall decline in the incidents of self harm that was outlined in the registry’s annual report published in September.

Almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of all self-harm presentations incolved an overdose of medication.


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