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[thejournal.ie] Call for 50c ‘environmental levy’ on packs of 20 cigarettes. (16 Sep 2013)

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A 50C environmental levy should be placed on packs of 20 cigarettes and imposed on tobacco companies, ASH Ireland has said.

It made the suggestion in its pre-budget submission, which it has given to the Minister for Finance.


ASH Ireland’s submission has five different proposals, the first of which is that a 50 cent environmental levy should be placed on each pack of 20 cigarettes sold.

It said this levy should be imposed on the Tobacco Industry, on the “polluter pays” principle.

Ash has also called in its submission for the removal or reduction of VAT on nicotine replacement patches.

A further suggestion is an increase of 60 cent in the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes, which ASH notes has also been proposed by the Irish Heart Foundation and Irish Cancer Society.

Finally, ASH is seeking an increase of €5 million in funding the fight against the tobacco smuggling.

Dr Ross Morgan of ASH Ireland said that they believe it is particularly important that there is a significant increase on the price of tobacco.


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