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[] Calorie labelling on alcohol could soon be mandatory. (05 Nov 2014)


It's already commonplace on most foods, but calorie labelling could soon also be mandatory on alcohol.

Research conducted by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) in the UK last month found that most people don’t know how many calories are in alcoholic drinks.

Some 80% of the 2,117 adults surveyed did not know or underestimated the number of calories in a large glass of wine, while six in ten did the same for a pint of lager.

The study also found that alcohol drinkers consume 400 fewer calories during a night out if their drinks have calorie labels.

The RSPH is now calling for the European Union Health Commissioner and drinks companies to introduce calorie labelling on all alcoholic products. It also wants more research to be carried out into the relationship between alcohol consumption and healthy weight in adults.

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