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[thejournal.ie] ‘Neknomination’ is the new social media craze. (15 Jan 2014)

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A new social media craze that has reached Irish shores, in which people are encouraged to film themselves chugging back alcoholic drinks, promotes harmful binge drinking, according to Alcohol Action Ireland.

The drinking trend – known as “Neknomination” – involves the “neknominator” who, after posting a video of themselves online downing a pint, then “neknominates” one or two of his friends to follow suit. The rules dictate that they now have 24 hours to upload their video and nominate their choices, carrying on the trend. In essence, it is a modern-day chain letter.

Due to so many Irish immigrants living in Australia, the trend appears to have reached these shores. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that while the craze “appears to be most popular among young Australians, it is also sweeping the globe as people nominate their international friends”.....


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