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Dail Debates

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Written answer 16 - Citizens' Assembly [60892/22]. (25 Jan 2023)

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Priority questions - Citizens' Assembly. (08 Dec 2022)

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Written answer 132 - Citizens' Assembly [48623/22]. (04 Oct 2022)

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Written answer 779 – Substance misuse [Citizen’s Assembly on Drugs] [39214/22] . (14 Jul 2022)

[Oireachtas] Committee on Justice. Topic: Engagement with stakeholders on the topic of ‘“An examination of the present approach to sanctions for possession of certain amounts of drugs for personal use’. (12 Jul 2022)


Ballymun Youth Action Project. (2011) Seen but not Heard? – thirty years of communities responding to drugs. Dublin: Ballymun Youth Action Project .

Conference or Workshop Item

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[thejournal.ie] , McNally, Tadgh 'No view' on cannabis legalisation, says Varadkar as Citizens' Assembly on drugs expected in 2023. (25 Dec 2022)

[Maynooth University] UBUNTU project brings young Black adults and Gardaí together for dialogue in Dublin West. (20 Aug 2022)

[Health Service Executive] The HSE aims to engage with festivals and nightlife providers over the next year to expand service provision. (18 Aug 2022)

[Department of Health and Children] National Strategy for Service User Involvement in the Irish Health Service launched today in Dublin. (06 May 2008)

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