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Fischer, Jan and Jenkins, Nick and Bloor, Michael and Neale, Joanne and Berney, Lee [Joseph Rowntree Foundation] . (2007) Drug user involvement in treatment decisions. London: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 56 p.

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This report discusses the involvement of drug users in making decisions about their treatment.

In recent years, user involvement has become a key principle in the delivery of health and social care services in the UK. But whilst it is a valued concept, it is one that is not easily implemented in practice. This research explores a range of related issues, including:
• The nature and extent of user involvement
• The desire for involvement amongst practitioners and service users
• Likely constraints on involvement
• The impact and relative importance of involvement on treatment outcomes.

The report concludes with recommendations for facilitating user involvement in drug treatment decision making.

The research is based on an in-depth investigation of drug service users’ and practitioners’ experiences of user involvement in four specialist treatment agencies: two community prescribing agencies and two residential rehabilitation centres, in England and Scotland. It will be of interest to staff and service users from across the agencies, those referring users for treatment, commissioning bodies and policymakers in this field.

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Drug Type:Alcohol or other drugs in general
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD disorder treatment method, Psychosocial treatment method
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Pages:56 p.
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Place of Publication:London
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