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UISCE. (2023) Uisce magazine. , (Issue 2, Winter 2023) Dublin: UISCE.

PDF (UISCE magazine, issue 2, Winter 2023)

Table of contents:

  • Welcome back readers! p.3
  • Hearing the voice of people with living and lived experience of drugs, by Hildegarde Naughton TD, p.4
  • Recommendations from the citizen’s assembly on drugs use 6 sits by Gerard O’ Keeffe p.11
  • Uisce’s strategic goals & actions p.12
  • Uisce - our work p.20
  • ‘How we do it’ p.22
  • Snowflakes by Gerard O’ Keeffe p.26
  • Brass Munkie p.27
  • Circle: peer to peer overdose prevention programme p.42
  • Independence in the drugs space p.44
  • Pavee celebration of recovery p.46
  • Recovery power by Adele Leahy p.49
  • Dublin north, north east recovery college p.50
  • Frontline make change p.52
  • Needle exchange & harm reduction supplies p.58

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