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Social Care Institute for Excellence. (2015) Co-production in social care: what it is and how to do it. London: Social Care Institute for Excellence.

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In its simplest essence, to co-produce is to make something together. Co-production is not just a word, it's not just a concept, it is a meeting of minds coming together to find shared solutions.

Key messages:
• Co-production is about developing more equal partnerships between people who use services, carers and professionals.
• It is important to have an agreed definition between everyone taking part in any co-production activity.
• There are key principles for co-production around equality, diversity, access and reciprocity.
• Co-production can help make the best use of resources, deliver better outcomes for people who use services and carers, build stronger communities and develop citizenship.
• To do co-production, organisations need to make changes to their culture, structure and practice and to regularly review progress.

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