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Ronconi, Susanna and Casmaro, Lello and Keane, Marcus and Castro, Diana and Košir, Matej and Lyubenova, Anna and Perez Gayo, Roberto (2018) Civil society Involvement in drug policy: good practice collection. Amsterdam: De Regenboog Groep / Correlation Network.

PDF (Good practice collection)

1. Bulgaria
1.1. An example of strategic cooperation: Setting up a working group to discuss a platform for change in drug policy in Bulgaria p.4
1.2. An example of media advocacy actions: Advocacy for medical cannabis in Bulgaria p.5

2. Ireland
2.1. An example of CSO leadership: Supporting the implementation of supervised injecting facilities in Ireland 8
2.2. An example of a coalition: CityWide and Decriminalisation in Ireland p.8
2.3. An example of a CSO active on the national level: The National Family Support Network (NFSN) in Ireland p.10

3. Italy
3.1. An example of implementing involvement mechanisms: The Regional Working Group on the Piemonte Harm Reduction Basic Levels of Care Protocol in Italy p.12
3.2. An example of consultation: CS-Government Dialogue Session on the Italian position at UNGASS 2016 p.14
3.3. A result of strategic planning: The inclusion of Harm Reduction as a prevention pillar in the new National AIDS Plan in Italy p.17

4. The Netherlands
4.1. An example of successful civil society involvement: The preparation of the process towards UNGASS 2016 in the Netherlands p.20
4.2. An example of the importance of CSOs capacities: The organisation of shelter and social support for people experiencing homelessness and substance use disorder in Amsterdam, Netherlands p.23
4.3. An example of how CSO monitoring and expertise can inform drug policy: Mainline & The Ministry of Health Welfare & Sports in the Netherlands p.25

5. Portugal
5.1. An example of good practice of CSI in national drug policy: The decision making process in Portugal p.28
5.2. An example of CSO cooperation and struggle for funding: The organisation of harm reduction services in Portugal p.28
5.3. An example of how CSO knowledge and experience foster CSI: APDES and the National Forum of Civil Society (FNSC) in Portugal p.29

6. Slovenia
6.1. An example for active participation: CS involvement in national drug policy in Slovenia p.31

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