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RPS Group Limited. (2017) Report on public consultation to inform the new national drugs strategy. Dublin: Department of Health.


Nearly 3,000 individuals and organisations from across Ireland provided feedback to this public consultation. As well as young people, parents and members of our communities feedback was also provided by Drugs Task Forces from rural and urban areas throughout the country, as well as those providing treatment, counselling and support services to people who use drugs and their families, voluntary organisations working with the unemployed and homeless people, addiction counsellors, primary care professionals, political parties and elected representatives.

It is important to note that this was a voluntary public consultation process that the entire population could choose to participate in, rather than a quantitative research project among a representative sample of the population. Responses to the questionnaire, which was strongly promoted to the general public in media, was high, but the majority of respondents chose not to answer questions regarding their age or background including whether they were a professional, service user, individual or the family / carer of a person who uses drugs. This has no bearing on the outcome of the consultation as it was not a quantitative process.


The consultation report summarises the views received, and these views are opinions from our broad society. A vast amount of issues were raised and this report should be read in its entirety to fully understand the breadth and extent of the many views and feedback provided.

Date:July 2017
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