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CASP Community Substance Misuse Team. (2023) Community Substance Misuse Team Intervention Model. Limerick: CASP.

PDF (CASP Intervention Model)

The Clondalkin Addiction Support Programme (CASP) was established in 1995 by community members, and workers in local voluntary and youth organisations, as a response to increasing numbers of young heroin users in the Clondalkin area. CASP is a community service for people who use substances, over 18 years of age, and their families from the North Clondalkin area. The Community Substance Misuse Team is a multi-dimensional team, within the suite of services managed by CASP (www.casp.ie) and funded through the MWRDAF. We respond to under 18’s and their families within the Mid-West, where substance misuse impacts them.

This model and framework have been designed to provide the foundation for the ‘enhancement and improvement in quality of life and exploration of the options for the future, in partnership with and for families and young people, who are affected by the issues arising due to substance misuse, is the overall objective of this initiative. We recognise with pride the trust placed in us by young people and their families as we share in their journey.

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