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South East Regional Family Support Network. (2013) Involving family members and carers in treatment services. Draft. Waterford: SER Family Support Network.

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The SER Family Support Network asks that all the lead agencies, South East Regional Drug Task Force & sub-committees involve the SER Family Support Network, families and carers in the planning and commissioning of drug treatment services. The SER Family Support Networks submits the accompanying document to support the principal that family & carer’s involvement improves the drug treatment system and the effectiveness of services.

This paper identifies the key principles for appropriately involving families and carers in drug users’ treatment. There may be instances where it is not appropriate and their involvement will have a negative impact. Taking into account the family context in all assessments will determine whether and when family and carer involvement is appropriate in drug users’ treatment. This section then outlines ways of increasing levels of family and carer involvement where it is appropriate, and how these are supported through needs assessment, care planning and information sharing. Finally, the approaches agencies can take to facilitate more effective involvement of families and carers within treatment services are discussed.

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