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[RTE Brainstorm] , Dockray, Samantha Can universities reduce harms associated with students' drug use? (14 Dec 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Edwards, Rodney More young people addicted to online gambling. (12 Oct 2020)

[Irish Examiner] HSE warns about bogus pills being sold over internet. (31 Aug 2020)

[Irish Times] , Roche, Barry Public warned about dangers of buying drugs online as 300 tablets seized in Cork. (01 May 2020)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol Action Ireland submission to public consultation on the regulation of harmful content on online platforms and the implementation of the revised audiovisual media services directive. (16 Apr 2019)

[The Sunday Times] , Pollock, Sean Number of people taking HSE online test for drug addiction doubles. (20 Jan 2019)

[RTE News] , Kenny, Aisling Bills set to tackle online gambling targeting children. (11 Jan 2019)

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