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Grant, Barry and O'Reilly, Tony (2022) The problem gambling podcast. Season six.

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11. In this episode, Tony and Barry speak to Liz and Charles Ritchie, founding members of the UK charity, Gambling With Lives.  The charity was founded to support family members who had lost a loved one to gambling related suicide.  Gambling With Lives is one of the lead campaigners for reform of gambling regulation in the UK.  For more on their work, go to: www.gamblingwithlives.org [49.57 minutes]

10. In this episode of the podcast, Tony and Barry return to exploring some common irrational beliefs around gambling. This is a continuation of an earlier episode (season 1, episode 6). The worksheet, developed by the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario, is available here worksheet [52 mins]

9. In this episode of the podcast, Tony and Barry discuss 8 common cognitive biases that restrict self-awareness and drive gambling behaviours. The list was made available by the CHO 8 region of Ireland's Health Service Executive (national health service), on their twitter feed. [58 mins]

8. In this episode, Tony and Barry talk to Tony Parente - recovering gambling addict and founder of the charity, Gamlearn. Tony discusses his recovery from gambling addiction and the insidious industry practices used to incentivize his continued gambling. To learn more about the work of Gamlearn, go to: https://gamlearn.org.uk/ [1 hr 30 mins]

7. In this episode, Tony talks to Nick 'The Gambling Guard' about his brilliant work on social media, inspiring others to recover from gambling addiction. Check out Nick's amazing videos and content here: https://www.gambling-guard.com/ [1 hr 3 mins]

6. In this episode of the podcast, Tony and Barry discuss the Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines, as outlined in the 2021 report by the Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction. The report is available here https://www.drugsandalcohol.ie/36068/ [41 minutes]

5. In this episode, Tony and Barry talk to Patrick Foster, Head of Delivery (Education) with EPIC and author of the recently released book, 'Might Bite: The Secret Life of a Gambling Addict'. [52 minutes]

4. In this episode, Barry and Tony talk to Professor John O'Brennan about his research into Gambling Trends, Harms and Responses in Ireland (ROI).  The research paper is available here: https://www.drugsandalcohol.ie/33982/  We also discuss the recent Health Research Board survey into Gambling in the Republic of Ireland (2019-20), which is available here: https://www.drugsandalcohol.ie/35305/ 

3. In this episode, Tony and Barry talk to Lisa Walker about her lived experience of gambling addiction and recovery and her work as an Outreach Worker with BetKnowMore.  Lisa will be starting an online support program for women with gambling problems, in April 2022. 

2. In this episode, Tony and Barry speak to Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor with the Irish Independent newspaper and host of the 'Big Tech Show' podcast. Adrian discusses issues around closing online gambling accounts, breaches of the ban on credit card gambling, issues with age verification and much more. 

1. In this episode, Tony and Barry talk to Aaron Rogan about his book, 'Punters: How Paddy Power Bet Billions and Changed Gambling Forever'.  We focus on the harm caused by the gambling industry and failings in so-called 'responsible gambling'.  Aaron has also written numerous newspaper articles about gambling addiction and gambling regulation in Ireland.  He is currently a journalist with the Business Post.

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