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[Irish Examiner] , Ring, Evelyn Money and family worries top Samaritans’ survey. (29 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] 'Ambulance for drinkers' plan put on hold. (24 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Ryan, Philip Sex assaults and drug offences also quashed by gardai. (23 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Shanahan, Catherine Expert: Introducing teenagers to drink at home is bad idea. (21 Dec 2012)

Health Service Executive. [Health Service Executive] Advice for parents on talking to teenagers about alcohol. (20 Dec 2012)

[irishhealth.com] 'Don't mix alcohol and meds'. (19 Dec 2012)

[Oireachtas] Europol Bill 2012 passes both Houses of the Oireachtas. (18 Dec 2012)

[Medical Independent] Mental health main cause of youth GP visits in Mid West. (18 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner Breaking News] Minister announces changes to drugs task forces. (18 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Murray, Niall 40% of drivers take ‘morning after’ risk. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , Ring, Evelyn Drug to curb alcohol dependence gets go-ahead. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Gangs use Luas and children to deal drugs. (17 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] NI Street-level crime maps launched. (17 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Are ignition locks the answer to cutting drink-drive deaths? (16 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Column: How Ireland’s modern drug scene began in 1960s Dublin. (16 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Cusack, Jim Violence blights flagship project as teens battle over drugs trade. (16 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , McCarthaigh, Sean Drink-driving detections fall by 50%. (14 Dec 2012)

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. [EMCDDA] Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and medicines. New EMCDDA report reveals risks of substance use behind the wheel. (14 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Cannabis spray 'no aid to MS muscle spasms'. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Varadkar hits back at Shortall over claims FG blocked alcohol reforms. (13 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] Drink and the Irish - Too many lives ruined by alcohol. (12 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Riegel, Ralph and Brady, Tom Gardai seek to prove triad link to cannabis growhouses. (12 Dec 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Time for action. (12 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Doherty, Caroline Anger as alcohol strategy shelved again. (10 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , von Radowitz, John Smoking in pregnancy triples child infection risk. (10 Dec 2012)

[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] Target alcohol consumption and sexual violence. (10 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Small drug projects ‘will not survive latest cuts'. (07 Dec 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol-related harm costs State an estimated €3.7billion a year. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd IMO and ICGP both call for action on alcohol abuse. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Tax hikes ‘will spur illegal tobacco trade’. (05 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , von Radowitz, John Addiction gene linked to binge-drinking. (04 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Riley-Smith, Ben Parental link to young drinkers. (04 Dec 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Cutting jail benzo use reduces violence. (03 Dec 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Government failure to tackle alcohol abuse had “devastating” impact on society – health specialist. (02 Dec 2012)

[Irish Independent] , Kelly, Fiach Medicinal cannabis available here in the next year. (01 Dec 2012)

Southern Regional Drugs Task Force. [Southern Regional Drugs Task Force] Be Overdose Aware. (26 Nov 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd HRB to provide a ‘timely picture’ of drug situation. (23 Nov 2012)

[RTE News] Garda Commissioner says 25 gangs are operating in the State. (21 Nov 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Legislation to address street trading of benzodiazepines ‘due in early 2013′. (19 Nov 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Condon, Deborah Irish have 'permissive' attitude to alcohol. (09 Nov 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Condon, Deborah Alcohol putting pressure on GI services. (05 Nov 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Call for minimum pricing on alcohol. (01 Nov 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Jordan, Ailbhe Need to improve alcohol advice in SATUs. (01 Nov 2012)

[Medical Independent] , De Brun, Rita Online drugs a risky business. (01 Nov 2012)

[UNODC] Tracking designer drugs, legal highs and bath salts. (01 Nov 2012)

National Youth Council of Ireland. [National Youth Council of Ireland] Youth Council to press Noonan for social responsibility levy on drinks industry. (31 Oct 2012)

[RTE News] Number of addiction centre agency nurses halved. (30 Oct 2012)

[Sunday Independent] , Reilly, Jerome Illegal trade costs State €860m in lost revenue. (28 Oct 2012)

[irishhealth.com] One in five say they drink to excess. (25 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Cannabis extract eases muscle stiffness in MS patients. (22 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Famous Guinness photo calls sent out the ‘wrong spin’ on alcohol use. (22 Oct 2012)

[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] Vulnerability of teenagers to sexual violence in a binge drinking culture must be addressed. (22 Oct 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Varadkar remains uneasy about banning alcohol sponsorship of sport. (21 Oct 2012)

BBC Scotland. [BBC News Online] Canadian study 'backs minimum alcohol price benefits'. (19 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Exposing the ‘hidden’ problem. (16 Oct 2012)

[Mid Ulster Mail] Community partnership provides lifeline against alcohol and substance misuse. (12 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Over 120,000 illegal tablets and capsules seized by authorities. (11 Oct 2012)

[RTE News] Two Cork deaths linked to strong batch of heroin. (05 Oct 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Over 65s at increased risk of developing dementia with benzodiazepines. (04 Oct 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Fogarty, James The remedy as the problem. (04 Oct 2012)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Anti-drug efforts ‘undermined by bureaucracy’. (02 Oct 2012)

Alcohol Action Ireland. [Alcohol Action Ireland] Charity raises concern over support for “Arthur’s Day”. (26 Sep 2012)

[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] RCNI call for Rape Prevention Programmes that target alcohol consumption link to sexual violence. (26 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Action plan on alcohol must be a top priority for Government. (24 Sep 2012)

[rte.ie] HSE in warning to drug users over powder form of ecstasy. (12 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Stay safe: students celebrating Junior Cert results urged to make a “who, what, where, when, how” plan. (11 Sep 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Lynch, Priscilla GPs to carry out more hepatitis C care. (07 Sep 2012)

RAND Corporation. Drug Policy Research Centre. [RAND Corporation] The U.S. Drug Policy Landscape. Insights and Opportunities for Improving the View. (06 Sep 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] , Smyth, Bobby P “There is no product on the planet that is more unsuitable to act as a sponsor of these sports”. (04 Sep 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Lynch, Priscilla Community detox scheme goes national. (27 Aug 2012)

Drinks Industry Ireland. [Drinks Industry Ireland] HRB finds 80% believe current alcohol consumption levels here too high. (27 Aug 2012)

[WorldPharmaNews] First evidence from humans on how alcohol may boost risk of cancer. (24 Aug 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Lynch, Priscilla GP rejects relevance of methadone waiting list drop. (22 Aug 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Monaghan nightclub refuses tap water to patrons to discourage ‘drug use'. (09 Aug 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara Fall in the waiting list numbers for opioid substitution therapy. (08 Aug 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , Kilpatrick, Chris NI:Teenage drink and drug abuse figures cause for concern. (06 Aug 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , Kilpatrick, Chris Cut-price heroin is now commonplace in Northern Ireland, says Coroner. (03 Aug 2012)

National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse. [National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse] Drug addicts seeking treatment are doing better. (UK). (03 Aug 2012)

Health Protection Agency, National Treatment Agency. [Health Protection Agency] Anthrax: information for drug users and drug workers. (31 Jul 2012)

[Royal College of Physicians of Ireland] New RCPI policy group on alcohol to recommend minimum pricing and restricted availability to reduce deaths. (30 Jul 2012)

[Health Service Executive] Overhaul of Mental Health Act 2001. (30 Jul 2012)

Alcohol Action Ireland. [Alcohol Action Ireland] New website highlights cancer risks posed by alcohol. (27 Jul 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , O'Connor, Sharon Mental health services in prisons: a work in progress. (26 Jul 2012)

[thejournal.ie] “We’re drinking too much as a country” – Shortall confirms alcohol restrictions. (23 Jul 2012)

[Irish Penal Reform Trust] Increased spending on pharmaceuticals in prisons highlights vulnerability & lack of services. (16 Jul 2012)

[The Guardian] , McDonald, Henry Northern Ireland judges use powers to ban naming of alleged drug dealers. (15 Jul 2012)

[Sunday Independent] , Hartnett, Bob Small measures in right direction can tackle drink crux. (15 Jul 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] , Ryan, Fiona Youth drinking problem? Perhaps we should look at ourselves…. (12 Jul 2012)

[Health Research Board] HRB report highlights public knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in relation to alcohol. Press release. (11 Jul 2012)

[Department of Health] Launch of Survey: Alcohol: Public Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours (commissioned by the Health Research Board on behalf of the Department of Health from Ipsos MRBI). (11 Jul 2012)

[inef.ie] PMA ParaMethoxyMethylAmphetamine - ALERT. (11 Jul 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Year-on-year public backing for ‘minimum price’ for alcohol – time to implement Substance Misuse Strategy recommendations on alcohol pricing and marketing. (11 Jul 2012)

[oxygen.ie] Drinking habits national survey results. (09 Jul 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Culliton, Gary Spectrum of IDU infections is revealed by Irish research. (05 Jul 2012)

[Irish Cancer Society] Female smoking in Ireland reaches crisis point as ‘Big Tobacco’ targets Irish women and girls. (04 Jul 2012)

National Youth Council of Ireland. [National Youth Council of Ireland] ‘Voluntary’ alcohol code not worth a tap. (03 Jul 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister Shortall chairs British Irish Council Ministerial Meeting on the Misuse of Drugs. (29 Jun 2012)

Association of European Cancer Leagues, European Alcohol Policy Alliance. New European website with info and advice on alcohol and cancer. (29 Jun 2012)

Alcohol Action Ireland. [Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol named as key child welfare issue of concern ‘worth highlighting’ in Report of Independent Child Death Review Group. (20 Jun 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Alcohol now in top-shelf of Food Pyramid — DoH. (20 Jun 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] “Hidden Harm” Action Plan needed for children in families with parental alcohol and drug problems: denial no longer an option. (20 Jun 2012)

[Council of the European Union] Council of the European Union: Conclusions on the new EU drugs strategy. (07 Jun 2012)

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Leading experts to review global developments in new drugs and ‘legal highs’. (07 Jun 2012)

[Sunday Independent] Increase in demand is leading to boom in the cultivation of cannabis. (03 Jun 2012)

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. [EMCDDA] New ESPAD study shows overall stable drug use among school students and a reduction in ‘heavy episodic drinking’, but no decrease in cigarette smoking. (31 May 2012)

[rte.ie] New laws make it illegal to possess certain drugs without prescription. (28 May 2012)

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Early warning system - national profile. (25 May 2012)

[thejournal.ie] No clear timeline for approval of cannabis-based painkiller in Ireland. (20 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Houston, Muiris The ‘Jigsaw’ puzzle of mental health. (17 May 2012)

[Health Research Board] Cannabis, adolescence and schizophrenia. (08 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Drug specialist alleges inaction on drug abuse. (04 May 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd HSE now assessing drug treatment waiting lists. (02 May 2012)

[Irish Prison Reform Trust] Proposed Community Return Scheme offers potential for more structured and transparent safe release of prisoners – IPRT. (02 May 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire NI: New legislation to crack down on teenage drinkers using bogus ID. (01 May 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Pharmacists express concern over addiction to pain relief. (01 May 2012)

[irishcentral.com] American and Irish youths have highest death rate due to binge drinking, partying and violence. (28 Apr 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Taking new illicit drugs is like playing ‘a dangerous game of roulette’. (26 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Doctor was accused of ‘hypocrisy’ over alcohol. (25 Apr 2012)

[irishcentral.com] , O'Shea, Kerry Crystal Meth drug set to wreak havoc in Ireland say experts there. (21 Apr 2012)

Irish College of General Practitioners. [Irish College of General Practitioners] ICGP supports the Government’s plans for alcohol legislation. (20 Apr 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Ecstasy use can lead to depression. (19 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Surge expected in liver cirrhosis cases. (19 Apr 2012)

[Medical Independent] Damaging effects of alcohol abuse seen by GPs every day. (18 Apr 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire Minister rounds on retailers over cheap booze promotions. (13 Apr 2012)

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. [United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] UNODC chief discusses responses to HIV/ AIDS among drug users and prisoners. (13 Apr 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Kicking alcohol sponsorship to touch? (11 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Moderate alcohol impacts on breast cancer risk. (04 Apr 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara Service shortfalls are the reason behind prescribing rates — IMO. (04 Apr 2012)

[Garda.ie] "Operation Focus” [Road safety] phase 3 – South Eastern Region. (31 Mar 2012)

[NICE] Minimum pricing to target young and problem drinkers. (27 Mar 2012)

The Economist. [The Economist] Quietly, cannabis has in effect been decriminalised in Britain. (24 Mar 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Shannon, June HSE benzodiazepine letters to encourage quality prescribing. (23 Mar 2012)

[Oireachtas] Health Committee Chairman welcomes Minister’s commitment to bring forward health bill to address alcohol misuse. (15 Mar 2012)

[United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] UN drugs chief calls for stronger cooperation frameworks and attention to health as way forward for international drugs policy. (12 Mar 2012)

[Belfast Telegraph] , McNeilly, Claire Minimum alcohol price considered for Nothern Ireland. (09 Mar 2012)

[thejournal.ie] Urban Outfitters criticised over ‘drunk Irish’ themed clothing. (06 Mar 2012)

[BBC News Northern Ireland] Survey shows fear of crime in Northern Ireland is rising. (29 Feb 2012)

European Public Health Alliance. [EPHA] "Brewers’Pledge is nothing but a public affairs exercise" says EPHA. (28 Feb 2012)

[Ana Liffey Drug Project] Dublin Regional Homeless Executive supports plans to pilot a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre. (21 Feb 2012)

[irishhealth.com] Cannabis-based medicines may be legalised. (19 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Cost-benefit analysis for alcohol strategy. (17 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Bottle of vodka a week for hard-drinking Irish. (16 Feb 2012)

Alcohol Concern. Why a drink problem is everyone’s problem. (16 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Doctors urged to participate in debate. (14 Feb 2012)

[thejournal.ie] To fight the drug problem, we must treat users with compassion. (10 Feb 2012)

[European Alcohol Policy Alliance] What makes young people drink less or more? (09 Feb 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Culliton, Gary Alcohol advertising ban is backed. (08 Feb 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Hunter, Niall Booze nation - shock alcohol stats. (08 Feb 2012)

[Department of Health] Chief Medical Officer ask doctors to participate in the public debate on alcohol. (08 Feb 2012)

[Citywide] Citywide letter to Minister Shothall - reverse the cuts! (08 Feb 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol Strategy – political will key to turning ‘blueprint for change’ into plan of action. (07 Feb 2012)

Department of Health (England) and the devolved administrations. Launch of the report of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group. (07 Feb 2012)

European Public Health Alliance. [EPHA] EPHA open letter to the Ministers for Health of Ireland and Northern Ireland on alcohol minimum pricing. (06 Feb 2012)

[irishhealth.com] , Teoi, Gillian Preventing students becoming problem drinkers. (01 Feb 2012)

[United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime] New UNODC initiative works with youth to address substance abuse. (30 Jan 2012)

[Alcohol Action Ireland] Health Committee recommendations welcome - but political action needed to make them a reality. (27 Jan 2012)

[Department of Health] Minister addresses first all-island alcohol conference. (26 Jan 2012)

Joint Committee on Health and Children. [Oireachtas] Advertising ban on alcohol products necessary. (24 Jan 2012)

[RTE News] Review of term for drugs offences recommended. (19 Jan 2012)

[RTE News] Report: 120,000 will have psychotic episode. (18 Jan 2012)

[British Medical Journal] , Mooney, Helen Ignoring evidence has led to ineffective drug policies, shows research. (13 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife Foetal alcohol problems possible in 7% of births. (11 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife Drug Minister’s title ‘should be amended’. (10 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife Below-cost alcohol sales ‘cannot continue’. (09 Jan 2012)

[The Lancet] , Dagenhardt, Louisa and Hall, Wayne Extent of illicit drug use and dependence, and their contribution to the global burden of disease. (07 Jan 2012)

[The Cork News] Drugs fear in city as freephone line axed. (06 Jan 2012)

[Irish Medical Times] Hepatitis C and new treatments. (05 Jan 2012)

[Reuters] Higher alcohol prices may curb drinking: study. (04 Jan 2012)

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