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[Irish Examiner] , Ring, Evelyn Money and family worries top Samaritans’ survey. (29 Dec 2012)


More people are now worrying about money and their family, it has emerged.

A Samaritans’ survey found 70% of people put money and debt in their top five worries this year, up 6 points on 2011. Worries over family have increased by 9 points on 2011 to 46%. There has also been an increase in concerns about physical health — up 6 points to 38%.

A new question asking how people deal with their worries found that 43% would talk about them. However, while more than half of women (54%) surveyed would talk, fewer than one third of men (31%) would do the same....

Having a social drink would be the choice of 29% of those with financial worries and was more popular with men (32%) than women (26%). Recreational drugs were the coping method for 5%, including 13% of 18 to 24-year-olds...


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