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[Irish Medical Times] , O'Connor, Sharon Mental health services in prisons: a work in progress. (26 Jul 2012)

External website: http://www.imt.ie/opinion/2012/07/mental-health-se...

Sharon O’Connor of Beauchamps Solicitors examines how the current legislation governing the criminal justice system treats those with mental illness.

Ireland has long been subjected to harsh criticism with regard to the provision of mental health services to prisoners. In its annual report on human rights launched on 24 May 2012, Amnesty International stated that the conditions of the county’s prisons continue to fall below acceptable standards...

Research by medical experts from the Central Mental Hospital and the Department of Psychiatry in Trinity College found that 96 prisoners in Mountjoy used the HSU during the first year of its operation.

Of those referred to the unit:
• 35% reported psychotic symptoms;
• 28% were at immediate risk of self-harm.
• 17% were referred for medical treatments;
• 13% received specialist treatment by the addiction psychiatric team;
• 6% presented with emotional distress.


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