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[Irish Independent] , Cusack, Jim Violence blights flagship project as teens battle over drugs trade. (16 Dec 2012)

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Children from the Rialto area of Dublin, which was supposed to be the city's flagship urban regeneration scheme, are carrying knives and screwdrivers for fear of attack as part of a teenage drugs gang feud.

Around the sleek new apartment complexes and top-class community facilities, a feud is under way among local teenagers who are fighting each other to climb the ladder of the drugs trade. Gardai have intelligence marking seven youths, aged around 16, who have already established themselves in the trade and who are now feuding with youths from the nearby Basin Street area. The feud is carrying over and affecting younger brothers, some just out of primary school. Some of these children, who mix at school with boys from Basin Street, are known to have carried knives and screwdrivers as protection from attack.

Drug-taking among youngsters is said to be rife and in one recent violent incident, the youths involved were found to have been drinking alcohol and snorting crushed prescription painkillers.


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Source:Irish Independent
Date:16 December 2012
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