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Dail Debates

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[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Written answer – 600 Injecting facilities [11808/17]. (07 Mar 2017)

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Conference or Workshop Item

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[] , McCrave, Conor Council street crews called out hundreds of times to clean up discarded needles on Dublin streets. (04 Jan 2020)

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[] , MacNamee, Garreth New garda crackdown to target 'blatant drug dealing' at Dublin city centre hot-spots. (02 Dec 2019)

[] , Harris, Simon Simon Harris: Supervised injecting centres do not legitimise drug use - if we're serious about tackling addiction we must establish one. (18 Nov 2019)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John Decision on drug injection centre 'reprehensible', says MQI . (04 Oct 2019)

[Irish Times] , Cullen, Paul Ireland will miss target for eliminating hepatitis C by 20 years, group claims. (26 Sep 2019)

[Irish Examiner] Minister takes aim at council for rejecting plans for safe injection room. (30 Aug 2019)

[] , Deegan, Gordon Planning permission refusal for Ireland's first injecting centre branded 'reprehensible' . (27 Aug 2019)

[] , Feehan, Conor Merchants Quay drug facility mulls appeal after council blocks injection centre plans. (08 Aug 2019)

[] , Feehan, Conor 'City will get a supervised drug injection centre', vow ministers. (07 Aug 2019)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Cionnaith, Fiachra Leo Varadkar: Josepha Madigan 'didn't lobby against the methadone clinic'. (02 Aug 2019)

[Irish Times] , Byrne, Derek Pragmatic approach to tackling drug addiction needed. (29 Jul 2019)

[] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Dublin City Council refuses planning permission for Ireland's first injecting centre. (26 Jul 2019)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Merchants Quay Ireland considers appeal on supervised injection facility planning refusal. (26 Jul 2019)

[The Times] , Haugh, Ben Merchants Quay Ireland calls for Dublin injection centre after St Stephen’s Green incidents. (24 Jul 2019)

[Hot Press] Drugs: an open letter to Leo Varadkar from Hot Press. (05 Jul 2019)

[] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Gardaí refuse to provide policing plan needed for injecting centre until planning permission is granted. (04 Jul 2019)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Rise in risky drug injecting in Cork City. (21 May 2019)

[] , Hughes, Craig ‘Nimbyism gone mad’ – HSE objects to drug injection centre beside its office. (13 May 2019)

[] , Fitzgerald, Cormac Dublin's first injecting centre delayed further as Merchants Quay needs more time to address planning concerns. (09 May 2019)

[] , Ryan, Nicky [Podcast] The Explainer: why haven't any supervised drug injection centres opened in Ireland? (23 Apr 2019)

[] , Fitzgerald, Cormac 'We've seen people die, people beaten up horrifically',. (16 Mar 2019)

[] , Nugent, Ryan Almost 100 objections to country's first supervised injection centre 'highlight the need for the facility'. (28 Feb 2019)

[Dublin Inquirer] , Buckley, Anne It's time to build the supervised injecting facility. (09 Jan 2019)

[] , Nugent, Ryan 'We're prepared for court battle over drug injection centre', insists minister. (01 Jan 2019)

[] , Halpin, Hayley Planned supervised injection centre may not open in 2019, new Merchants Quay CEO says. (18 Dec 2018)

[] , Murray, Sean Further delay for Dublin's injection centre as concerns raised on 'over-concentration' of services in area. (05 Dec 2018)

[] , Lee, John Gardaí say: ‘State should supply heroin to new drugs centre’. (25 Nov 2018)

[] , Deegan, Gordon Temple Bar pubs and U2 hotel among 99 objections to State's first supervised injecting centre. (15 Nov 2018)

[Irish Sun] , Bardon, Nicola Crisis on our streets. Boss of Ireland’s first supervised drug injection centre reveals homeless charity Merchant’s Quay are meeting more men in their 70s. (02 Nov 2018)

[Irish Examiner] , Deegan, Gordon First ever state-funded heroin injection centre will cater for 60 addicts a day. (22 Oct 2018)

[] , Halpin, Hayley 'I started taking drugs when I was 12 ... it was just seen as a cool thing to do'. (29 Sep 2018)

[RTE News] , Kilraine, John Dublin drug injection centre planning application set for October. (14 Sep 2018)

[Irish Sun] , Higgins, Adam SAFER CITY Ireland is set to open first ever safe injecting clinic – here former drug awareness campaigner Tony Geoghegan discusses future of drug services in country. (12 Sep 2018)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Special policing need for injection centre, says charity organiser Tony Geoghegan. (16 Aug 2018)

[The Times] , Sanz, Catherine Injection centre for heroin users may extend to crack and cocaine. (18 Jul 2018)

[The Times] , Rogan, Aaron Ex-garda chief wants drug possession decriminalised. (05 Jul 2018)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Injecting unit a response to Ireland's high overdose rate. (08 Jun 2018)

[Hot Press] , Clark, Stuart How to end Ireland's drug deaths epidemic. (07 Jun 2018)

[Irish Times] , Lally, Conor Addicts injecting in subhuman conditions, senior Garda says. (09 May 2018)

[Hot Press] Hot Press joins forces with Ana Liffey Drug Project & London School of Economics for Drug Policy Town Halls. (01 May 2018)

[] , Kilraine, John Merchants Quay Ireland asked by HSE to reduce cost of drug injection centre by 32%. (06 Apr 2018)

[] , Brophy, Daragh We have a location for the first supervised drug injecting room - what happens next? (10 Mar 2018)

[] , MacNamee, Garreth 'What it means is that we won't arrest people for carrying heroin': confusion remains over injection centre policing. (05 Mar 2018)

[] Merchants Quay Project wins drug injection unit tender. (16 Feb 2018)

[Health Service Executive] HSE announces Merchants Quay Project CLG as preferred operator of Ireland’s first medically supervised injecting facility. (16 Feb 2018)

[RTE News] Tender for drug injection centre expected in February. (01 Feb 2018)

[Irish Sun] , Higgins, Adam Ex-heroin addict says Dublin’s Supervised Injecting Centre will help save lives ahead of its opening later this year. (27 Jan 2018)

[] , Hosford, Paul Announcement of site for Dublin injection centre delayed. (12 Jan 2018)

[98FM] Supervised drug centre could be opening in the city. (06 Jan 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David A new dawn for drug policy? (07 Dec 2017)

[] , Fitzgerald, Cormac A series of setbacks means Dublin probably won't be getting supervised injecting centres any time soon. (02 Dec 2017)

[RTE News] Planning permission needed for Dublin drug injection centre, says city council. (24 Nov 2017)

[Irish Examiner] , English, Eoin Locations in Cork City identified for supervised injecting facility. (11 Nov 2017)

[RTE News] City centre injection rooms to require planning permission. (10 Nov 2017)

[] , Brophy, Daragh 'Previously they'd have driven off on their lunch break and used in the car. If they overdosed they would have died'. (10 Nov 2017)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac ‘Growing evidence’ backs injecting rooms; Facilities reach marginalised users and improve practices. (31 Oct 2017)

[RTE News] The HSE is considering operating Dublin's new drug injection centre itself. (20 Oct 2017)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac Delay to State’s first drug injecting centre. (04 Oct 2017)

[] , MacNamee, Garreth No 'magic drug circle' but gardaí will use 'discretion' outside city injection centres. (13 Sep 2017)

[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Fully managing north inner city Dublin’s opioid epidemic. (08 Sep 2017)

[Irish Examiner] , Rogers, Stephen Search for suitable ‘injecting room’ site in Dublin. (25 Aug 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Role of doctors in injection facility ‘being worked on’. (10 Aug 2017)

[Irish Times] , Roseingrave, Louise Mother calls for injection centres for addicts after son (20) drowns in Liffey. (12 May 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David A new Minister, a new policy? (09 Jun 2016)

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