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Fortson, Rudi and McCulloch, Liz (2018) Evidence and issues concerning drug consumption rooms. London: Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies. Research paper no. 279/2018.

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Problematic and chaotic drug use (particularly by persons who inject drugs) carried on in public places such as streets and parks, creates an environment of high risk to personal and public health (including drug-related deaths and contaminated drug litter). Such use frequently gives rise to wider social problems, but it is also indicative of underlying issues and causes such as homelessness, chronic medical conditions, absence (or loss) of adequate harm-reduction services, and financial hardship. As part of a system of interventions to address these issues, a number of cities in Europe and elsewhere have established supervised drug consumption facilities. None yet exists in the UK. This paper details the evidence and issues concerning Drug Consumption Rooms discussed at a one-day conference hosted by the Criminal Justice Centre, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London (in collaboration with Volteface) on March 27, 2018.

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International, Report
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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco), Opioid
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Harm reduction, Policy
May 2018
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Research paper no. 279/2018
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Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies
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