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Merchants Quay Ireland. (2018) Medically supervised injecting facility information booklet. Merchants Quay Ireland, Dublin.

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A Medically Supervised Injecting Facility (MSIF) is a healthcare facility where people can inject drugs, obtained elsewhere, under the supervision of trained health professionals. They offer a compassionate, person-centred service which reduces the harm associated with injecting drug use and can help people access appropriate services.


In 2015, the Government began legislating to allow for the creation of MSIFs and, as part of that, for a pilot MSIF to be established. In May 2017, the Misuse of Drugs (Medically Supervised Injecting Facility) Act 2017 was signed into law by the President.


Following a tendering process, Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) has been selected by the HSE as the preferred provider to operate Ireland’s first MSIF as an 18-month pilot, subject to independent evaluations at 6 months and 18 months.

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