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Henry, Karl (2021) Real Health Podcast: the cocaine episode.


[Independent.ie] , Bracken, Ali ‘The objective is to save lives’ – Work to start on Ireland’s first medically-supervised drug injection site. (26 May 2024)

[Independent.ie] , Foxe, Ken Former prisoners are most at risk from drug overdose after jail release or cash windfall. (25 Feb 2024)

[Independent.ie] , Gataveckaite, Gabija People caught with small amount of drugs should not end up in criminal justice system – Drugs Minister. (15 Jan 2024)

[Independent.ie] , Mohan, Sathishaa Fears killer drug Fentanyl now in Ireland after prison overdoses. (15 Dec 2023)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Most smokers who buy vapes to quit end up using them with cigarettes, doctor warns. (19 Sep 2023)

[Independent.ie] , Hyland, Paul Two thirds of Irish public would support disposable vape ban, Ipsos poll finds. (27 Jul 2023)

[Independent.ie] , Gataveckaite, Gabija Legislation to ban sale of vapes to children expected to be in force by mid- July. (01 May 2023)

[Independent.ie] , Lynch, Andrew Dublin’s laughing gas epidemic – how is it harming our young people why can’t it just be banned? (14 Apr 2023)

[Independent.ie] , Raleigh, David ‘Health referrals’ to form part of new garda strategy to confront widespread crack cocaine use. (08 Feb 2023)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish One-in-10 babies are born with some kind of foetal alcohol disorder in Ireland every year, says HSE. (28 Nov 2022)

[Independent.ie] , Blaney, Amy Increase in use of laughing gas among young people, warn gardaí. (25 Nov 2022)

[Independent.ie] , Feehan, Conor Prison Service to begin drug screening of officers amid plans to tackle contraband. (28 Apr 2022)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Elish Rise in babies born with drug or alcohol addiction during pandemic. (24 Jan 2022)

[Independent.ie] , Bracken, Ali Unions and top gardaí in talks on drug tests for officers. (16 Jan 2022)

[Independent.ie] , Kelleher, Lynne Worsening toll of teens hooked on cannabis is a ‘silent epidemic’. (12 Dec 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Finn, Melanie Surge in health issues after alcohol used as a crutch during pandemic. (15 Nov 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Healy, Tim Primary school in court bid to overturn permission for Merchants Quay heroin injection centre. (16 Jun 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Bracken, Ali Cannabis edibles: Dublin principals warn parents that THC jellies are being sold in some schools. (13 Jun 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Moloney, Eoghan Increasing number of children requiring hospital treatment after consuming edible cannabis ‘sweets’. (09 Jun 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Williams, Paul Anti-smuggling agency to seize more drugs than 2020 long before the end of 2021. (03 May 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Molloy, Amy ‘Cocaine crisis’ as more are turning to drugs to deal with job losses and mental health issues, experts say. (25 Jan 2021)

[Independent.ie] , Lynott, Laura Irish drivers own up to taking a risk the morning after drinking. (28 Dec 2020)

[Independent.ie] , O'Loughlin, Ciara ‘The virus loves alcohol, and we have a challenge with alcohol in this country’ – CMO on new recommended restrictions. (19 Dec 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Edwards, Rodney More young people addicted to online gambling. (12 Oct 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Schiller, Robin Steroid use continues to grow - despite closure of gyms and Covid lockdown. (05 Oct 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Mulligan, John Introduction of gambling regulator is delayed again. (14 Sep 2020)

[Independent.ie] , McQuinn, Cormac More spent on alcohol despite Covid-19 closure of pubs as people switch from beer to wine. (14 Sep 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Feehan, Conor Teens 'are using social media to order alcohol' as girl (13) falls ill after drinking party in park. (20 Jul 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Gataveckaite, Gabija Fine Gael TD ‘got in trouble’ with Ceann Comhairle for bringing nitrous oxide canisters into the Dáil. (17 Jul 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Kelleher, Lynne Number of children addicted to alcohol falls by half in decade. (07 Jun 2020)

[Independent.ie] , O'Sullivan, Kathleen Hooked on painkillers: farming's hidden addiction. (11 Mar 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Kelleher, Lynne Child cannabis addiction has nearly doubled in last decade. (01 Mar 2020)

Health & Living. [Independent.ie] 'Young people need education on the effects of cannabis'. (27 Jan 2020)

[Independent.ie] , Meaghar, John Crossing the line: The heavy cost of taking cocaine. (25 Jan 2020)

[Independent.ie] , O'Keeffe, Alan Why this season of indulgence is a struggle for those with addictions. (23 Dec 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Monaghan, Gabrielle Unlucky for some: The addictive power of bingo. (14 Dec 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Stronger cannabis 'has users suffering withdrawal'. (27 Nov 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connell, Hugh Fianna Fáil pledges a road-safety-style ad campaign about illegal drug use if party is elected. (05 Nov 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Feehan, Conor New laws to stop drug gangs using youngsters. (15 Oct 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Nolan, Larissa Legacy of pain, love and loss for the children scarred by drink. (22 Sep 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'Government needs to crack down on drink prices that put health of young people at risk'. (02 Sep 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh 'I was picture perfect on the outside but broken underneath'. (01 Sep 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Scannáil, Mícheál and Walsh, Aoife Drugs seized within minutes of Electric Picnic starting. (31 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Aoife 'Bad batch is a red herring' - Irish doctor dispels drug myths and warns festival-goers about high potency MDMA. (29 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Keefe, Alan and Lynch, Donal 'We must not let this happen again' - parents' drugs warning after tragic deaths. (18 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Foy, Ken 'Bad batch' of drugs suspected following tragic young deaths. (17 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Kelleher, Lynne Children of smoking mothers 'are 30pc more likely to be overweight or obese'. (16 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] Teenagers 'can shop around' to find cheap steroids. (15 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Macdonald, Sarah Adults who give alcohol to teens criticised by bishop. (12 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Wayne and Riegel, Ralph Children need more effective education around drugs - expert. (11 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Feehan, Conor Merchants Quay drug facility mulls appeal after council blocks injection centre plans. (08 Aug 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Philip Cabinet to fast-track price rules on alcohol. (30 Jun 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Downing, John Ireland will move quickly to implement minimum alcohol pricing - Varadkar. (21 Jun 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Casey, Patricia Patricia Casey: 'Dangers of sleepwalking into legalisation of cannabis use'. (15 Jun 2019)

[Independent.ie] Editorial: 'Gambling reform pace far too slow'. (04 Jun 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Keefe, Alan Alan O'Keeffe: 'Too many still unaware of harmful new breed of 'weed''. (26 May 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Donaghy, Kathy Gone to Pot: Why marijuana remains a highly risky habit. (21 May 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Keeffe, Alan Ross hits back at criticism of morning-after checkpoints. (19 May 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Donald, Niall 'Ireland's drugs problem is worse than ever' - Woman who began abusing drugs aged 11, and nearly lost her arms due to her habit. (22 Apr 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Burke, Ceimen Drinking alcohol during teenage years linked with stunted brain growth. (02 Apr 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Feehan, Conor Codeine addiction surges as workers seek hangover cure. (21 Mar 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Keeffe, Alan Bookies give €1m to new body to tackle gambling addiction. (17 Mar 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Sorcha 'Don't bring booze, we'll seize it' - gardai warn against drinking in public places over St Patrick's weekend. (14 Mar 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Nugent, Ryan Almost 100 objections to country's first supervised injection centre 'highlight the need for the facility'. (28 Feb 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Kelleher, Lynne Irish psychiatrists treating children for 'gaming disorder'. (17 Feb 2019)

[Independent.ie] CBD: miracle or menace? (03 Feb 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Downing, John Health warnings on alcohol cans and bottles may breach EU single market rules, says Hogan. (29 Jan 2019)

[Independent.ie] , Melia, Paul Revealed: worst areas for driving under influence of drink and drugs. (24 Dec 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh Just 250 bars sign up to 'designated driver' offer for Christmas period. (17 Dec 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Nugent, Ryan Millennials account for 30pc of all drunk drivers. (30 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Meaghar, John Breaking the drink link: Why today's students stay sober. (21 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Lavelle, Regina Is your drinking dangerous? (20 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'Parents should lay down the law and tell teens not to drink until 18'. (20 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Keogh, Elaine People under threat from drug dealers should tell us - Garda chief. (20 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Smyth, Bobby P Bobby Smyth: 'Parents, don't teach underage kids how to drink'. (18 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Maeve 'Fear stalks feud town as gangs 'tax' families over children's drug debts'. (18 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Clara Dr Ciara Kelly: We can't judge patients, just try to help them. (12 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Dillon, Fiona Improving economy leads to rise in demand for 'party drugs' in Ireland - new report. (08 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Philip Rickshaw drivers will need licence and vetting. (06 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Olivia Sale of 'Illicit Goods' bill to curb cross-border smuggling. (03 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Meaghar, John Legalising drug use: a tough pill to swallow. (21 Oct 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Keane, Marcus Comment: No need to fear proposals to decriminalise people who use drugs. (14 Oct 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph Some 60pc of accidental poisonings involve children under 10. (04 Oct 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cancer rates here are third highest in the world, warns WHO. (29 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Nugent, Ryan Families living in fear of violence over use of crack cocaine. (25 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Sorcha 'Just warning children not to take drugs will fail': Dubs star Philly. (21 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , McCrave, Conor 'People are very afraid' - Criminals recruit children as young as 12 to sell drugs. (15 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Harris, Arlene 'Pregnant women don't know they're harming their babies by drinking'. (04 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Lynch, Declan Television review: Addicted, but not alcoholic? (03 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Irish women rank near top of global drinking league as 'wine o'clock' culture takes toll on health. (24 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Clarke, Josie Two-thirds of booze sales are to heavy drinkers, and most in shops. (24 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] , von Radowitz, John Teenage drinkers triple their risk of deadly cancer. (23 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] Hammered home. (22 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Quinlin, Ailin The rise of steroid use: Irish men are feeling pressure to get a ripped Love Island body. (24 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Melia, Paul Hundreds face being put off road in drink-driving crackdown as new figures show how motorists benefited from old system. (21 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Foy, Ken and Feehan, Conor Gardai uncover first ever 'magic mushroom lab' in Ireland following raid. (12 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , McCrave, Conor Doctor who treated unconscious teen warns Irish people are playing 'Russian roulette' with drugs. (11 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Begley, Ian Revealed: Irish drug users turning to Facebook to order drugs such as ecstasy and cannabis. (09 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Begley, Ian Social media sites 'make addictive medication easier to buy'. (09 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Philip Two in five college students believe drunk sex is 'normal and harmless'. (08 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Lynott, Laura Drug services are 'patchy' and 'need to cater for teens'. (07 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Henry, Karl Social media generation needs to learn the risks far outweigh benefits of turning to steroids. (07 Jul 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Chazen, David Parisians queue for cannabis as drug laws relaxed. (11 Jun 2018)

[Independent.ie] , McCaughran, Samantha New Italian submission raises free-trade concerns over Irish alcohol legislation. (10 Jun 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Donnell, Ian Opinion: Gun crime will only get worse if drugs trade keeps shooting up. (10 Jun 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Donaghy, Kathy Why marijuana remains a highly risky habit that can ravage young people's lives. (10 Jun 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Boyle, Donnchadh GPA grants on hold in GAA drug test row. (01 Jun 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Byrne, Luke and Hymas, Charles Fears addictive games as damaging for kids' brains as drugs and alcohol. (Jun 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Gittens, Geraldine Singer and Senator Frances Black: 'Alcohol should not be sold in supermarkets next to nappies. (25 May 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Casey, Patricia Study proves cannabis can lead to psychosis. (22 May 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Johns, Chris Time to tax narcotics as war on drugs will never be won. (13 May 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Downing, John Alcohol advertising curbs 'may be against EU laws'. (08 May 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Philip State-funded 'drink-link' bus will service 50 rural communities. (06 May 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Wayne Addicts urge TDs to back laws targeted at gambling advertising. (03 May 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Downing, John Alcohol bill dealt further blow by wine producers. (30 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Armstrong, Kathy 'We can't keep brushing our problems under the carpet' - man who survived suicide attempt, addiction and homelessness. (29 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph Garda PULSE system to record drug and alcohol test kit numbers and readings. (24 Apr 2018)

Online Editors. [Independent.ie] 'It doesn’t care what age you are or what sex you are, it’ll get you' - Baz Ashmawy on Ireland's insidious problem. (22 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Brien, Dan We must take the emotion out of the debate over legalising drugs. (22 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Gittens, Geraldine Testing mothers for alcohol consumption during pregnancy could reduce risk to babies. (10 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Elish Family doctor reveals emotional toll of losing six patients to suicide in the past five years. (08 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Armstrong, Kathy 'If you're going to create demand, you are creating supply - when the next person dies you need to take some responsibility' - campaign looks at recreational drug use. (08 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Molloy, Amy 'Pay via Bitcoin and bring your receipt' - Drug dealers using popular buy and sell site to advertise pills and cocaine. (07 Apr 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Nolan, Sean 'Free for all' - The week cannabis was 'legal' in Ireland. (20 Mar 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Walsh, Orla The truth about energy drinks. (13 Mar 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Byrne, Katie The hidden epidemic: How Ireland has become addicted to benzodiazepines. (27 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , McDonagh, Darragh Surge in prison drug and weapon seizures. (26 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , OGara, Colin Expert view: How to tell if your gambling has become a problem. (25 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Riegal, Ralph Revealed: How often gardaí have conducted new drug-driving test at checkpoints. (16 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Schiller, Robin More arrests in capital as 'Benzos' sold 'like sweets'. (12 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Maeve Concern at Scientology drugs packs for schools. (11 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Doyle, Kevin Homicide review prompts new probe into death of babies with alcohol in their system. (09 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish '2,100 have died during two-year delay to booze law'. (06 Feb 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Downing, John 'Heated cigarettes' must face highest taxation here - TD. (30 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh Antidote action plan to tackle drug more deadly than heroin. (29 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Roseingrave, Louise Stillborn baby died due to toxic effects of cocaine, inquest hears. (17 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Norris, Suzanne What really happens to your body when you give up booze? (16 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Healy, Tim Woman who consumes 'enormous amount' of alcohol can't be forced into rehab, judge says. (13 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Knapton, Sarah Drinking alcohol causes cancer by 'damaging DNA'. (05 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Young, David Brazen drug dealers sending cannabis by post, detective warns. (01 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Steroid abuse rises sharply amongst middle-aged men. (01 Jan 2018)

[Independent.ie] , Schiller, Robin Drug probe as €3,000 of cocaine seized at Dublin army barracks after tip-off. (27 Dec 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Flanagan may open inquiry into Garda drug collusion allegations. (18 Dec 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh 'If our house prices rise, so does cocaine use and we are at it again' - Dr Chris Luke says drug played a role in the crash. (18 Dec 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Phelan, Shane Children under the age of 12 'being groomed into crime across country'. (17 Dec 2017)

Indo Motoring. [Independent.ie] Why one in five drivers must be breathalysed in the coming year. (06 Dec 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Donnelly, Ellie Smartphone addiction? Irish people check their phones 57 times a day. (05 Dec 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Walsh, Ruby Ruby Walsh calls for more testing and increased bans after three Irish jockeys are banned for cocaine use. (02 Dec 2017)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] Medicinal cannabis licence granted for girl with rare syndrome. (29 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Hundreds of suicide-risk patients quit A&E unseen. (27 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Foy, Ken Cocaine: The Gang Wars connection. (19 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Bielenberg, Kim How the boom is back for the party drug of the Celtic Tiger. (19 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Timetable for introduction of cheap alcohol ban 'uncertain' despite UK ruling. (16 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Armstrong, Kathy 'No exceptions': Shane Ross insists first-time offenders and 'morning-after' drink drivers will be banned from road. (15 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Controversial alcohol legislation set to be watered down even further. (13 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Elish Alcohol Bill is watered down. (04 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Hayhurst, Claire How tobacco firms keep smokers hooked. (30 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Lynch, Declan Some of us would rather die than call ourselves the A-word. (29 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] HSE 'closely monitoring' rogue batch of deadly UFO pills after teen dies of suspected overdose. (28 Oct 2017)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] Donald Trump declares US opioid crisis a nationwide emergency. (27 Oct 2017)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] Toll of alcohol on Ireland's health revealed amid legislation drive. (27 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Grant, Jennifer Life newsletter: What are the health risks of tanning injections? (26 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Consultants drink more often, but trainees likely to 'binge'. (24 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Lynott, Laura Young are biggest binge-drinkers in the EU - but people live longer. (19 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Smith, Denise 'I was a lone parent and drink became my friend' - Women open up about their relationship with alcohol. (12 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] Teenagers now using illegal steroids in bid to 'bulk up. (10 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Remember the proposed 'booze curtains'? Smaller shops have won the battle against them. (04 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Why time could be called on getting a free drink with your blowdry in salons. (26 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Rise in number of pregnant women smoking heavily. (11 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Lynott, Laura Foetal damage 'is a hidden phenomenon in Ireland'. (09 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Molloy, Amy 'So many people are taking drugs...it's not going to get rid of their problems' - Mother who became homeless due to addiction. (09 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Begley, Ian Homelessness 'making addiction crisis worse'. (08 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph 'Don't dilute drink laws,' urges Black. (04 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh Fr McVerry: State failures mean people can't get clean from drugs. (03 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Alcohol was my toughest opponent to beat - Egan. (29 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Free drug tests dropped in favour of 'amnesty bins' for revellers. (27 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Wayne Airports try to ground drinks law. (21 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Armstrong, Kathy 'Once you're that isolated you feel there's no way back' - expert on the 'heartbreaking' reality of being a drug-user. (20 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Armstrong, Kathy 'The reaction has been phenomenal, there are people who cry' - How sister of teen who died from synthetic drug is sharing his story. (20 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Mulvany, Amy If you're young and you smoke, you're absolutely insane. (19 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] Morning after drink test: why you may still be over the limit. (16 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , White, Gavin Parents 'should not be blind' to students' drinking. (16 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Tobacco giants threaten to 'undermine' Ireland's economy in an attempt to block plain-packaging laws. (11 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , McQuinn, Cormac and O'Connor, Sorcha Revealed: This is how many people have failed roadside drug tests since April. (01 Aug 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Dennehy, Cathal No need for stricter drug testing in GAA - Treacy. (27 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Niall Insurance firms 'open' to rural pub car-pooling. (26 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] Why another 78 people could lose their lives by the end of this year. (26 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Collins, Liam Drug and alcohol addiction swamps our overstretched rehab services. (23 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , McManus, Darragh Radio: RTE goes big on decriminalising drugs debate. (23 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Gaps in drug treatment as abuse rates on rise. (18 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish More people attending sexual-assault centres as alcohol found to be a factor in many cases - annual report. (18 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Doyle, Kevin Midwives with special skills are needed 'to help alcoholic mothers-to-be'. (17 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , McGee, John John McGee: The State cannot enforce rational decision-making. (16 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Wayne Lobbyists hammer our policymakers on alcohol laws. (16 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Schiller, Robin Drunken abuse of children 'a crisis'. (29 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] Drink driving is getting worse: alcohol factor in 38pc fatal crashes. (28 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Meehan, Alex From injury to addiction. (22 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Murphy, Patricia Nine signs that someone you love could be battling an addiction. (22 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Kenny among TDs who helped alcohol industry lobby Health Department. (20 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Murphy, Claire Young people opposed to Good Friday alcohol law change. (19 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Bielenberg, Kim Young people in Ireland are drinking less alcohol than their parents and this could be the reason why. (18 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Nugent, Ryan One-third of parents think it is acceptable for under-16s to drink alcohol in the home. (14 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark 46 soldiers given marching orders after drug tests. (11 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , McQuinn, Cormac Road safety body denies it is delaying minister's bid to crack down on drink-driving. (07 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Daniel Seventy per cent of motorists back stricter drink-driving laws - new survey. (06 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Doyle, Kevin Drink drivers to be locked out from starting their vehicles under tough road safety plan. (18 May 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Wayne People dying from ignorance of treatment for hepatitis C. (14 May 2017)

[Independent.ie] Young woman's final photograph with her brother and why she doesn't want his death to be in vain. (14 May 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Kelpie, Colm Irish alcohol excise 'second highest in EU'. (12 May 2017)

[Independent.ie] Careful with your medicine: what to know about new drug-driving laws. (03 May 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Feehan, Conor Prison staff fears over passive inhalation of drugs. (29 Apr 2017)

Indo Motoring. [Independent.ie] Get the message: why it all 'ads' up in critical drive for safer roads. (26 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Armstrong, Kathy 'Sick people don't need to be in court' - Senator Aodhán O Riordain backs decriminalising all drugs for personal use. (18 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Clifford, Graham Drugs Ireland: pushing back the rising tide. (16 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] So alcohol won't affect you? Then why do you bother drinking at all? (12 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Melia, Paul Automatic drink-driving ban 'could save eight lives a year'. (05 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Stressed-out doctors turn to drink and drugs in rise of mental health issues. (05 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Quinlan, Ailin 10 facts about addiction. (04 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , McMahon, Cathal Gardai to be randomly tested for illegal drugs and alcohol. (02 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] Ireland still among the highest smokers in the world. (28 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Moriarty, Sinead How our teens are getting 'high' online - as they ditch the booze and cigarettes. (23 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Bielenberg, Kim Science weighs in to assess risks and rewards of medicinal cannabis. (19 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] New judge wants drugs court for North East. (18 Mar 2017)

Indo Motoring. [Independent.ie] How the game is well and truly up for 'drug drivers' on our highways. (15 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Halpin, Hayley New 'SafeSesh' kits allow college students test quality of recreational drugs. (13 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Nightclubs could soon provide free drug testing so users can check 'purity' of substances. (12 Mar 2017)

Indo Motoring. [Independent.ie] Time our drink driving laws caught up with the tragic reality. (08 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'Unseen' calories in alcohol give drinkers food for thought. (08 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Lynott, Laura Children as young as 13 are caught up in crack 'epidemic'. (06 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] After Alex 'N Bomb' tragedy, drug education can prevent more deaths. (04 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Bielenberg, Kim The drugs don't work - psyhciatric guru Ivor Brown says he would never give antidepressents to anyone. (12 Feb 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Just four detox beds for addicts aged 15 to 21. (06 Feb 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Monday Interview: 'Do we let them die on the streets?' - minister backs new centre to help addicts. (06 Feb 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Larkin, Laura Dangerous tan injection still readily available on social media despite health warnings. (31 Jan 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Sweeney, Eamon Medication Nation: 9 Horrifying revelations from Dr Eva Orsmond's documentary. (31 Jan 2017)

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[Independent.ie] , O'Faherty, Jane 75pc of people who experienced drug intimidation did not report the incident to gardai. (12 Nov 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Varadkar to ban alcohol ads on sporting pitches to 'de-glamourise' drink. (07 Nov 2015)

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[Independent.ie] Almost 1,400 drivers caught over the legal limit. (21 Oct 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Philip Relax laws on possession of drugs, urges Dáil committee. (19 Oct 2015)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] Two in five people 'find drug-taking at dance events off-putting' [UK]. (15 Oct 2015)

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[Independent.ie] Irish drink driver levels above European average in new operation. (29 Jul 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , Schiller, Robin Six others hospitalised on night tragic teen collapsed. (21 May 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Gardai not policing - unless you're a driver or drug user. (03 May 2015)

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[Independent.ie] What the new roadside drug tests will mean for us drivers. (29 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Alcohol is the number one 'date rape' drug in Ireland - experts. (28 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Browne, Collette TDs who brag about past drug use need to back law reform. (28 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Faolain, Aodhan State wants to have legal challenge brought against its plan to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes referred to EU court. (27 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Lynch, Declan [Opinion] In drink, things are never as they seem. (26 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cheap booze will still be on sale for two more years. (24 Apr 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , Fegan, Joyce Irish teens are starting to drink at age 13. (21 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Melia, Paul Persistent drink drivers to get 'alco-locks' on their cars. (21 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] Potential effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. (21 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Two glasses of wine daily raise the risk of liver disease by 13pc. (21 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Griffin, Sam Anti-alcohol group fails to back new minimum price plan. (20 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Crawford, Caroline Emergency staff 'lack resources to treat intoxicated patients'. (20 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Anderson, Nicola Ireland has a cultural problem with drink, says addiction expert. (20 Apr 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , Monaghan, Gabrielle High time for cannabis cures. (05 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Keeffe, Alan 40pc of Irish women among 1.35m of us drinking harmfully. (03 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Suicidal children left on waiting lists for care. (27 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Cullen, Adam Cyber-crime gangs with global threat detected within Ireland. (25 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] Our Alcohol issues shouldn't be ignored. (24 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Louise 'Put your money where your mouth is' - Dr Ciara Kelly calls on Diageo to withdraw from controversial anti-drinking campaign. (24 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Gerard And so we face down the demon drink - one more time. (21 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Crawford, Caroline Campaigner admits 'gap in credibility over funding from Diageo'. (20 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Devlin, Martina Alcohol giants are part of the problem - not the solution. (19 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , McConnell, Daniel Tobacco firm hired over 160 lobbyists - James Reilly. (19 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Gallagher, Conor and Byrne, Brian State drops €2.5m ecstasy charge due to drug appeal. (17 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Maeve Lobbyists forced to declare interests on public register. (15 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cheap wine ban 'will see heavy drinkers cut back by 70 bottles a year'. (13 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , McConnell, Daniel Leo Varadkar backs softer drug rules as new laws pass. (12 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Sleeping pills still not being properly prescribed - audit. (12 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Anderson, Nicola Alarm as controversial DrinkAware campaign plans to target schools. (09 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] Editorial: Stand up to the drink and tobacco lobbyists. (09 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Donnell, Liz Economic recovery must include an end to homelessness. (07 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] Editorial: Anti-binge-drink group has credibility problems. (06 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Diageo-funded bid to tackle binge drinking branded 'a smokescreen'. (05 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Prof Frank Murray: 'It's time to turn down the tap of cheap alcohol'. (05 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Macdonald, Sarah Call time on always celebrating with drink in hand - Archbishop. (23 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Duffy, Gavin Something must change in our booze-soaked society. (22 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Healy, Paul and Fegan, Joyce 'I have to lock our church doors every day to stop drug addicts shooting up' - priest. (20 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Fegan, Joyce Unsafe streets: 32 used drug needles lifted from city streets every day. (16 Feb 2015)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] US teens try e-cigs before tobacco. (14 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Kearns, David New 'Sneaky Naggin' drinking fad pressures students to drink spirit bottle down in one. (12 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , von Radowitz, John E-cigarettes can damage lungs like tobacco, study claims. (06 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark New measures aimed at tackling drug smuggling into prisons. (05 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Fears as more guns smuggled here by drugs gangs. (02 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Bramhill, Nick Drink is root of half all relationship woes. (01 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Drug-testing for gardai will now be mandatory. (01 Feb 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Ryan, Philip One in three wants cannabis legalised, poll says. (26 Jan 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Varadeker, Leo Five steps that I hope will replace fear with confidence in our health system. (23 Jan 2015)

[Independent.ie] , McCarthy, Barbara Could you stop drinking if you wanted to? (20 Jan 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Merrill, Jamie Employees who work more than 55 hours a week more likely to consume 'risky' levels of alcohol. (14 Jan 2015)

[Independent.ie] , McCormack, Claire Calls for facility for non-Irish rough sleepers as second homeless man dies. (11 Jan 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Lynch, Declan Cheap drink can get pretty expensive. (11 Jan 2015)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] Drink choice 'linked to location'. (08 Jan 2015)

[Independent.ie] , Griffin, Sam You can't raise a glass to 'Welfare Wednesday', say department chiefs. (06 Jan 2015)

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[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Drink-drive clampdown leads to fall in drug-use road deaths. (16 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Quinn, David What Jonathan Corrie needed more than a hostel bed was a place to beat his addiction. (12 Dec 2014)

Health & Living. [Independent.ie] 15 minutes of vigorous exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. (09 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] Hungary: Mandatory drug tests for children aged between 12 and 18. (09 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim One-third of heroin addicts kept on expensive methadone for more than 10 years to 'control crime'. (07 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Kelland, Kate Why male smokers are more likely to develop cancer. (06 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Doherty, Ian We need more personal responsibility, not price hikes. (04 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cigarette-vending machines to be outlawed and under-18s to be banned from selling cigarettes. (03 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Whooley, Declan Paul Kimmage: 'Rugby needs to address drugs issue. All we are hearing is silence'. (03 Dec 2014)

Indo Motoring. [Independent.ie] Why those drug drivers will be taken off our roads. (03 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Stuart Madge, Aoife Drinking when pregnant - harmless or an act of denial? (02 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Hade, Emma Jane People as young as 20 dying from alcohol abuse. (02 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Gerard Gerard O'Regan: Facing down demons of Ireland's boozing problem. (29 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Melia, Paul Drugs involved in 10pc of fatal road crashes. (28 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Griffin, Sam More garda powers to target drink-driving. (27 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] A violent crime gang has set up Ireland's first industrial drugs factory. (23 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Staines, Michael Warning on low-cost alcohol as publicans call for minimum prices. (21 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Moriarty, Sinead At home, glass in hand, nobody tells you to 'wrap it up'. (12 Nov 2014)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] New York to ease marijuana arrests. (11 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish RTE refuses to air ads for e-cigarettes. (11 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom and Phelan, Andrew Darknet crime probe success unprecedented. (08 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , MacCarthaigh, Sean Localised problems with certain types of crime highlighted. (08 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Rush, James UK: Drinking while pregnant could become a crime in historic case. (05 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] Ditch binge drinking for moderation. (04 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Breaking Mad - meth 'test' drugs flood our streets. (02 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Maeve Heroin users get antidote syringe for overdoses. (26 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Bray, Allison Over 1,000 dead from alcohol in past 12 months. (26 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Women warned over 'wine o'clock'. (18 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Downing, John Howlin takes a tip from smokers over free nicotine patches. (16 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Lynch, Declan RTE jumps into the orgy of gambling. (12 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Minister is urged to reject drinks chief for RTE job. (10 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Lancefield, Neil Cannabis 'can cause mental health problems', says new study. (08 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph Cannabis overtakes drink as problem drug for young. (06 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Murphy, Claire Open drug use and city dealing caught on film. (03 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph and Brady, Tom Our coastal waters known as Europe's drugs highway. (25 Sep 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Fegan, Joyce €20-a-bag crystal meth floods onto city streets. (24 Sep 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Fitzpatrick, Gillian Burning question: to vape, or not to vape? (23 Sep 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Kelly, Emer We must protect our teens from dangers of cannabis. (14 Sep 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Sullivan, Majella Widespread need for detox and rehab services - report. (12 Sep 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Murphy, Patricia Vine shows the vast difference between a healthy lung and that of a heavy smoker. (03 Sep 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Jail sniffer dogs to be retrained for searches. (19 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Downey, James Opinion: Legalising drugs is the only way to win this war. (15 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Hade, Emma Jane Pub slammed for encouraging Leaving Cert students to start drinking at 10.30am. (13 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Stephens, Danielle Call for health warnings on bottles of alcohol. (12 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Ciara Doctor's orders: We still haven't beaten demon drink. (10 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim and O'Connor, Wayne Dublin city crime blamed on drug treatment centre. (10 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] UK does not 'park' its heroin addicts on methadone. (10 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Stack, Sarah Street pastors needed to tackle street crime and drug addicts, councillor claims. (08 Aug 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Waters, John Comment: The alternative to drink is freedom from a substance that was the point of my life. (30 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom A quarter of all addicts are outside the capital. (27 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] Big tobacco left gasping: But the power of addiction means it's a noxious weed that's hard to kill. (26 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Sullivan, Majella My son stole my jewellery and has taken money from neighbours to pay dealers. (26 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Funds only for 'no smoking' playgrounds. (24 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Naughton, Gareth Coroner in warning about 'super-ecstasy' following inquests. (18 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh Unhealthy living is creating ticking cancer timebomb. (14 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Pickover, Ella Smokers have 45pc higher risk of developing dementia. (10 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Kelpie, Colm EU rules putting focus on illegal activities. (04 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Foy, Ken Garda drugs unit to be split in two. (03 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Meaghar, John Tá siad ag teacht – how the advertisers convinced us to double our drinking. (28 Jun 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Murray, Marie We equate drink with fitness, success, prowess, sex and celebrity in a sinister, paradoxical alliance. (28 Jun 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Devlin, Martina Why restricting alcohol sponsorship in sport makes sense. (26 Jun 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Calnan, Denise Drinkaware warns alcohol is contributory factor in a third of all drownings in Ireland. (17 Jun 2014)

[independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Death toll from lethal ecstasy tablets rises to 11. (09 Jun 2014)

Press Association. [Independent.ie] Cannabis 'can alter shape of sperm'. (05 Jun 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark Survey: Irish teens are among top cocaine users in EU. (03 Jun 2014)

[Independent.ie] Number of drownings in 2013 highest for 40 years. (31 May 2014)

[independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Home-made drugs are 'driving students to self-harm'. (25 May 2014)

[independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Young gardai use 'station bail' to sweep up dealers. (25 May 2014)

[independent.ie] , Hogan, Louise and Brady, Tom Ten deaths in two years linked to lethal ecstasy, gardai fear. (24 May 2014)

[independent.ie] , Reilly, Jerome Setback for Reilly's anti-smoking crusade as PJ Carroll wins case. (18 May 2014)

[independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Hospitalised students took separate drugs, not 'scuzz'. (16 May 2014)

[independent.ie] Where does Ireland rank? World's heaviest drinking nations revealed. (13 May 2014)

[independent.ie] , Moloney, Julia Society's double standards on drug use in Ireland. (11 May 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Shea, Dawn and Griffin, Sam Fear of a fatality as 11 children are poisoned by e-cigarettes. (10 May 2014)

[independent.ie] Interim Garda Commissioner O'Sullivan vows fresh drugs crackdown after €11m haul. (30 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] Doctors not equipped to help patients quit smoking. (25 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] Smoking cannabis can cause lethal damage to heart. (23 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] Irish women ignoring health consequences with excessive drinking at home. (08 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Ban cigarette sales in pubs and clubs and at night, report urges. (04 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] The voice of a child living with parental alcoholism: 'I couldn't sleep last night with their fighting and roaring'. (04 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Fionnuala Alcohol awareness drive cannot exclude the drinks companies. (03 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph How glass of wine at home can turn teens into problem drinkers. (01 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish No alcohol the 'only safe option for mothers-to-be'. (01 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph Liver disease is only one of nation's top five killers on increase. (31 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Colleges told to ban smoking on whole campus. (24 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Sullivan, Majella Dealers target schools with drug sales at lunch breaks. (21 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Connor, Niall and Griffin, Sam Employers could be held liable for drink-driving staff. (21 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Costello, Suzanne Public health isn't a priority for profit-driven alcohol industry. (21 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Aideen Alcohol 'cheaper in shops than nine years ago'. (19 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Gardai get tough on city drug pushers. (16 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Russell, Chrissie Smoke(less) signals: why we're vaping now. (12 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh 'You don't hear of the boys in well-off areas being stopped'. (09 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Pickover, Ella Concerns raised over alcohol-energy drinks. (08 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Fay, Liam Words not enough – Davy gave players a reason to quit drugs. (08 Mar 2014)

[independent.ie] , Griffin, Sam Seizures of illegal cigarettes slump. (23 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Greene, John Sport no longer a bystander in society's big fights. (16 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Brown, Colette Colette Brown: Why should teenagers become criminals for taking the odd spliff? (13 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Russell, Chrissie Why we've called time on wine o'clock ... (11 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Sheahan, Fionnan Labour candidates send mixed messages on alcohol use. (10 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Minimum price rule for alcohol 'would help to reduce deaths'. (10 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Leslie, Antonia Teens pumped up on high-octane activities don't need to get drunk. (09 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Hanlon, Eilis We don't really want alcohol debate. (09 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , White, Minister Alex Difficult choices will have to be made if we want to tackle our drink problem. (08 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Pregnant smoking rate three times higher than in US. (07 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] John Meagher: Don't blame social media for Ireland's drink problem. (04 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 70pc of sex victims 'had drunk 12 units of alcohol'. (03 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Problem drinking and obesity on the increase among the over-50s. (30 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Brennan, David Community courts will help address capital's low-level ills. (29 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] Drinkers' risk of skin cancer rises. (29 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] Prison drug fears. (29 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , McDowell, Michael How a mere eight TDs raised a glass to cafe bars. (12 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Bielenberg, Kim Why lax parents are really to blame for teenage boozing. (11 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] Drinks group tipped off about Cabinet memo. (08 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Smokers blame stress for relapse after quitting. (07 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Bray, Allison 'Drunk tank' for children turning up intoxicated at youth disco. (06 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Garda drug squad will target 'godfathers' of cannabis trade. (04 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] Tom Brady: Dossiers key to crackdown on drug bosses. (04 Jan 2014)

[Independent.ie] , Murray, Alan and Reilly, Jerome Cross-border alert over lethal batch of ecstasy after man's death. (29 Dec 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Harkin, Greg Drink drivers may get off the hook over checkpoint challenge. (26 Dec 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Explosion in new 'designer drugs' sparks fears for safety of users. (25 Dec 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Rabbitte, Eimear We'll drink enough to fill 24 Olympic swimming pools this Christmas - survey. (23 Dec 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Mark and McConnell, Daniel Man held here in Silk Road 'dark web' probe. (22 Dec 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brophy, Shane Record number of patients in A&E after Phoenix Park gig, inquest told. (10 Dec 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Anderson, Nicola Brussels plan to stub out e-cigarettes is leaked. (29 Nov 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Gang 'supermarket' with shelves of drugs and guns found by gardai. (28 Nov 2013)

[Independent.ie] , D'Arcy, Katherine Kathryn D'Arcy: Demonising drink industry won't stop abuse. (28 Nov 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Sparkes, Matthew Twitter bans underage followers from alcohol brands. (27 Nov 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Reilly, Jerome Rape Crisis chief backs USI split from drinkaware. (26 Nov 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh Mayor backs use of mobile injecting units in city. (13 Oct 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Fiach and Sheahan, Fionnan Sports sponsorship ban deferred but Coalition to increase alcohol prices. (01 Oct 2013)

[Independent.ie] Emergency call-outs for Arthur’s Day down on last year, figures reveal. (27 Sep 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Sullivan, Majella 'Family pub night' plan to curb teen drinking comes under fire. (14 Sep 2013)

[Independent.ie] Publicans' latest plan doesn't take account of tech-savvy youth. (14 Sep 2013)

[Independent.ie] Move to tackle cheap alcohol sales 'on way'. (13 Sep 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Murphy, Cormac Locals fail to halt Trinity off-licence. (04 Sep 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Melia, Paul Addicts are 'driving shoppers away' from city centre. (23 Aug 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Doherty, Ian Ah lads – pour the other one... (14 Aug 2013)

[Independent.ie] , McCabe, Sara War on smoking means uncertain future for tobacco companies. (07 Aug 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Donnolly, Katherine National student survey: half of our upwardly mobile students don't have a job. (02 Jul 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim Two dozen for court after undercover operation. (30 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] UN sounds alarm on designer drugs. (26 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Black, Fergus and Kelleher, Lynne Veronica is still an icon in the war on drugs after 17 years. (24 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Flanagan, Peter and O'Regan, Eilish Menthol cigarettes banned to protect young from habit. (22 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Aideen We pay more for food and drink than most of Europe. (22 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Reilly, Jerome End-stage liver disease crisis in teen drinkers. (16 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] Varadkar aims to delay alcohol sponsor ban. (10 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Maeve Gardai's undercover drugs sting is aborted after leaks in media. (09 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Cooper, Charlie €4,700 a year: The cost to employers of smokers' cigarette breaks, illness cover and health care costs. (04 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brennan, Michael Cross-party group to fight proposed ban on alcohol sponsorship. (04 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] Well done, Minister, on cigs' packaging - now for a debate on drugs. (01 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom How our drink-drive checks work. (24 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Cusack, Jim African gangs use 'front' businesses to sell 'meth'. (19 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Smith, Andrea Are you an accidental, over the counter opiate addict? (13 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Molloy, Thomas Majority of publicans want minimum alcohol pricing. (13 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Still no warning labels on alcohol one year on. (13 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Crowe, Dermot Calling time on its Guinness sponsorship can ultimately be good business for the GAA. (12 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Do as I say, not as I do: 94 % of consultants drink alcohol. (08 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Keane, Billy Alcohol reports won't tell you of a generation dying before our eyes. (29 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Hogan, Treacy Task force set up to probe trend of rising road deaths. (29 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] Retailers hurt by illicit trading. (25 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Sheehan, Aideen Sports needs alcohol sponsorship 'to survive', Dail Committee warned. (24 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] Time to put cork back in the bottle. (24 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Anderson, Nicola Warning over child gadget 'addiction'. (23 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Sheil, Tom and Cunningham, Grainne Two in court over 2.4m drug seizure. (22 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] Expert warns of serious sleep apnea problem in Ireland. (20 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , McDonald, Dearbhail Only fifth of drug offenders servce 10 years. (12 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Collins, Nick Legal highs 'should be sold like alcohol'. (09 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Cosgrave, Terrance Terrance Cosgrave: response to our chronic addiction is a sick joke. (07 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Butler, Laura Gardai planning crackdown on drinking before concerts. (05 Apr 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Horan, Niamh FAI seeks easing of alcohol rules. (31 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Greene, John John Greene: State can benefit by filling gap in market,. (31 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O Rourke, Colm We must cut sport's drink links. (31 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] [Northern Ireland] 300 deaths 'down to alcohol misuse'. (26 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish TV station rapped for exposing children to drink ads. (12 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] Smokers reveal quitting strategies. (09 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] Drinking to oblivion, pub brawls and bad behaviour – our shame Down Under. (23 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Riegel, Ralph Alcohol firms treat teens like beer mats, says bishop. (22 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Letter: Varadkar letting the side down on sponsorship. (22 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Fiach Drink sponsors in sport to stay, insists Varadkar. (21 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Minister to push on with drink pricing policy. (19 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Alcohol is now responsible for 25pc of all drug-related deaths. (18 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Elton John's charity helps addicts avoid HIV risk. (18 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Dunnes sold alcohol to underage girl in sting operation. (16 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Foley, Cliona Dope testing chief insists GAA must stay vigilant over drugs threat. (14 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Five people banned from city centre under ASBO. (13 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , McQuinn, Cormac Chief Justice Denham favours alternatives to prison. (12 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Food firms 'attacking' health plans. (12 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Brady, Tom Gardai smash multi-million euro cannabis growhouse. (12 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Campaign to curb excessive drinking is paying off. (11 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Macdonald, Sarah Ban alcohol sponsorship for sports, say bishops. (07 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Harkin, Greg Scientist who made cannabis painkiller will fight conviction. (04 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] Ireland tops legal high user charts. (31 Jan 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Kelly, Fiach Healy-Rae drink-drive permit plea is rejected. (30 Jan 2013)

[Independent.ie] , Hayes, Kathryn Landmark case as drink driver found guilty. (26 Jan 2013)

[Independent.ie] Rural drink-drive permits dragging country back to dark ages, say road safety chiefs. (22 Jan 2013)

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