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[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish '2,100 have died during two-year delay to booze law'. (06 Feb 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish 25pc rise in strokes among young due to bad lifestyles. (25 Oct 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 70pc of sex victims 'had drunk 12 units of alcohol'. (03 Feb 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Addicts lose sight of normal relationships. (19 Jun 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Alcohol consumption advice to be re-examined over at-home drinking trends that emerged from pandemic. (21 Mar 2022)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Alcohol is now responsible for 25pc of all drug-related deaths. (18 Feb 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Alcohol was my toughest opponent to beat - Egan. (29 Aug 2017)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Regan, Eilish Around 500 cancer deaths a year caused by alcohol. (05 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Ban cigarette sales in pubs and clubs and at night, report urges. (04 Apr 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Boozing women in their 50s in Ireland are drinking more than youngsters. (25 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cancer rates here are third highest in the world, warns WHO. (29 Sep 2018)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Cannabis spray 'no aid to MS muscle spasms'. (13 Dec 2012)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cheap booze will still be on sale for two more years. (24 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cheap wine ban 'will see heavy drinkers cut back by 70 bottles a year'. (13 Mar 2015)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Children drawn to colourful cigarette packets, study shows. (17 Oct 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Cigarette-vending machines to be outlawed and under-18s to be banned from selling cigarettes. (03 Dec 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Colleges told to ban smoking on whole campus. (24 Mar 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Consultants drink more often, but trainees likely to 'binge'. (24 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Controversial alcohol legislation set to be watered down even further. (13 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Do as I say, not as I do: 94 % of consultants drink alcohol. (08 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Drink-drive clampdown leads to fall in drug-use road deaths. (16 Dec 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Drinking sparks huge rise in liver disease. (22 Nov 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Drinks firms face draconian curbs on advertising of alcohol on TV. (05 Dec 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Drugs minister admits designer drugs like 2CB may not be illegal. (20 Jan 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Economic recovery could lead to drinking surge, claims Varadkar. (23 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Funds only for 'no smoking' playgrounds. (24 Jul 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Gaps in drug treatment as abuse rates on rise. (18 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'Government needs to crack down on drink prices that put health of young people at risk'. (02 Sep 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Hospitals brace themselves for surge of teen drug users. (25 Jan 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Hundreds of suicide-risk patients quit A&E unseen. (27 Nov 2017)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Irish teens drinking less but still among the worst in Europe. (27 Sep 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Irish women rank near top of global drinking league as 'wine o'clock' culture takes toll on health. (24 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Irish women top the global league for drinking alcohol while pregnant. (07 Jul 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish It must be wine o'clock: middle classes ignoring alcohol risks. (20 Oct 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Just four detox beds for addicts aged 15 to 21. (06 Feb 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Kenny among TDs who helped alcohol industry lobby Health Department. (20 Jun 2017)

[Independent.ie] , Flanagan, Peter and O'Regan, Eilish Menthol cigarettes banned to protect young from habit. (22 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Minimum price rule for alcohol 'would help to reduce deaths'. (10 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Minister is urged to reject drinks chief for RTE job. (10 Oct 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Monday Interview: 'Do we let them die on the streets?' - minister backs new centre to help addicts. (06 Feb 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish More people attending sexual-assault centres as alcohol found to be a factor in many cases - annual report. (18 Jul 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Most smokers who buy vapes to quit end up using them with cigarettes, doctor warns. (19 Sep 2023)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Regan, Eilish Most victims of sex assault 'had drunk six pints'. (15 Dec 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Mums-to-be are playing "Russian roulette" with alcohol. (01 Jun 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'N-Bomb' drug caused Cork student mayhem. (22 Jan 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish No alcohol the 'only safe option for mothers-to-be'. (01 Apr 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Older people wrongly given sedative drugs - doctor. (29 Jul 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish One glass of wine 'stops foetus from moving'. (09 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish One-in-10 babies are born with some kind of foetal alcohol disorder in Ireland every year, says HSE. (28 Nov 2022)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Opening injection rooms 'not simple', says Varadkar. (03 Nov 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'Parents should lay down the law and tell teens not to drink until 18'. (20 Nov 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Pregnant smoking rate three times higher than in US. (07 Feb 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Pressure grows for law to tackle sales of cheap alcohol. (26 Sep 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Problem drinking and obesity on the increase among the over-50s. (30 Jan 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Psychiatric admissions are highest in the west. (01 Nov 2013)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Reilly could face EU row over cheap drink curbs. (25 Oct 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Remember the proposed 'booze curtains'? Smaller shops have won the battle against them. (04 Oct 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Rise in number of pregnant women smoking heavily. (11 Sep 2017)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Rise in people being treated a second time for alcohol addiction. (31 Aug 2018)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish RTE refuses to air ads for e-cigarettes. (11 Nov 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Sleeping pills still not being properly prescribed - audit. (12 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Smokers blame stress for relapse after quitting. (07 Jan 2014)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Solicitors at odds with Law Society on smoking. (27 Feb 2014)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Still no warning labels on alcohol one year on. (13 May 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Stressed-out doctors turn to drink and drugs in rise of mental health issues. (05 Apr 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Stronger cannabis 'has users suffering withdrawal'. (27 Nov 2019)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Suicidal children left on waiting lists for care. (27 Mar 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Switching to smaller glass of wine can help limit the danger. (14 Sep 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Timetable for introduction of cheap alcohol ban 'uncertain' despite UK ruling. (16 Nov 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Top neurologist backs cannabis drug for children. (25 Nov 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish TV station rapped for exposing children to drink ads. (12 Mar 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Two glasses of wine daily raise the risk of liver disease by 13pc. (21 Apr 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish 'Unseen' calories in alcohol give drinkers food for thought. (08 Mar 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Varadkar considers plan to test drugs for safety in nightclubs. (26 Jan 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Varadkar to ban alcohol ads on sporting pitches to 'de-glamourise' drink. (07 Nov 2015)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Warning about risks of drug tests in clubs. (29 Jan 2016)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Warning as cases of painkiller poisoning on rise. (09 Sep 2013)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Why time could be called on getting a free drink with your blowdry in salons. (26 Sep 2017)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish Women catching up with men as consumption of alcohol surges in young. (25 Oct 2016)

[Independent.ie] , O'Regan, Eilish and O'Faherty, Jane Women prime targets of gambling websites as they escape stress and isolation. (30 Apr 2016)

[Irish Independent] , O'Regan, Eilish Young women's drinking level 'scary'. (01 Jun 2013)

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