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Book Section

O'Mahony, Paul (1996) Fix and quick fix: the illicit drugs crisis. In: Criminal chaos: seven crises in Irish criminal justice. Dublin: Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell , pp. 41-86.

Conference or Workshop Item

O'Gorman, Aileen (1996) Illicit drug use in Dublin. In: Illicit Drug Use in Europe: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Conference on Drug Use and Drug Policy, Amsterdam.


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Teaching Resource

Miller, William R. and Tonigan, JS (1996) Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale - v. 8 -- Alcohol. Outcomes measurement tool: drug use behaviour - substance use / maintenance / relapse.

Miller, William R. and Tonigan, JS (1996) SOCRATES for males’ significant other. Outcomes measurement tool: drug use behaviour - substance use / maintenance / relapse.

Miller, William R. and Tonigan, JS (1996) SOCRATES for females’ significant other. Outcomes measurement tool: drug use behaviour - substance use / maintenance / relapse.

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