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Hickey, Anne and Bury, Gerard and O'Boyle, Ciaran A and Bradley, Fiona and O'Kelly, Fergus Desmond and Shannon, William (1996) A new short form individual quality of life measure (SEIQoL-DW) application in a cohort of individuals with HIV/AIDS. British Medical Journal , 313 , (7048) , pp. 29-33.

URL: http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/313/7048/29

Increasingly, quality of life is becoming an important outcome measure in medicine and health care. In order to measure quality of life patients are often presented with a predetermined lists of questions that may or may not be relevant to the individual patient. This article describes the first clinical application of a brief measure of quality of life, the SEIQoL-DW, which is derived from the schedule for evaluation of individual quality of life (SEIQoL). It is an interview based instrument derived from a decision analysis technique known as judgement analysis. The measure allows respondents to nominate the areas of life which are most important, rate their level of functioning or satisfaction with each, and indicate the relative importance of each to their overall quality of life. Given its practicality and brevity, the measure should prove particularly useful in clinical situations where patient generated data on quality of life is important of the measure.

In this case the quality of life of a cohort of patients with HIV/AIDS managed in general practice. The authors conclude that the SEIQoL-DW proved to be acceptable and practicable in its first clinical application. It highlighted differences in key issues of quality of life identified by gay and drug using HIV positive patients. It has a potentially important role to play in the consultation process.


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Date:July 1996
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