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Farrell, Michael and Buning, Ernst (1996) Review of drug services in the Eastern Health Board. (Unpublished) Eastern Health Board.

PDF (Review of drug services in the Eastern Health Board 1996) - Published Version

This study reviews the evolution of current policies and practice in relation to the provision of services for drug users (focusing on opiate users) in the Eastern Health Board (EHB) area and comments on the EHB service responses in the context of trends and practices elsewhere. This is a rapid assessment project that aims to provide a brief overview rather than an in depth analysis.

The report concludes that the EHB has achieved an impressive range of goals to date, with a network of services and a rapid growth in its overall size and service provision. Service provision has been demand-led in response to the need of the log term opiate addict population. There is further need to develop existing monitoring mechanisms for all services funded through public bodies to ensure adequate accountability. There is also a need to conduct measurement of service impact on drug using behaviour, physical and psychological health and on offending behaviour.

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