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O'Mahony, Paul (1996) Fix and quick fix: the illicit drugs crisis. In: Criminal chaos: seven crises in Irish criminal justice. Dublin: Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell. pp. 41-86.

This chapter focuses on what the author describes as a 'crisis' in drugs policy, particularly with respect the criminal justice system. The term 'crisis' is apt not only in terms of lack of response but also because it has been intellectually confused, passive and self-contradictory. The author outlines the current drug situation in Ireland with regard to dealing and trafficking and examines the economic benefits for criminal gangs involved, using an example of a $200,000 investment for cannabis in Pakistan leading to a street value on £15 million in Ireland. The author proposes radical changes to drug policy in Ireland and points out decriminalisation of drugs and the depoliticisation of the issue are the only measures likely to break the link between drugs and crime.

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