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Barnardo's. Beresford, Bryony and Sloper, Patricia and Baldwin, Sally and Newman, Tony (1996) What works in services for families with a disabled child? Illford: Barnardo's.

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This report discusses effective practice with families who have disabled children up to the age of sixteen. The evidence reviewed comes from research, examples of good practice and parents’ views. The authors acknowledge that the report is deficient in not directly addressing the views of children themselves. The intended audience are those responsible for the social welfare of children and their families. Notions central to the report’s approach are that the child should be seen first and the disability second, and that parental support should concentrate more on the ‘parenting’ than on the ‘caring’.

The report situates itself in the field of ‘disability’ by examining and defining what is meant by disability and how this will affect notions and judgements about interventions. Medical and social models of disability are contrasted and the importance of taking a social model approach is emphasised. The report also emphasises the importance of understanding the role that families, as opposed to services, play in managing their particular situation. The policy and practice context is covered by a review of the evolution of children and disability legislation and their associated implications for service provision.

Two main bodies of research have been drawn on within the report: i) studies that have sought to identify which factors help / hinder families in their efforts to cope ii) studies that describe the needs of disabled children and their families. The report takes a needs-based approach, identifying seven key areas of need.

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