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McCarthy, Deirdre and McCarthy, Patricia (1996) Dealing with the nightmare. Heroin addiction in the south inner city. Dublin: Community Response.

The aim of this research was study the use of opiates in Dublin's south inner city, and to explore the underlying factors contributing to the widespread use of opiates in the area. Data were gathered from 38 agencies providing services to drug users from the south inner city, as well as from 26 opiate users, and 18 families with a drug-using member.

A community consultative seminar, designed to maximise community participation in the research process and to assist in the development of recommendations, was also used. The researchers found that misuse of illegal drugs in the area, heroin in particular, was widespread, with more young people and more women, including those who were pregnant, involved. High levels of low educational achievement, unemployment, and involvement with crime were found among the drug users surveyed.

When the families of drug users were interviewed, it was found that there was often more than one drug user in the immediate family; 28% had a family member who was HIV-positive or living with AIDS; and 89% claimed that their own health had been adversely affected by drug use in the family. Of the 38 agencies providing services to drug users in the south inner city, the majority were found to have more contact with male than female drug users. Most also stated that demand for their services had increased over the past three years, and that their drug-using client group was younger than it had been three years previously.

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Also known as 'Dealing with the nightmare: drug use and intervention strategies in south inner city Dublin.' Report commissioned by Community Response and funded by the Combat Poverty Agency.
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