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Smith, Charles and O'Neill, Helen and Tobin, John and Walshe, David and Dooley, Enda (1996) Mental disorders detected in an Irish prison sample. Criminal Behaviour & Mental Health , 6 , pp. 177-183.

This study reports on a 1-yr study of 235 adult male prisoners in the Republic of Ireland to ascertain the impact of changes in patterns of health service for mental disorders on the prison population. Data were collected on incoming prisoner's level of illness or distress to help with the planning of future prison health services. Experienced psychiatrists conducted unstructured and semistructured clinical interviews and made diagnoses using criteria in the Mental Disorders-III-Revised (DSM-III-R). Rates of major mental illness, mainly functional psychosis, were higher than would be expected for the general population, but it was the prevalence of alcohol and substance misuse that gave rise to the greatest concern about unmet need. Innovations in mental health legislation and new practice approaches for conditions of alcoholism and other substance abuse problems are urgently needed.


Item Type:Article
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Page Range:pp. 177-183
Keywords:alcohol abuse, AOD abuse, behavioral and mental disorder, Ireland, mental health care, prison, Prisoner, psychosis
Notes:psychinfo abstract
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Subjects:MM-MO Crime and law > Justice system > Correctional system and facility > Prison
G Health and disease > Substance related disorder > Substance related mental disorder

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