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Ireland. Department of Health. (1996) Smoking and drinking among young people in Ireland. Dublin: Department of Health.

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In 1993 the Health Promotion Unit of the Department of Health commissioned the Economic and Social Research Institute to conduct a survey on smoking and drinking among a nationally representative sample of about 4000 young people aged 12-18, including some 15-18 year olds who had left school. Data was obtained using anonymous questionnaires. A total of 3935 questionnaires were completed in a representative sample of 80 second-level schools. 157 young people who had permanently left school were also interviewed. Results show that 55% of second level pupils have ever smoked, with 29% are current smokers. This compares with 67% and 37% for 1984 respectively. Sixty three percent of second level pupils have taken an alcoholic drink, with 42% listed as current drinkers. These figures for 1984 are 65% and 51% respectively. At ages of 17 or over 40% of males and 30% of females have reported been drunk more than six times in the previous 12 months. The book also documents sources of cigarettes and alcohol as well as the normative influences on smoking and drinking.

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