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The intent of StatPearls review books and articles is to identify knowledge deficits and assist US medical practitioners in the learning process. 

There are summary articles on a huge range of subjects including:

See the weblink to the Statspearl ebook for other topics.

The authors and editors do not warrant the information is complete or accurate. The reader is encouraged to verify content and questions in several references. All drug indications and dosages should be verified before administration.

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Teaching Resource
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International, Guideline, Book
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Alcohol, All substances, Cannabis, CNS depressants / Sedatives, Cocaine, Opioid
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General / Comprehensive, Drug therapy, Treatment method, Screening / Assessment
January 2022
StatPearls Publishing
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Treasure Island (FL)
In 2018, the founders of eMedicine began StatPearls, a new, international collaboration to further improve medical education. To date, more than five thousand health professionals are completing a peer-reviewed PubMed (National Library of Medicine) indexed database of 17,000 summary articles and 150,000 multiple choice questions with four teaching points, pictures, or a video classified to each specialty area of medicine, surgery, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, allied health, and basic science. The goal of StatPearls is to create a free, comprehensive, online medical educational database.

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