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Dail Debates

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Questions 343 & 345 - Illicit trade [Fentanyl & Ketamine] [1060/24, 1097/24]. (17 Jan 2024)

[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Question 1638 – Misuse of drugs [Fentanyl] [1059/24]. (17 Jan 2024)

[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Written answer 200 - substance misuse [30343/17] [Fentanyl]. (28 Jun 2017)

[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Written answer 236 - Misuse of drugs [23886/17] [Fentanyl]. (18 May 2017)


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Teaching Resource

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. (2023) Response protocol for disruptions in access to opioid prescriptions. Arlington, VA: ASTHO.


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[Irish Examiner] , Loughlin, Elaine Ireland must prepare for fentanyl surge, says Taoiseach. (23 Sep 2023)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Reilly, Alison Methadone clinics and injection centres 'needed to counter fentanyl threat'. (23 Sep 2023)

[Irish Examiner] , O'Keeffe, Cormac HSE prepares for arrival of killer synthetic drugs following Taliban opium crop crackdown. (01 Sep 2023)

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[Irish Mirror] , Gallagher, Conor Expert's warning over drug 15 times stronger than heroin about to hit Irish streets. (12 Oct 2015)

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