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Carbia, Carina and Bastiaanssen, Thomaz FS and Iannone, Luigi Francesco and García-Cabrerizo, Rubén and Boscaini, Serena and Berding, Kirsten and Strain, Conall R and Clarke, Gerard and Stanton, Catherine and Dinan, Timothy G and Cryan, John F (2023) The Microbiome-Gut-Brain axis regulates social cognition & craving in young binge drinkers. The Lancet eBioMedicine , 89 .

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Calleja-Conde, Javier and Echeverry-Alzate, Victor and Bühler, Kora-Mareen and Durán-González, Pedro and Morales-García, Jose Ángel and Segovia-Rodríguez, Lucía and Rodríguez de Fonseca, Fernando and Giné, Elena and López-Moreno, Jose Antonio (2021) The immune system through the lens of alcohol intake and gut microbiota. International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 22 , (14) .

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Sharma, Aditi and Lee, Jasper and Fonseca, Ayden G and Moshensky, Alex and Kothari, Taha and Sayed, Ibrahim M and Ibeawuchi, Stella-Rita and Pranadinata, Rama F and Ear, Jason and Sahoo, Debashis and Crotty-Alexander, Laura E and Ghosh, Pradipta and Das, Soumita (2021) E-cigarettes compromise the gut barrier and trigger inflammation. iScience , 24 , (2) , p. 102035.

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Stadlbauer, Vanessa and Horvath, Angela and Komarova, Irina and Schmerboeck, Bianca and Feldbacher, Nicole and Wurm, Sonja and Klymiuk, Ingeborg and Durdevic, Marija and Rainer, Florian and Blesl, Andreas and Stryeck, Sarah and Madl, Tobias and Stiegler, Philipp and Leber, Bettina (2019) A single alcohol binge impacts on neutrophil function without changes in gut barrier function and gut microbiome composition in healthy volunteers. PLoS ONE , 14 , (2) , e0211703.

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